Australia First Party to challenge anarchist property damage and threats of violence

  • Australia First Party members are to undertake nightly Community Patrols of Tempe/Sydenham areas in Sydney.

This decision was made in response to malicious damage ‘raids’ carried out against the party headquarters on Princes Highway by a group of anarchists connected to the Black Rose Anarchist Library And Social Centre in Newtown.

Ashwyn Falkingham

It is understood that most likely the offenders live not too far from the party building. An effective ‘neighbourhood watch’ of friendly locals is forming to combat, not just the criminal damage against Australia First, but other vandalism which is targeting schools, an art gallery, shops and other property.

Anarchist Cowards

The party pledges that the operation directed against anarchist crime may later be extended into community defence generally and drug crime in particular, but for now our effort will be limited.

The party intends to curtail the anti social activity of the anarchist sociopaths. It is the intention of Australia First members to deter all vandalism and in particular – affect citizen’s arrest upon the anarchists to detain them and if they resist arrest, subdue them with minimum force.

Admissions of guilt freely published on Indymedia

Quite brazenly, the anarchists admitted damaging the party building on one occasion and damaging the property of a well-known and prize-winning glass maker and artist in Enmore (whose premises are a hundred metres from their shop) and also committing offences at a factory in north-west Sydney.

Joseph Sforza jewish impersonator

The anarchists used the tribune of Indymedia to make their propagandistic announcements. See links:

Victims were denounced as “fascists” and “racists” and various lies were told about them to serve as the basis of the actions.

But we note the obvious: the admissions were made in a public way with no obvious reaction from police agencies.

Australia First Party has commented in recent weeks on a dirty tricks op run against us by a political-police agency in 2012-2013.

As we have long suspected, the anarchists who run an entity called ‘Antifa’ (anti-fascism), are sometimes protected when it serves the political police agenda of constraining the nationalist movement.

The same anarchist group damaged Captain Cook’s cottage in Melbourne and various public property in the Botany Bay area prior to Australia Day which they particularly despise. These were serious offences against Australian heritage and demonstrate the psychopathy of the anarchists.

Political struggle heats up in Tempe neighbourhood

The anarchist crimes against Australia First’s headquarters building drew out a peculiar local reaction. On the community Facebook page ‘Tempe 2020’ on February 27 a certain Fiona Mathie posted a photo of the building defaced with ‘Fuck Aussie Pride’. While repudiating vandalism, she accepted the validity of the sentiment. Some 32 locals said they ‘Like’ her comment. In the ordinary discussion section, a number of persons made it clear they also agreed by default with the anarchist vandalism.

However, other locals had a very different point of view, several approaching us personally to register their opposition both to the anarchists and to their neighbours’ opinions. It was from this pool of people, some of whom met at the Tempe hotel to create a patriotic network, that support was built for our own ‘neighbourhood watch’ and for the Community Patrol.

The division of community opinion in this one small area is obvious and surely replicates nation-wide; it represents a necessary factor in political struggle. One side accepts liberal globalism in one form or another; the other side upholds Australian identity and seeks to defend it. As our party has said over and over, this division of cultural attitude is the first glimmer of civil conflict, something which grows more and more certain as the globalisers ram anti  Australianism down the collective throat of the Australian People; if it is part of their process, it to be welcomed as the shortest road to incite the counter-reaction!

Anarchists peeved by Australia First Party

The likelihood of further anarchist crime is high. In recent weeks, they have become aware that Australia First Party has campaigned against the political imprisonments of the Greek nationalist Members of Parliament of Golden Dawn. The international anarchist movement has been active inciting violence against that party. It was inevitable that their angst would overflow to Sydney. But it runs deeper. The anarchists rightly suspect that Australia First Party has gathered resources to build itself across the metropolitan area and they reason harassment and violence the best antidote to our growth.

On February 28, when Australia First members, other patriots and members of Australia’s Hellenic background community, picketed the Greek Consul-General for freedom for Golden Dawn political prisoners, a small group of anarchists fronted up to counter-demonstrate. They carried a banner in Greek lauding a massacre of anti communist Greeks in 1944 and chanted the remarkable slogan – “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, die, die, die.

This is the great unwashed anarchists logo:

antifa australiaSays it all.  Their easily lead brotherhood need a one-way ticket to Egypt (same flag) – the birthplace of the great unwashed anarchy, with such naive sisters.  How slack!

Our Community patrols are actions in legitimate self-defence!


Special Supplement: Anarchists admit to a climate of rape in their ranks

As the document below shows, sexual assault is common in the ranks of anarchism. In their drug-ridden ‘squats’, violence against women takes place. It is also believed that the anarchists in Sydney and Melbourne deal in methamphetamines to raise funds to ‘survive’. We do not recognise anarchism as any sort of political movement, we regard it as a criminal fraternity of degenerates.


Since 2010, the question of how an anarchist group can respond effectively and fairly to sexual misconduct by men against women has been the subject of debate and action by the MAC and the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation Melbourne.

By sexual misconduct we mean the spectrum of conduct from low level sexual harassment through to opportunistic or predatory sexual behaviour.

This misconduct is a fundamental challenge and threat to our anarchist goals of a free and equal society. In the absence of an effective anarchist justice system we are ill-equipped to respond.

For this reason, we want to put on the public record our support for the right of women to choose the appropriate avenue for redress when wrongs are committed against them. This includes the criminal justice system.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Our anarchist community must develop its sophistication in making that axiom real for women who suffer injury from men.

Endorsed at the 27 October meeting of the MAC
Subsequently endorsed at the assembly of the ASF Melbourne.