Australia’s Defence Minister Marise Payne too fat for business class so she ordered a $35K taxpayer jet home

Can’t run, can’t swim, can’t do push ups, or star jumps or even one sit up due to restrictive blubber.

Marise Payne

Australia’s Defence Minister Marise Payne is so fat she needs two seats in parliament and a travellator to get her up out of the Senate chamber.

She’s hardly a role model fit for Australia’s Defence Force.  Worse, she refused to take business class flight home after a late night in the Senate before Easter or even a queen-size suite at one of Canberra’s fancy hotels.  It would have been at taxpayer expense anyway, not hers, including room service, or pizza home deliver to her room.

Commander in Chief of Australia's SAS Commander in Chief of Australia’s SAS – leading from the front these days

No, Marise Payne, the political class elitist that she is, booked her own VIP corporate jet on March 18, 2016 back to Perth costing Australian taxpayers $35,572.  That’s $20,925 one way and another $14,647 for the empty jet to return to Canberra in readiness for the next polly junket.

No she couldn’t get pizza delivered to the airport before the flight took off or a bucket of KFC in time.

Parliamentary Catering

Apparently polly inflight catering did provide a choice of chicken or lamb for her dinner, with lots of gravy.

Defence Minister of Australia

And she’s the third Defence minister we’ve had in three years. The previous two were dysfunctional turkeys.

The Defence portfolio has an erratic history of ministerial turnover and associated flipance.  No wonder Australia’s national military strategy is a regurgitating clusterf#@k with lodged fishbone asphyxia.

Indeed, Australia’s last fifteen Defence ministers have been oxygen thieves. Consider the dickheads like David Johnston, Stephen Smith, Joel Fitzgibbon, Brendan Nelson and Peter Reith.  Diggers have to go back to an ex-military man Sir James Killen KCMG MP who served under Fraser as Defence Minister from 1975 to 1982.  He got us the brilliant fleet of 75 F/A-18 Hornets.

How can anyone who is not an experienced military leader be Minister for Defence, let alone a fat elitist career politician plonked in a safe Liberal seat?

These days the Canberran gravy train continues out of control for both the Liberal and Labor political class elitists.

Liberal Speaker of the House of Representatives fat Bronwyn Bishop in November 2014, ordered a VIP helicopter to fly her 80km from Melbourne to the Clifton Springs golf club near Geelong for a Liberal Party fund-raiser to pay for the $5000 flight.

That’s nothing. Another bishop, Liberal Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, ordered an empty RAAF Challenger jet to fly from Canberra to Perth to pick up her and her boyfriend David Panton from a charity dinner on October 18, 2015, costing taxpayers $30,000.  Not just big comfy business class seats, these two had their own double bed on board and used it because they were the only two passengers on the flight .

But Bronnie did even better. In 2014 she racked up $811,857 in taxpayer-funded expenses, including another helicopter ride to another Liberal Party fundraiser.

Twin Elite Bishops

Canberra is isolated and so out of touch from the rest of Australia, yet it lives off the fat of the rest of us.  That’s why we refer to it as ‘Canberran Mistletoe‘.

Canberra Parliament Age of Entitlement

Canberran politicians racked up more than $101 million in expenses in 2012, up $350,000 from 2011.  In 2015, the Canberran political class ‘age of entitlement’ snowballed to a steady $500 million a year.  It’s enough to have its own fat department and will probably be a key item in the forthcoming Liberal federal fat budget, along with another politician fat pay rise over and above the CPI.

What debt crisis?

Then there’s the aristocratic superannuation contributions funded by taxpayers and their fat aristocratic pensions and gold card travel for life – all funded by Ordinary Australians paying tax.


Canberra Elitist ClassHard day at the office in Canberra