Australian Census 2016 confirms Chinese now exceed one million as the yellow peril colonises Australia!

Aussies need to recognise that our nation is under relentless invasion condoned and invited by Canberra.

Mass Immigration Rate:  400,000 extra ethnics year on year!


The massive explosion in the Asian (specifically Chinese) population of Sydney points to a fundamental demographic shift in the country’s greatest city and in Australia generally. Census data has confirmed it.

By our own estimations, Australia will cease being majority European in the late 2040’s.

The effective communalization of Australia would thus be certain and the capacity of the Chinese superpower to be the dominant force over Australia’s politics would be rather inevitable.

All Australian patriotic people need to study the data.

The question of Islamist radicalism pales when viewed in toto. For nationalists this is a major question, given the activities of some who would insist ion lowering the debate on immigration to Muslim migrants.

The demographic shift also points to a major political question regarding strategy and tactics. Can a system that allows the European population to be cleansed be voted away? And even more so if the new colonists vote?

Specifically, the waves of Chinese are most obvious in our capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Beyond the big smoke, rural Aussies are none the wiser.  But to poor urban Aussies, slope-heads are in ya face – Mandarining the streets, da shops, at work, clogging hospitals, at our schools, clogging da roads, da trains, and da buses, our gaols.


Australia’s gaols are full of foreign criminal gangs – especially Asians (Chinese), Arabs and Islanders. Deport the lot! 

Chinese only look after Chinese, so once they invade your neighbourhood and workplace, low-life contamination sets in.

Chinese will not employ or include anyone but Chinese.

Leftist ideology deceives it as ‘diversity and inclusion‘.  Chinese limit both diversity and inclusion to Chinese or more Chinese.  Oblivious lefties just hum and kumbayah.

  • Chinese are backward Third World
  • Chinese are about Chinese
  • Chinese spy on us

  • Chinese bully us


  • Chinese cheat
  • Chinese copy us (The First World)
  • Chinese steal our ideas

Chinese swimmer Chen Xinyi cheated with drugs at the Rio Olympics


Director of the MyMaster exam cheat website, Yingying Dou, profited from helping 1000 Chinese students cheat exams and assignments to graduate from 16 Australian universities


  • Chinese abuse, mistreat and thieve from us (the Chinese Lee family (Hong Kong) own all the Aveo Retirement Villages)READ ABOUT CHINESE AVEO

Aveo chairman Seng Huang Lee   (a Chinese)


…just like in North Korea’s prison camps – READ MORE

  • Chinese bribe and exploit us

Chinese property developers Huang Xiangmo and Dr Chau Chak Wing have donated around $6.7 million to the Liberal, Labor and National Parties over the past decade.

  • Chinese just hate us
  • ASIO keeps warning Canberra about the Chinese threat.

They buy up our homes, our farms, our resources, our ports and infrastructure


Chinese are racist.  Ethnically, Chinese are the same race as Koreans and Japanese – same backward barbaric values incompatible with the First World like British-colonised Australia.

  • Avoid Buying Chinese (fast food takeaways, Big-W, K-Mart, groceries)
  • Avoid Employing Chinese (beware, they use Anglo first names)
  • Avoid Training Chinese
  • Do Not Rent to Chinese
  • Do Not Sell to Chinese

Australians First, or we’re ethnically dead!


Our ancestors were a wake up to the Chinese. 

As Descendant Australians (now up to 8 generations proud native) we hold an ancestral ode to honour our pioneer forebears.