Bill Shorten’s 2015 Budget Reply Speech beyond Greek mythology

Bill Shorten Budget Reply Speech

“We see the future.” ~ Bill Shorten, May 14, 2015.

Labor’s Budget Reply Speech 2015 the key myths:

  • Encourage an extra 4.5 million immigrants to congest our cities by 2025
  • Provide a 5% tax cut to all small businesses to 25% (foregoing $20 billion in tax revenue)
  • Make foreign multinationals pay their fair share of tax to raise $7 billion dollars (really?)
  • Tighten superannuation tax concessions to wealthy individuals to save $14 billion
  • Devote 3% of GDP to research and development costing $50 billion per year
  • Create a new Smart Investment Fund (scheme) costing $500 million per year
  • Upskill 25,000 current primary and secondary teachers costing how much?
  • Train 25,000 new teachers who are science and technology graduates costing how much?
  • Write off the HECS debt of 100,000 science technology, engineering and maths students, costing how much?
  • Move to Greece

…and so Labor’s student anarchist cheer squad went wild!

Australian Parliament Public Gallery

Anyone can read other people’s speeches, Bill.