Ballaarat’s deluded leftard witch coven invites thousands of Third World muzzies for Aussie welfare

“It’s a human right that the Third World’s breeding millions be welcomed on welfare in Ballaarat”, insists a deluded leftard coven branded ‘Rural Australians for Refugees‘.

Rural Australians for Refugees - Ballaarat SectA deluded leftard witches coven led by retiree witches is inviting Third Worlders to settle in Australian regional towns like Ballaarat

Deluded Leftard Witches (Ballaarat coven) have issued a challenge to the community to support the 12,000 Syrian refugees who are starting to arrive in Australia. It follows former PM Tony Abbott’s caving in to indignant leftie lobbyists after one deceptive photo went globally viral of a supposedly dead Syrian toddler on a Greek beach in September 2015.

The toddler in truth turned out to be Turkish not Syrian.  The father was not a refugee and had paid people smugglers to migrate illegally to Greece for the good life.

Now Abbott’s invited 12,000 Syrians are to be permanently settled in Australia on the false pretenses of asylum. It is for the Australian good life and welfare. Most will be Muslim.

Now this unsustainable Third World burden of 12,000 Syrians looms on top of the already 40,000 unprocessed illegals from the 50,000 odd Rudd-Gillard-Rudd era, who remain loose in the Australian community on bridging visas.  And Ban Ki Moon wants another million accepted as well!

Refugees for BallaaratMale Arab Vanguard:  “We’ll country-hop til we find da best welfare, then we’ll bring our women and breed in your land like rabbits.”

Social Time Bomb:  It’s like borrowing when your credit cards are already maxed out and you’re in your 90s!

Rural Australians for RefugeesAsk the victims of Islamic men, you Deluded Leftard Witches!  After you’re gone, your shortsighted ideology will leave us a permanent Third World burden of inter-generational welfare dependence and crime

In September 2015, Committee for Ballaarat CEO John Kilgour did the sob story, saying residents of Ballaarat need to think about how they would contribute if people were settled here.

I challenge Ballaarat to say ‘What role can I play?, if we do have a housing shortage, would people in the community open up their homes, and provide housing for a period of time?” he said.  “My challenge to the community would be ‘what could I do’? One of the opportunities would be to help a family, help house them and help them settle in to our region.

Needy Aussies?  Where?  Four months later, John Kilgour resigned and headed down to Melbourne to a better paying job.

Meanwhile, Ballaarat Regional Multicultural Council executive officer Ann Foley said it was a welcome development.

We look forward to Ballaarat being part of a strong humanitarian response to both refugees and asylum seekers and to the enriched future that will create for Ballaarat,” she said.

Ann FoleyLeftard Witch: “I vote Greens to bring us Third Worlders


As a regional city in good proximity to Melbourne with affordable housing, excellent education and well-coordinated services,  Ballaarat is well placed as a destination for people seeking to settle in a safe and affordable and welcoming place.“

Needy Aussies?  Where?

Ballaarat Greens Councillor Belinda Coates said Ballaarat was in a strong enough position economically right now to see its population grow.

Ballaarat Greens Councillor Belinda CoatesLeftard Witch:  “Bugger the trees, us Greens are now for Third Worlders


With the crisis in Syria seeing the largest mass movement of people fleeing danger since World War II, Ballaarat and district is well placed to play a role. It is heartening to hear that members of the community are so willing to help.”

Asylum seeker advocates in Ballaarat have called for the Federal Government to accept all Syrian refugees, regardless of their religion.

Needy Aussies?  Where?

And Cath McDonald (left below), from Grandmothers Against the Detention of Refugee Children, said Christian asylum seekers were not the group escaping persecution.

Cath McDonald and Pauline McKenzieLeftard Witches:  “Of course we slacks vote Greens – bugger the planet. It’s all save da Third Worlders now!


People from Syria are running for their lives,” she said.  “They’re all running, it’s not just the Christians or other minority groups, everyone’s running for their lives.”  So Iranians, Afghanis, Somalis, Sri Lankans, Sudanese, Nepalese, Congolese, Lebanese, probably Pekinese.  If their from the Third World and broke, then their running to First World welfare.

She is calling for the Government to show compassion.  “We should be taking whoever comes along that we can take,” she said.

Bullshit Grannies!

Exodus of Economic Illegals to EuropeDo these people look like desperate refugees running for their lives?


Ballaarat Australian Refugee Association (ARA) Circle of Friends co-ordinator Kath Morton prioritises refugees over needy Australian families.

