Walkley Leftist Propaganda Award won by “token Muslim, Waleed Aly”

One feels the following critique deserves republishing and we thank The Pickering Post:


“Walkley Awards a Debased Anachronism”, December 8, 2014

Walkley Awards 2014A self-indulgent mutual admiration society
Not one conservative in the room


As the Left of the media again traipsed to the dais to get their yearly awards for “journalism”, the once great event that all decent journalists aspired to, sank deeper into the mire of a union controlled farce.

Once again the ABC, Fairfax and The Guardian figured prominently and of course there was a little something for the ever-present token Muslim wanker (sic), Waleed Aly.

Al-jazeera journo, Peter Greste, got one for being in jail and the top award was a story that embarrassed Abbott with the SBY phone taps, a proper treasonous scoop for the ABC and The Guardian that actually occurred during Rudd’s term. But who cares as long as Abbott was embarrassed.

Of course a silly attempt at impartiality resulted in David Spears of SKY collecting his “prestigious” award. His was for three simple questions he asked of Liberal Senator Brandis concerning metadata.

They weren’t hard questions but unfortunately for Brandis, and fortunately for Spears, Brandis was not across his portfolio and was painfully lost for words on one of the questions.

So anyone not demonstrably Left, but who is fortunate enough to be sitting opposite when a Liberal Party Member stuffs up, is apparently highly deserving of a Walkley?

They should have Walkley awards for retired prostate examiners, then every one of the silly bastards could get one?

One of the nominations for Fairfax’s Woman of the Year award was Freya Newman, the hacker who stole the details of Abbott’s daughters scholarship.

Muslim PropagandistsHere to change Australia:  Waleed Aly and his wife


Author (Larry Pickering) extract from his website mission statement:

“I believe the mainstream media has been remiss, and in many cases misleading, in reporting news accurately and fairly. I came out of retirement concerned that, under the Gillard government, news was being skewed and suppressed. Unfortunately this clear bias has continued.

The Fairfax Press and the ABC have made scant attempt to cater for the middle ground and many redundant journalists have been financially supported by unions and the ALP in order to drag public opinion to the far Left, using the internet.”