UNA: Questions surround shootings of mosques in New Zealand (Part 1)

We publish unedited, a major article written by the United Nationalists Australia media group on the Christchurch murders.  That the blogsite upon which this article was written was taken down – suggests the State reaction to simple truths and questions.  We make no other comment upon the article and leave the reader to assess.   

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PART 1:  Shoot for the Stars or at least the Half-Crescent Moon

by United Nationalists Australia, March 21 in 2019.


|UNA Editor Disclaimer:

‘The following is written as this story unfolded.  Bits and pieces were changed or updated along the way.  We waited a good amount of time so’s not to rush in like fools and make hasty errors, which is more than we can say about 99% of the mainstream press.

However, since we took a particular editorial approach involving cynicism regarding the shootings, owing to improbable timelines and fleeting, unchallenged reports, the dust has somewhat settled and a slightly more believable version of events can be uncovered if you look hard enough.  It’s quietly tucked away underneath all the stuff that makes any White male who isn’t booked in for gender reassignment and skin-darkening treatment, or who isn’t married to a non-White look like a potential mass murderer.

We have left this article as is, and amended it accordingly, although the very salient points remain and questions still linger which either expose New Zealand and Australian security services as slacker doughnut suckers or else once again dirty tricks were afoot and a mass panic allowed to happen for socio-political purposes.

As you’ll read in our more than 13,000 words, this has happened before and is very real.  Wherever there is a freak like Tarrant, the secretive state lab-coats are never far away.

We can see that Tarrant IS NOT one of us.

Those who nonetheless will inevitably approve of his actions aren’t necessarily betraying anything inherently evil, because underneath the skin of this story there is more hypocrisy than could safely cover the surface of Mars.

We aimed to get our editorial scalpel underneath that epidermis and hack those nerves well. We think we’ve succeeded.

The NZ mosque(s) shootings have assumed a life and purpose beyond merely a recounting of terrible events: it’s become a political weapon and those in the cross-hairs better watch out because regardless of whether or not Tarrant was just an attention-seeking nut seeking to get his name up there alongside Anders Breivik’s, who he has pretty much copied to a tee, the narrative surrounding nationalists won’t have changed an iota.

We’re still as guilty as he is?    Senator Fraser Anning had better make sure of what company he keeps because they’re out to nail him worse than they ever went after Hanson 1.0.’

– UNA, Ed-in-chief.


New Aotearoa?


‘Right about now, which just happens to be eight hours after the mosque shootings in Christchurch, if the situation were reversed, there would be a chorus of crying liberals howling, “this is not the fault of ALL Moslems”.

However, as far as ‘right-wingers’ go, and that’s how the media lumps us, the real-world nationalists’ reactions couldn’t be any more apprehensive about these 8chan-gamer-bred-Alt-Right-martyr optics.

Elsewhere, there are no non-partisan voices arguing that not-all-right-wingers-are-to-blame.  Predictably, those on the nationalist side or them who identify with the Americanised White Pride movement are urging caution because “they” will use it as an opportunity to blame “all of us” (while many 8channers and others celebrate Brenton Tarrant as a hero).

Well, we have news for you, Bubba, they already do — they did long before Tarrant got into his car and recreated that scene out of the classic futuristic shooter-game Doom.

As a Serbian battle folk-song and the British Grenadiers played while his GoPro headcam captured the mundane footage of him driving the short distance to the Al Noor mosque prior to go not-so-gently into the night, or rather, broad daylight (a reference to the famous Dylan Thomas poem which opens his ‘manifesto’) ‘they’ were already convincing the liberal world we are each of us latent terrorists; which makes the advent of 28-year-old Australian Brenton Tarrant so convenient for the balance of their multi-racialist narrative.

Brenton Tarrant has been, since we began this piece, charged with one count of murder over the 50 killings with more charges expected to follow.  According to our examination of the varying reports, and given that we’ve still no idea of the identies of the other ‘arrested’ [Ed: As of this time there are no other suspects but we leave this article in the original shape in which it was banned by Australian authorities.] …except that one was allegedly an innocent parent who went armed with a rifle to a high school to protect his kids, we’re still receiving an unclear picture of Friday’s events.

Reports of a car-bomb or bombs (it’s always car bombs that are never bombs) seem to have fizzled to nothing also even though it was claimed that “two bombs attached to a car belonging to a pair of suspects were disarmed”; that’s a pretty definitive statement issued from somewhere official.

From what we understand, in relation to those other suspects detained, including a married couple who were caught in a cordon, they may have been released and no others are being held, which most likely means the alleged Australian gunman acted alone; especially since only Tarrant has been charged.   Many will not accept the explanation that Jihadis do not represent the true Islam and feel that Tarrant has gone some ways to evening the score in regards to terror attacks on innocent civilians in western nations and on Australian soil (although in terms of the latter he made them pay and some).