Australian Refugee Association

She says:

“We offer moral, practical and financial support to the asylum seekers.   I was born in Australia but I could have been born in Afghanistan or Sri Lanka, or .  We were illegal asylum seekers too once. We came in boats and wiped out whole populations of the aboriginal communities.”

Kath MortonLeftard Witch:  “More fun than life drawing.”


But are you straight off the plane, illegal and want a bed?

Contact leftard witch Alison Smallwood of Canberra’s Refugee Action Committee and she will put you up in her own kids bedrooms.

Alison Smallwood


  • Free Study Visas.  The Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) is designed to encourage asylum seekers who arrived by boat to work and/or study in a regional area. Asylum seekers who arrived by boat can now choose to apply for either a Temporary Protection visa (TPV) or SHEV when they are invited to apply for a visa. It became available on 1 July 2015.
  • Free Ambulance.  Asylum seekers receiving Commonwealth Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) now receive free emergency ambulance transport, paid for by Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (Victorian taxpayers). It is available to asylum seekers on bands 4-6 of the SRSS, that is those on ‘transitional support’, ‘community assistance support’ and on the ‘asylum seeker assistance scheme’.
  • Free Legal Aid. Refugee Legal (Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre) provides free legal services and free access to registered migration agents to people seeking asylum who arrived by boat between 13 August 2012 and 1 January 2014. Victoria Legal Aid directed funds received under the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance to this two-year funding boost.  Free specialist clinics are being held to assist applicants to fully prepare Temporary Protection visa applications under the Fast Track Assessment process.
  • Free Health Care.  Specialist refugee health outreach services are being provided in rural and regional areas of high refugee settlement (Geelong, Bendigo, Ballaarat, Shepparton, Mildura and Wodonga). These services are available through Community Health Centres and public hospital outpatient services.  Services include free refugee health checks, free family planning, free pediatrics, free immunisation, free pharmaceuticals, free treatment of infectious diseases (Heps, HIV, Latent TB, parasitic infections).
  • Free Housing. HSS ‘clients’ have access to free housing with co-ordination by The Salvation Army (give generously), with multiple properties managed.  In Geelong for instance, Diversitat is a registered housing provider and currently manages about 30 properties.  Just four transition properties can house up to 32 people in the short to medium term. It also has arrangements in place with private landlords, church groups and commercial real estate agents, to support long-term accommodation needs. The average rent for a typical three-bedroom house is $200–$230 per week, but this is waived for refugees.
  • Free Everything !  The Federal Department of Social Services funds a Humanitarian Settlement Service (HSS) programme and charity ‘Diversitat’ help refugees to gain access to mainstream services such as Centrelink, Medicare, banks, general and specialist health and medical services, English language tuition, training and employment, in addition to links to the community and community organisations.
    Its programmes and services for refugees include: HSS and the Settlement Grant activities, free learn to drive lessons, free tutoring, free home help, free aged care, free market gardening, free food retail, free automotive, horticulture and labouring studies, free specialist youth services, free specialist employment services, free arts and events.

Needy Aussies?  Where?

RAR Grezilda     “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.  Open, locks, Whoever knocks!..a deed without a name.”


African Third World rapists abound, inbound for Australia’s first world spoils…they’ve heard all about Ballaarat’s tourist Peel Street “rape tunnel”.

African Rapists inbound


And Ballaarat’s got its first Mosque

“First” is the operative word here.

It starts with a university inviting Islamic students from the Islamic world to study at its campus under a education funding grant started by Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor (2007-2013).

So Ballaarat University (Mount Helen Campus of Federation University Australia) receives its government grant and 150 Muslims students arrive and study in Ballaarat each year.  They get accommodation support.

Then they realise there’s no mosque handy to connect to Allah.  The nearest serious one is at Sunshine 100 km away. So Ballaarat University provides a dedicated University Prayer Room for free.  Initially it was just a shed out of the rain, but became ‘Muzzies Only’ no less!

Ballaarat Muslims

The Muslims students stay in Ballaarat after they graduate.  They get residency which lets them bring their families out to settle in Australia. There are now 65 Muslims families living in Ballaarat.  The shed becomes overcrowded and so the Muslims want to upgrade from the prayer room to their own mosque in Ballaarat.

They form the Islamic Society of Ballaarat and it’s on.  In 2012, they find a small cottage unused on a big block of flood prone land in Ballaarat’s suburb of Canadian at 116 Elsworth Street East.

