Blue Mountains swamped by barbaric asians

Rude shock in the Blue Mountains as local resident discovers chinese tourist defecating in a public urinal in Leura. What a shame given the Leura Public toilet concerned was architecturally-designed in 2012 at a local ratepayer cost of $470,000.   So that invading barbaric Third World chinese could squat anywhere?

The story…

“The chinese tour buses have taken over Leura Mall.  The tourists invade Woolies like swarming locusts refusing to wait in a queue and pushing to the front.

But this was the last straw.  A dear friend and I this past Wednesday were having a coffee and decided to use the public men’s room.

To our great surprise when we entered, a chinese man had his pants around his ankle and was defecating in the urinal.

chinese-toilet-squatNot actual image, more for instructive illustration 


I must say I have never been so grossed out in my entire life.

If you don’t want an international incident, I suggest that council posts graphic diagrams in chinese of how to use a Western toilet or you post a mandarin speaking attendant who can give instructions.”

by Les Margulis, Wentworth Falls, November 30, 2016, Blue Mountains Gazette.