Australia First candidate announced for 2019: Dr Jim Saleam for Lindsay

Australia First Party is to nominate its president, Dr Jim Saleam, for the electorate of Lindsay in the 2019 Federal poll.

Lindsay is based upon the Greater Sydney area of Penrith, a designated ‘global growth precinct’. It is currently held by the Labor Party. Our preferences are always directed ‘sitting Member last’.

Jim contested Lindsay in 2016 and faced off with an Australian Liberty Alliance candidate and an ‘independent’, Marcus Cornish. These civic patriots did have some impact upon the Australia First vote. He polled 1068 votes.

This time it is likely that Jim will face Marcus Cornish, now a star of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Australia First Party and One Nation face each other over a widening gap. Western Sydney will be a clear area of contest between the two parties for the general ‘pro Australia’ vote.

We reject the free market idea; One Nation supports it. We reject free trade; One Nation bends towards it. We are concerned with the actual ethnic make up of Australia; One Nation says anyone may migrate to Australia if they embrace ‘values’. We oppose any and all refugee intakes; One Nation permits refugee admissions. We oppose all foreign property takeovers. One Nation says it opposes foreign takeover of Aussie land, but accommodated Gina Rinehart’s Kidman cattle station deal – flogging off an area 1.5 the size of Tasmania to Chinese Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming based in Shanghai.

Both Hansons are globalists – da Greens version and da Redhead version.

We are an independent party. One Nation cuddles up to the Liberal Party in parliament and outside it.

And so it goes on and on.

The clash with Marcus Cornish is likely to extend over all these areas and others including his shameful mismanagement of the Kemps Creek anti mosques campaign of 2014 – 2015.

Our meme below from 2016 says it plain.

The redhead on this issue is a subversive sinkhole – luring sympathetic patriots, only to go on and embrace Asians


Further announcements on candidates will be made soon.