Gillard Labor proud that Chinese immigration dominates Australia

Australia’s open door-Immigration Minister in Gillard’s Foreign Labor Government, Chris Bowen, has celebrated that in 2011 for the first time in the history of Australia more people moved to Australia from China than any other country!   

(The Australian, March 9, 2012)

But nowhere have Australia’s unemployed, homeless and housing stressed been celebrating.

According to Bowen, skilled workers remain vital to Australia’s economy.  Bowen is proud of Chinese dominating Australia! 

Bowen excuses that due to the failure of the Gillard Government’s education revolution, “Australia simply won’t have enough people to keep our economy growing.”

This, he and Gillard, justify for more migrants who can’t speak English to take over Australia’s future growth and prosperity, meanwhile encouraged to invite their ethnic old flks who have no intention of working, speaking English, assimilating to Australian culture to become life-long parasites on Australian taxpayer-funded welfare.

Bowen said:

“The potential then offered by six million migrants, a third of them born in Asian countries, is extraordinary. Think also about the hundreds of thousands of Australian residents fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi, Indonesian, Tagalog and Japanese.”

“Asian migration to Australia is very much driven by a mutually beneficial emphasis on skills. Much more than 60 per cent of migrants to Australia come under our skilled migration program, and this applies particularly to migrants from Asia.”

Bowen is salivating at the opportunity! 

He goes on, in denial of Gillard’s failed ‘Education Revolution’

“..of equal importance to our economic future are temporary migrants, such as students.  Students from Asia now comprise 68 per cent of all student visitors – which has already equated to 100,000 visas granted in the past seven months!”

Bowen realises that the importance of international education to the bottom line of Australian universities is because the Gillard Government (no different to John Howard’s Liberal legacy) denies critical resources and funding to Australia’s universities so that have become so desperately cash-strapped that they are forced to rely on up front cash from foreign students to remain viable.

Why do foreign students pay cash up front?  Because they are offerred Australian citizenship if they pass. 

Bowen celebrates the rise of Asia, the Asian Century!

It’s the rise of immigration invasion alright!

Bowen recognises what he calls Australia’s “dwindling domestic labour force growth

Foreign Labor self-perpetuates Australia’s dwindling domestic labour force growth because it spends more on foreigners than on Australians.

Obviously, the old proud Labor Party of the Hawke era, now as a minority government has compromised its values to become a patsy to the Third World Fake Greens Party, allowing the likes of globalist Sarah (Flood Gate) Young to dictate Australian compulsory charity commanding Labor invite all overbreeding nations of the world into Australia’s backyard.

Gillards recent $300 incentive to house asylum seekers is part of that. 

Who can forgive Gillard in November 2010 handing Australia’s $500,000,000 in taxpayer revenue to its Muslim schools?

Unforgiveable!   Our forefathers who faught in wars to defend Australia from foreign invasion would be rioting in the streets.