How many muslims in Australia?

Way too many!

One is too many, so who is responsible? The Labor Party, The Liberal Party, The Greens – each when in government since Whitlam’s unilateral cultural apocalypse of Safe White Australia from 1972.

Actually there are about 500,000 Muslims in Australia, breeding at the average fertility rate of 5 children per family.

Once they arrived Labor stole taxpayers wealth to fund a baby bonus of $5000 for the first child and $3000 for each successive child.

Under the open-border policy of the Rudd-Gillard-Milne Greens-Labor Coalition (2007-2013) let in $1.2 million immigrants – many Islamics.

Liberal PM Tony Abbott a few months unilaterally decided to unleash 12,000 more on us from Syria and Iraq – with no background checks, without asking us.

Islamic Eid el-Fitr Festival at CronullaDry reach world record attempt

Then they breed…

Muzzies like battery chooks


Australian Sovereignty Reclaimed“We grew here, you flew here”