Ballaarat Mosque SiteThe old black witch’s cottage


Unassuming, but some of the “silent features of this property” are:

  • Area: The property is situated on more than 1200 square meters of land.
  • Parking: 13 cars can be parked within the premises of the property and many more can be parked on the road.
  • Prayer Hall Capacity: More than 150 Muslims can pray at a time (men only)
  • Distance: Five minutes’ drive to Ballaarat CBD, and there’s a direct train to Ballaarat from Melbourne.

The Islamic Society of Ballaarat contact the Faith Communities Council of Victoria (FCCV) to do behind the scenes muliculti leverage to local council to ensure the mosque idea got up without media offensive racist vilification against local Aussie free speech.

So Ballaarat’s leftard multiculti Mayor Josh Morris in February 2014 came out proclaiming the city’s growing cultural diversity should be celebrated, and ignores protests from Australian patriots ‘Restore Australia’.

Ballaarat Mayor Josh Morris went further, saying: “One of the best things about Australia is its religious and cultural diversity.  “It’s really important to note that we as a city are growing, we as a city are becoming more diverse, and therefore there’s going to be a need in our community for facilities that are going to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community.”

Satanic IslamSo what’s this Islamo-coven fascination with goats?


President of the Islamic Society of Ballaarat, Dr Ibrahim Sultan, said the old witch’s cottage on the haunted Canadian Creek site should be slightly modified to become a mosque, with a possible annex built on to accommodate more of us.

He arranged a few kebab sizzles and quickly raised cash funds to build a hybrid mosque behind the cottage.  He said, “Muslims are here to help the community, they’re a part of the community. So if you imagined Ballaarat without Muslims now there would be a big gap left behind. We need to make these people feel welcome.”

It’s Ballaarat’s first mosque, but we remain optimistic for future muzzie growth, so we’re inspecting bigger sites on hills closer into town, including Bakery Hill near Maccas.

Ballaarat's First Mosque

Cr Morris says while elected representatives have a responsibility to take into account the views of the community, objections to planning applications on the basis of political ideology are irrelevant to the planning process.

“Irrespective of faith everybody has a right to a place of worship and that’s something that I certainly respect and something that I believe as a society we should respect.”

So since May 2015, they open their first mosque, the Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (or Alhamdulillah Masjid) mosque.

So it’s built, open, pumping muzzies, their mats and Allah prayers five times 24/7.

Masjid Abu Bakr As-Siddiq Mosque BallaratAll that’s missing is da loud-speaker ‘Call to Prayer’ bleating brown-sugared jibber, 24/7 over Ballaarat


Their burqa’d women are starting to arrive for serious rabbit-breeding churn.

April 2014, Bendigo (up the road from Ballaarat):

Three Islamic male youths involved in a gang rape attack, Mohammed Elnour (19), Akoak Manon (19) and Mohammed Zaoli (22) who videoed the attack, appeared in the Bendigo Magistrates Court charged with a long list of sex offences stemming from the vicious gang rape.

Evidence in footage retrieved from Zaoli’s phone recorded a woman’s voice yelling “no” and “stop”.  Judge Maidment found two of the teenagers, one aged 14 at the time, guilty of four counts of rape and one count of false imprisonment. The other was found guilty of one count of indecent assault.

Islamic Gang Rapists attireDon’t ask


The judge said the two teenagers had been the instigators of the gang rape and had shown a callous disregard for the emotional and physical welfare of the victim.  He said the attack had involved “serious acts of gang violence” which had caused substantial ongoing harm to the mental well-being of the victim and her husband.

The teenagers had shown no remorse. The judge said he would expect two of the teenagers to rape again if the opportunity arose.

“It is likely both of you would take more care to avoid detection if engaged in similar conduct again,” he said.

Image result for african refugee rapistsJustice for Ballaarat girls or memories of Gerard Ridsdale!

Does not justice start with local trust in a community to protect them from outside harm?  Australia’s Christian moral values need defending against the barbarian wicked and their traitors within.

Ballaarat Arch of VictoryBallaarat’s Arch of Victory and Avenue of Honour (1920) are memorials to the sacrifice, honour and memory of the men and women of the Ballaraat and district who served in The Great War for God, King and Country,  528 of whom were killed in battle or died of wounds or disease.

These were envisioned as symbols that “will last for all time, and their children and children’s children will be able to point out how their parents made history for Australia and the Empire”.

They died so that Australian generations might live in freedom.