Are we entering the dumbed down cheap century?

We await quality innovative products to appear on Australian shelves from the Asian century.

Frankly, we would prefer quality innovative products to appear on Australian shelves from local Australian manufacturers.  Made in Australia’ has so much more a feel-good ring to it than fully imported – except if you vote Labor.

So where is Labor’s Prime Minister Gillard today?  In Singapore enticing Singaporian foreign investment, Singaporian immigrants, and Singaporian imports, while offering Australia’s military will train Singaporian troops.

Gillard with Singaporian PM 20120423
Gillard selling us out to Singapore


Labor’s Gillard puppet is happy to celebrate Australia’s trade with Singapore…“Australia’s largest trading partner in ASEAN and its fifth largest partner globally, worth about $23 billion a year in two-way trade.”

Yeah but…

Australian exports to Singapore:    A$5,443 million
Australian imports from Singapore:    A$11,410 million  (i.e. double)

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle for Singapore.  Over 1000 Australians were killed or went missing in action and more than 15,000 Australians became prisoners of war then.

Yet Australian War Veterans like those who endured Changi Prison at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II  have long been deserted by successive Australian governments.  Australian War Veterans as well as their dependant families are instead forced to rely upon charities for support like Legacy, the RSL and The Salvation Army.

All the Gillard can do is put a wreath at the Kranji War Memorial.

Gillard has KRudd disease: treason against the Australian people.