Australia First’s Peter Schuback for Longman (QLD) – Electoral Platform

These are my aims, if elected:

No More Immigration

  • End immigration.  Mass immigration dumping 300,000 breeding migrants every year into Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane is Canberra’s economic ponzy extremism.  It is blinkered beholden to the narrow 20th Centory one-eyed metric of GDP.  It conveniently ignores real GDP per capita.  It conveniently ignores social corrosion that mass immigration inflicts upon Australian society.  Mass immigration is the elephant in the cabinet room that unrelentingly is destroying Australia’s quality of life, wrecking our natural environment, and welfare leeching upon our First World wealth.  It is driving Australia into Third World Venezuelan anarchy.



No More Overseas Aid

  • Charity begins at home.   Don’t our home grown homeless, children, youth, veterans, aged Australians, Aussie unemployed and rural Australians come first?


Abolish Multiculturalism

  • Multiculturalism does not work, due to immigrants from cultures who refuse to, and cannot, assimilate into Australia.  They refuse to live by our country’s values, mores, and laws.  Therefore they must leave.


  • Our schools are building the people of the future and need to have the best possible services for the children. University education will be given free to students that complete courses in medicine or nursing as long as they sign a contract to do at least five years in a country or regional centre after they finish they degrees, Nurses to do 80 % of their training in hospitals.
  • WE need to rebuild our trade skills and to do that our children will be assessed in year eight and given to opportunities to either take on trade courses or academic courses, If a child does a trade course that will go towards time off their apprenticeship, In other words, four years in a trade course in school will deduct two years off apprenticeship course.

Aged Pensioners

  • Australian-born aged pensioners to be able to earn up to $40,000 a year once they have officially retired and only pay 5% tax on that amount.
  • Pensions to be brought up to the basic wage.

Disability Services

  • Disability services, funding and support to be taxpayer funded and supplied to every Australian who is deemed to qualify.


  • Foster parents of Australian born children to be automatically entitled to Federal Government superannuation contributions at the full current Australia’s Super Guarantee rate, currenty 9.5% of gross wages/salary.

No Nuclear Power

  • Unless proven completely safe.

Road Taxes and Tolls

  • All Tollways to be nationalised back into Freeways, since they have been funded by Australian taxpayers already
  • All Australian road taxes to have every cent collected from all forms of revenue put back into maintenance and investment in quality roads.
  • That revenue includes but is not limited to:  Driver Licensing, Vehicle Registration Fees, Road Fines, Road Tolls


Direct Democracy

  • National legislation introduced to restore democratic rights of Australians for Citizens Initiated Referenda
  • The Australian people will have the absolute power to call for a referendum on that affect those people.
  • A group of ten percent will be able to trigger a referendum  (Australian native born rural property owners will be encouraged to).

Rural Australians

  • Redirect the billions of taxpayer wealth spent by successive Australian federal govermments on urban infrastructure instead substantially towards rural and regional Australia,particularly to improve the viability and sustainability of family farms and small to medium sized agricultural enterprises and to improve the quality of life of rural Australians in general.

Overhaul Australian Family Law

  • Restoration of parental responsibility and authority by overhauling in Australian family law nationwide.  This incliudes parental rights of control and discipline of their children, as well as legislating stricter criminal penalties for all forms of child abuse.
  • Parental responsibility is the authority to make decisions concerning and affecting the care, welfare and proper development of the child.  The balance of rights of the child and the parent need to be restored to presumptive rights of the parent/foster carer.  Parental responibility includes:
    • protecting your child from harm
    • providing your child with food, clothing and a place to live
    • financially supporting your child
    • providing safety, supervision and control
    • to provide medical care
    • to provide an education.

Australian Defence and Emergency Service Personnel

  • All Australian Defence and Emergency Service personnel (paid and volunteers) to be automatically entitled to full Veteran Pension entitlements after completing 5 years of service
  • Pension payout option to include a 50% lump sum payment on request; 100% lump sum payment after 10 years of service
  • All Australian Defence and Emergency Service personnel (paid and volunteers) to be automatically entitled to the comensurate pensions and retirement benefits as provided to retired members of the Australian Parliament.  Their national service deserves taxpayer recognition


Peter Schuback, Australia First Party

Candidate for the Seat of Longman 2019

0408 458 232.