Another seven dumb ethnics at our beaches risking the lives of Aussie life savers

Grommet and Bogs have just got stats in from their doggie surfer dude mates down at Kiama…

Ethnics Keep Ignoring the Warning Signs

Four hero ethnics on Monday January 15 reckoned they’d suicide snorkel around Kiama’s blowhole after a serious Fava Beans and Falafel heartburn lunch.  One Egyptian Wadie Andrawis (33) had a blowhole seizure and succumbed.  They had to walk right past this big warning sign.  Life savers risked their lives to get to the four.

Close up:

Yet they still go in oblivious.  It must be some Hindu Suryadev sun worshipping ritual down by the sea involving human sacrifice by surf to Yama the god of the dead.  Whatever.

The same day a 66-year-old ethnic succumbed off Boomerang Beach near Forster, deliberately away from the Elizabeth patrolled beach.  He won’t be coming back.  The media have gone into lockdown on this one.

In South Australia on Tuesday January 16 south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula at Parsons Beach, the PC media reported that a 17-year-old Victorian boy and his Norwegian friend (20) encountered trouble swimming in the sea around lunch time.

Fake news!

The truth is that the two were Afghani refugees were not swimming at Parsons beach, but actually rockfishing from a rocky headland past the south end of Parsons Beach.  The headland is remote, unpatrolled and notorious for rockfishing ethnics succumbing.

Check a rockfishing video of the location:


In fact the two were Arash Yari (17) and Nimatllah Rafiq Ali (20), both born in Afghanistan but downunder in Oz on humanitarian visas for the good life.

Police are blaming a freak wave again and a dangerous rip.  But that is crap because the sea was slight and waves and rips a local business as usual.  What wasn’t business as usual was two nonswimming ethnics with no lifejackets, with no idea.

It probably happened something like this.


This is the Afghan family on the headland site afterwards being escorted by police.  It’s nowhere near the beach and they don’t look Norwegian.  The truth comes out eventually.


The teen has vanished – likely succumbed.  It’s Great White territory so he’s flake.

The Third World hero reckoned swimming lessons are for lame Aussies, same with life jackets. So he picked a spot 25km outside the patrol flags to catch a fish. Succumbing was inevitable. Or was it destiny?  Hero had to pass several perfectly good fish and chip shops on the way – may be because they’re not halal.  If you come to this country, you seriously need to denounce Islam.

Hero also had to walk right by this loud warning sign.

And there’s a perfectly good fish ‘n chipperies in nearby Victor Harbour. Ethnics go there all the time.


So that’s another seven fools in the past 48 hours.  That’s on top of the hundreds of beach rescues conducted around Australia’s coastline this summer so far.

Third Worlders a Lifesaving “Epidemic”

The PC media keeps hiding the ethnicities of beachgoing statistics.  Yet Aussie lifesavers are becoming increasingly frustrated that surf safety warnings are not being taken seriously, especially by arrogant ethnics – tourists, immigrants.

If Third World flailers who can’t swim wanna have a dip over their heads and well away from the patrol beach flags, it must be a signal of them seeking paradise.

Canberra’s indiscriminate mass immigration is contributory negligent here.  They let in, indeed invite and welcome in, desert-dwelling Third Worlders who have never seen breakers, so have no idea, who can’t read or speak English (and can’t be bothered), who can’t swim, who bring their attitude baggage and who snub Australian culture.  There are thousands of the dumb bastards avoiding patrolled beaches, wading into rips, currents, rockfishing in dangerous surf, snorkling around rocky headlands and blowholes.

As of yesterday there had been 59 drowning deaths reported in Australia this summer – mostly hero male ethnics.

In New South Wales, more than 1000 people have been rescued on NSW beaches since Christmas, with several weeks of peak holiday period to go until school returns. Most are ethnics.  Surf Lifesavers are stretched to capacity with rescues up significantly over the holidays.  Surf Life Saving NSW CEO Steven Pearce has called it for what it is “an epidemic”.  He says Surf Life Saving is throwing everything at it.   “We are seeing more and more fatalities and near misses and our lifesavers and lifeguards are being pushed to the limit.”

In South Australia, there have been 104 beach rescues since the weather started warming up in October.  According to Surf Lifesaving SA, in the past 10 years 478 coastal deaths were people born overseas.

In Queensland, its worse.  In 2017 Surf Life Saving Queensland reported 10,879 rescues and carried out 3,951,428 preventative actions (stopped idiots before they needed rescuing).   On Sunday December 16 in 2018 alone, it recorded 18,427 “preventative actions” by beach crews and 25 rescues.

And how many of those rescued actually donate to the cause that saved their lives?    Bugger all, especially not the ethnics.

Fine the Bastards!

Then they expect the local Aussies to nanny rescue them and risk the lives of the volunteers in the process.

A rescue involving local volunteers, paid lifeguards, police, a rescue helicopter crew, the paramedics and hospital emergency service can typically cost around $20,000 per rescue.  And that doesn’t include the morgue service.

According to the Fraser Coast’s RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter service, the cost of each helicopter call-out averages $12,500. And typically it’s a charity donated to by White Aussie locals who happily cough up to the sausage sizzles and bucket shaking cash appeals.

It’s time to legislate to make dangerous beach access a criminal offence.  Charge and fine the bastards the recovery cost $20,000 a pop.  If they don’t pay up, send them to prison for 12 months and forward the bill to Canberra Immigration.  Once a foreign-born has served a 12 month prison term or more, impose auto-deportation back to whence they came.

Australia’s beach rescue problem would be solved very quickly.

Basically, Aussie surf is for locals who can swim and know what they are doing.  If you don’t have a surf bronze medallion or a lifejacket you should be fined if you swim outside the patrol flags and otherwise ignore beach warning signs.  Ethnics need to be banned from notorious dangerous beaches, rock ledges and pools – such as Snapper Point, Cape Woolamai; and on big surf days.

Parents who don’t supervised their kids who then need surf rescued need for fined as well.  Surf Life Saving Queensland regional manager Aaron Purchase says that children have become “a fair chunk of our rescues.

Surf Life Saving around Australia should start protecting its own, not send volunteers to their deaths to try to save ignorant ethnics who choose to ignore the warningsand expect others to rescue them.

Who’d be a lifesaver and not get paid?  Frankly these days, who’d be a lifesaver for mainly dumb ethnics?   Inland Canberra doesn’t care.  It’s Immigration department keeps churning them out, and they become beach burden for the locals.  Just let the fools succumb and be fodder for the sharks – natural attrition.  Locals should just take out bets from the beach.