We only have to Google Nationals John Barilaro to reveal shady Griffith Mafia connections

by Jim Saleam

“John Barilaro, Deputy Premier, is the man I rely on as my ‘referee’ as a candidate for Cootamundra in 2019.

Under parliamentary privilege last year and with the help of Fairfax journalism to which he alluded by innuendo, he said:

“ Jim Saleam… (is)…a racist, an extremist, a criminal, a fraudster and a bigot. He has attacked churches, houses and people.”

This is great stuff.

Mr. Barilaro went on:

“He was responsible for racist graffiti, death threats and attacks on the Pitt Street Uniting Church. He has spread hateful propaganda on other races, calling them the major enemy of the Australian people, and that it is a matter which is certain to be decided by guns through national war and possibly civil war. This man is not fit to stand for office as the candidate for Cootamundra.”

The truth, whatever it may be, is hardly the point now. It is the fight, the contest, the struggle – and why it is I drive the likes of this grub to rage.

Not fit? I note too that last year he quoted from Daryl Maguire, then MP for Wagga Wagga:

“The member for Wagga Wagga was correct when he described the Shooters as revealing a disturbing extremism.”

Would Mr. Barilaro now say that Maguire was unfit for public office considering he was caught on ICAC tape soliciting money from Chinese developers? But then, in Maguire’s case, that was just the tip of an iceberg of links with Chinese imperialism. What does Mr. Barilaro say about that?

Of course, Mr. Barilaro’s political Liberal-National comrades have often been those with their hands in the till in one way or another, those who have profited from foreign ‘investors’. Not fit? Who is not fit?

As far as I am concerned, I revel in the condemnations made of me by the likes of Mr. Barilaro. It stamps the campaign!

What people now want is someone who can neither be bought nor intimidated. And even more: they want someone to say the sort of words that no one has said in Australian politics since the great Arthur Calwell wrote that he didn’t want to “scare native born reactionaries” – by talking of real change, a veritable “revolution” (his word) in Australia. When all is said and done, I work for the day that every Barilaro type can be expropriated by force!

No pension, no property, no civil and political rights!   I work for that because he and those like him – are not ‘fit’.”

As Nationals lapdog Deputy Premier of NSW, John Barilaro gave $78,000 of taxpayers money to a football club where he was past president.  He voted with Liberal Premier Mike Baird to forcible merged Bombala Shire Council and Cooma-Monaro Shire Council and Snowy River Shire Council into a monolith.  He supported Baird’s captains call to ban Greyhound racing.

John Barilaro’s collaborative economy, aka da Godfather of Dungowan