Unions warn of foreign ownership as Baird Liberals in Xenomania head space play race card

The Construction, Forestry Mining and Engineering Union (CFMEU) has warned in recent weeks that foreign visa workers to Australia will increasingly become the norm in key Australian industries, so undercutting and displacing Australian workers in our own country.

It’s called scab labour and the Liberal Party is a big fan.  Premier-elect Mike Baird in New South Wales is set to sell the public-owned electricity infrastructure to the Chinese and with it local jobs will be replaced by Chinese on “special” visas.  The CFMEU says that China-owned State Grid is the likely buyer of Ausgrid, which owns all electricity distribution across Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle and The Hunter.

Ausgrid electricity to be owned by China‘‘The Chinese government could have their hand in your pocket’’

But the union has come under attack from Gillard’s legacy Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, who has branded the CFMEU of “xenophobic”.  That translates as “Australian patriots”.  So if Australians stand up for Australian values, Julia Gillard’s legacy-appointed Race Discrimination Commissioner will sledge you as a “racist“.  Foreigners supporting foreigners – what would we expect?  Several Labor politicians came out against the CFMEU, but then if one looks at the Labor ranks, more and more of its MPs are foreigners.

Tim SoutphommasaneTim Soutphommasane – go back to where you came from


Of note, Australia First Party (AFP) has lately condemned a small criminal group within the CFMEU for its physical attack upon Australia First members in Brisbane last May. Legal proceedings are underway in this matter and so our comment must be publicly withheld at this time.

However, the stand by the official CFMEU on matters of national importance presents a just patriotic stand,.  This signals to AFP in good faith that the criminal minority within the Brisbane fringe is exactly that – ‘a criminal minority’.

Of course, smiling Mike Baird would counter claims of selling out to the Chinese as “racist” and “scaremongering”.

But Mike Baird is doing just that and will smilingly admit to such in camera.  Such is Mike Baird’s gaul.  Baird attended a roundtable with investors in China in 2014 to spruik NSW electricity assets to China.

Baird’s loyalty is to himself. His xenomania is feral.

Baird is set to betray Australia by selling ownership and control of Transgrid, which is the sole power supplier to Canberra, including the headquarters of ASIO, the nation’s international spy agency ASIS, the Australian Federal Police, multiple government departments and Parliament House.

Mike Baird and Lend Lease in bedPremier Mike Baird and Lend Lease managing Director Steve McCann, very happy building Packer’s Barangaroo Casino.