5 June 2023

Australia First Party

The only truly Australia party for all true Australians.

Way too many!

One is too many, so who is responsible? The Labor Party, The Liberal Party, The Greens – each when in government since Whitlam’s unilateral cultural apocalypse of Safe White Australia from 1972.

Actually there are about 500,000 Muslims in Australia, breeding at the average fertility rate of 5 children per family.

Once they arrived Labor stole taxpayers wealth to fund a baby bonus of $5000 for the first child and $3000 for each successive child.

Under the open-border policy of the Rudd-Gillard-Milne Greens-Labor Coalition (2007-2013) let in $1.2 million immigrants – many Islamics.

Liberal PM Tony Abbott a few months unilaterally decided to unleash 12,000 more on us from Syria and Iraq – with no background checks, without asking us.

Islamic Eid el-Fitr Festival at CronullaDry reach world record attempt

Then they breed…

Muzzies like battery chooks


Australian Sovereignty Reclaimed“We grew here, you flew here”