Aboriginal Joe Williams should have refused Rod Kendall’s Award

So every Australia Day, the New South Wales town of Wagga Wagga sees its mayor Rod Kendall stage a Citizen of the Year award ceremony for someone local he thinks has done a good job for the local community.  That’s what Kendall says, but the choice of candidate is political to suit Kendall’s agenda.

There’s no money, just pomp and ceremony.  The major gets free publicity and another luncheon excuse.

The chosen one gets a framed picture with his/her name it in.  The chosen one has to get up on stage, smile, accept the award and look pleased with the recognition.

In 2016, an Aboriginal bloke, Joe Williams, was named Wagga’s Citizen of The Year.  Here he is accepting the award. It was embarrassing.

Joe Williams Wagga's Citizen of the Year 2016Aboriginal Joe not exactly happy accepting the token award.


When it came time to stand up for the National Anthem at his ceremonial inauguration, Joe chose to remain seated because – on his estimation – Aborigines were unhappy about their place in modern Australia.

Well, we might just think that was in bad taste and something hardly likely to impress many folks at all.

Joe made a multicultural statement by remaining seated.  He says he will never stand for the national anthem.  He doesn’t like the words of Advance Australia Fair, the “For we are young and free” bit.  Some Aboriginal elder apparently told Joe that it meant “advance Australia for Whites.”

Well the lyrics don’t actually state that.  Joe is reading into it too much.

Actually the anthem celebrates immigrants with lines like “For those who’ve come across the seas…we’ve boundless plains to share.”  Think the 200,000 immigrants flooding Australia every year – from Asia, Arab middle east and Africa.  Think Abbott’s 12000 Syrians.  Think the multicultural violence.

Joe probably wouldn’t be impressed with our original one – ol’ blighty’s ‘God Save the Queen‘.  That would piss off the entire Labor Party and the Greens.  Not a bad thing.

Joe said, “I don’t believe the national anthem (Advance Australia Fair) represents me as an Aboriginal man, and I’m not the only one. Aboriginal people are far from free.”

Does Joe expect all Australians to stand to attention for Warumpi Band’s 1985 land rights song ‘Blackfella/Whitefella or  Yothu Yindi’s 1991 propaganda hit ‘Treaty‘?   That might embellish that word “diversity” but moreso division, and civil unrest. Not going to happen.

May be Banjo’s bush ballad Walzing Matilda would be better.  At least it has some Australian context with a billabong and coolibah trees.

Can’t please everyone.

Joe might be concerned with Aboriginal welfare but accepting the award is a tad hypocritical.   Joe admitted feeling uncomfortable as he accepted Wagga’s citizen award.  So why did he accept it if he feels so ostracized and outcast?

The selection of Aboriginal Joe, knowing he was going to make a multicultural statement, was probably intended by left-leaning Liberal Party Mayor Rod Kendall.

Wagga Wagga Citizen of the Year 2016Mayor’s multiculti ceremony…


Mayor Kendall was quick to urge gathered locals at the ceremony to reflect on why Joe decided not to stand during the national anthem.

“Perhaps as a people we should be asking why does Joey feel this way?” he said. “Why do Aboriginal people feel this way? When we can answer those, we might be able to move forward as a nation in a stronger way.”

Now Mayor Kendall has been the chief agent of those Chinese capitalists who sought to impose a China Trade Centre on the Riverina in 2013. Kendall lied, schemed and plotted until the wheels fell off the whole project.  The Chinese were seeking to usurp control of the Riverina economy, something that might also have been to the profit of many friends of the Mayor.

Mayor Rod Kendall unsuitable as Wagga Citizen of the YearMayor of Wagga Wagga city council Rod Kendall shakes hands with Wuai Group Representative Zhaoxiang Jin at the proposed invasion site.

Read More:  https://australiafirstparty.net/no-to-a-chinese-trade-centre-in-the-riverina/


Mayor Kendall said he had faith the community could recognise a diversity of views (like more Chinese and muzzies Rod?)

While we acknowledge that Joe has more Australian in him than Wagga’s mayor Rod Kendall, we also acknowledge that Rod Kendall has more Chinese in him that Australian.  Rod Kendall would never satisfy the criteria for Citizen of the Year. One has to have a record of service to the local community, not to the Chinese community.

That Mayor Kendall would defend Joe shows foreign agenda at work.  The ‘agenda’ has it that there is something illegitimate about Australia because the Aboriginal races in occupation of the Continent in 1788 were hard done by subsequently and that modern Australia cannot properly claim sovereignty over the land because of the British Empire’s act of dispossessing them.

Fact: Aborigines lost the Frontier Wars (1788-1934) to the British Colonialists. In 1901, the colonies were declared the sovereign nation of the Commonwealth of Australia.


Even allowing that the black-armband view of Australia’s colonial history was true, how could one ‘wrong’ be made ‘right’ – by another obvious ‘wrong’?   However, that’s propaganda for you.

As long as Joe is seen as a serious bloke and not a ’silly person’, the game can persist. Has anyone told him that the Chinese imperialists mean Aborigines no good?

Joe, look what the Liberals are doing to the Aboriginal enclave known as Redfern?   Mike Baird is selling it off to the Chinese and forcing the black fellas out.  Pretty soon Joe’s marginal blackness will fade further as the likes of Mayor Kendal invite more and more Africans to set up their multicultural enclaves in regional Australian towns like Wagga Wagga.

Multicultural abuse of Australia DayMulticultural ideological abuse of Australia Day

Comment by Jeneral DeQuay:

“This is a matter that needs addressing. The traitors have cleverly weaved the Aboriginal into the multiculti con. The Aboriginal question is a perfect vehicle for this “anti racist” etc propaganda.

There are various problems. Within the Aboriginal communities there is division of opinion and the usual opportunistic types eager to profit self at the expense of their own people and still blame whites. The Aboriginal must take up their own issues and fight. As we must for ourselves and our people. The Aboriginal people would have a much better result if they negotiated with nationalists rather than the very group/class of people they consider their oppressors. This is the common denominator in this narrative. But on cue like the recent anti Islam rhetoric anti racism arrives on scene (again/still). The perfect and convenient anti white crap. This con must be exposed.

The Aboriginal people will realise what some African nations have since the Chinese overlords moved in. The colonials weren’t so bad after all.”