If you believe that’s no ‘Christian attitude’ then you’ll have quite an interesting argument from the non-liberalised believers who may perceive him as a Charles Martel figure and maintain a fervent historical bias against Islam; just as differing Islamic sects preserve bloody contretemps among each other which the west itself manipulates.

To those who are not desensitised however, the horror from that video is quite visceral. Most real horror happens beneath a blue sky and, make no mistake, the scenes coming out of that mosque were never intended for a Disney audience.

Although largely, in this era of ‘terror’ that began with the 9/11 attacks, the horror is mitigated by the normalisation and conditioning by the very society that sustains it. Even somebody who is genuinely appalled by the scenes may be so primarily on an intellectual level since they are attuned to witnessing this kind of bloodshed on an ongoing basis and while their brain might calculate revulsion their heart may be numb.

We have no academic research to support such a theory as any proven trend but the university of life tells us this is likely very true.

However, we feel here, that the empathic-void of some may lead them to point the finger at others in guilt over their own numbness.

Conspiracy theorists should seize on the length of time that Tarrant was able to spend inside the mosque shooting worshippers, then trying to pick off targets in the street (one apparently a small boy who he succeeded in killing), to run back to his car, reload, then head to another carpark side-entrance, return to the mosque, run out again pausing to shoot at a target then finish off the moaning woman lying at the curb, before getting back behind the wheel rolling his vehicle over the deceased female and whizzing off back down Deans Ave.

We calculated it was roughly six minutes judging by the video from his livestream.  Bearing in mind he allegedly hit the Linwood mosque first [Ed: It is now officially established Tarrant’s alleged attack on the Linwood mosque following his assault on Al Noor in a timeframe of 35 mins yet this isn’t being widely publicised], although, we have differing accounts that suggest he assaulted Linwood after Al Noor and before his arrest.

Even so, The Wall Street Journal reported, Tarrant was active for more than 30 minutes during the carnage at Al Noor.  The BBC calculates the time spent at Al Noor mosque at 19.5 mins.

It’s either an indication the whole thing was a ‘Martin Bryant’ style Manchurian-candidate operation to pass anti-gun laws in NZ, or else the security services over there are so hopelessly floppy that even when passing him on the road nearly nine minutes after the Al Noor shooting security vehicles hadn’t run a check on his number plate; although out of the two sirens which can be heard screeching past in the opposite direction of Tarrant’s motor as he zipped along music blaring we can’t be certain whether they are ambulance or police or if they’re coming from farther away.

On the other hand, it is claimed in a ‘hero cops’ style story coming out of Murdoch’s neoconservative News Corp media that the two officers who arrested Tarrant anticipated an attack on the Al Noor mosque (following the Linwood shootings) and were coming from a “training session on how to deal with armed offenders” when they recognised Tarrant’s vehicle from its license plate.

Obviously, we here at United Nationalists Australia are unapologetic about our views on race and nationalism — nothing this alleged terrorist has done is about to bring us to heel although a degree of sheepishness and down-toning will be expected from our detractors. But he is not our martyr, we killed nobody, and nothing about our ideals has changed a jot.

We are not Tarrant!

We are not Tarrant and he does not represent us but the danger is that his ‘fantasies’ and the methods they inspired prove attractive for those disconnected youngsters who’ve become attached all-be-it by rote of media associated with the Australian nationalist movement and have declared themselves its rightful heirs.

Or rather, that seems to be the fundamental “warning” behind this increasingly odd story.  Misled youths we’ve encountered already cite The Turner Diaries and the writings of James Mason as inspirations; some idolise Charles Manson as a hero for his acid-addled plans to start a race war.

UNA does not want to name the individuals or dox the groups to which they belong but none of these has actually shot anyone nor are we aware that they intend to, so it’s really just a set of semantics — all-be-it crucial ones — about philosophy and strategy; and one that can determine the fortunes of those who may be deliberately led down a path just as Tarrant might well have been.

UNA has reported about individuals lurking within ‘the movement’, or the cluster where here and there, persons interconnect enough for it to be technically conceived of as a movement — such as Mark McDonald, who in his ‘career’ attempted to incite others to what amount to terrorist actions.

We emphasise, real nationalists do not accept appendages like McDonald or those who move in his sphere as part of the nationalist movement but the mutant spawn of hard-right operators who can take responsibility for everything from Reclaim Australia to oafs like Blair Cottrell.  We have written much, about Matey Mate as a caveat to others about species that are introduced into movements especially to pervert them from the inside to the benefit of the state.

Australia has had a history of these vermin as the writings of Dr. Jim Saleam reveal with the Palmer-Coleman gang. Not only do they collaborate with the state, but as our articles on the troll, Michael Freshwater (Ed: The Internet link now useless since authorities had WordPress remove our blog]  reveal, they do so for the tainted leftists who call themselves ‘anti-fascists’ who enjoy the protection of the corrupt state (especially in Victoria).


Scott Morrison may be denouncing comments on the shooting by Senator Fraser Anning, but back in 2010 as shadow immigration minister, he was urging the Coalition to adopt a populist anti-Moslem strategy.


But they’re not just confined to Australia; UK’s Combat 18 was exposed by English anti-fascist newspaper Searchlight as being a honeytrap for the MI5. Germany’s National Socialist Underground (NSU) was for many years ‘handled’ by the Deutsch secret service. A film is available on streaming services, German History X, which details this story. The Italian fascist group New Order carried out bombings in Italy in the 1970s with the full knowledge and complicity of that country’s secret service. Again, an Italian series Romanzo Criminale tells this tale, since it was also controlling the local mafia.

Those Australians who’ve followed the path of non-political ‘gang-style’ neo-Nazi groups have tended to ‘come a cropper’ for one reason or another as members of our local Combat 18 in Perth (not to be confused with the C18 now making up the ranks of Qld’s Lads Society), and Robert Edhouse who established a ‘chapter’ of Aryan Nations here. only to go on to murder Alan Taylor, 42, the hard-working, White husband of his lover Melony Attwood so as to collect his life insurance.

They left a five-year-old boy fatherless; how very ‘White’ of them.  And what was it all for?   To spend the rest of their lives in jail?

As to Edhouse, what became of his supreme love? She ended up in a prison lesbian affair with a sicko wannabe serial killer named Jemma Lilley.

So, you see, given all that we know, and our own UNA staffers’ experiences with a corrupt state that perceives no concept of ‘justice’ as belonging to all, and which has sought to victimise and frame our members, if we’re a tad dubious about this NZ shooter story then forgive us, as we’ve been subjected first-hand to the lengths the state will go to in pursuit of its oppressive objectives.

Don’t forget ASIO and the corrupt NSW Special Branch’s masterminding the 1978 Hilton Hotel bombings for which academic Tim Anderson was framed and eventually acquitted.

And it must be told, we will not bewail ‘the humanity’ at the heart of these shootings, as this is a dispassionate essay concerned with the jumbled facts surrounding this case as taken in its many shards and fragments. As far as we are concerned, Brenton Tarrant is as much a product of the globalist system he attacked (and which helped to establish ISIS in the first instance), as he is of the media, and of those who most aggressively wag their finger at him. He is a creation, a victim, and an instrument that will be used against even those who don’t agree with shooting the symptom and not addressing the cause.

For all we know, he might even be a total invention.’

Those neoconservatives like our Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his predecessors who sent a generation into the war-mincer for the sake of oil and geopolitical agitations in the middle-east by stoking the ‘terror threat’ as much as by contributing to the ‘White genocide’ which Tarrant references in his 74-page justification for the shootings, share their fair slice of the ‘blame’.

Scott Morrison may be denouncing comments on the shooting by Senator Fraser Anning, but back in 2010 as shadow immigration minister, he was urging the Coalition to adopt a populist anti-Moslem strategy.

If Tarrant had taken another path into the military, he might’ve been supplied a uniform and awarded a medal for his efforts. Remember, too, what for convenience’s sake we’ll refer to as ‘the system’ was awaiting an event like this — white male(s) attacking a mosque or mosques — with psychosexual anticipation; the 2017 Quebec mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette notwithstanding. America already had Dylan Roof and Robert Bowers as well as Frazier Glenn Miller and, of course, Timothy McVeigh. Then Norway had Anders Breivik. Of these only Bissonnette shot up a mosque but all are poster boys for the anti-White Supremacist movement. White Supremacy is, of course, anyone who objects to the population replacement enacted under globalism. Although, Frazier Glenn Miller was just an out-and-out invention of the Parallax Corporation.

White Supremacy is, basically, whatever the Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) says it is.

Sections of what Tarrant wrote he no doubt lifted from nationalist commentators, but others are an ignorant distortion, and irresponsible ideas generated by the undisciplined subscribers of Alt-Right social media; or else they were fed to 8chan and other sources methodically because they add up to a ‘recipe’, much the way in Orwell’s 1984 ‘thought criminals’ were caught out after being lured into reading Emmanuel Goldstein’s book.

Right now, we’ll treat the document as if it was indeed authored by Tarrant, in which case, it’s a matter of sifting the central truth about population replacement and “birth rates” from the justification and methodology and channelling it into something more politically practical for those of us who are confirmed nationalists, not just in our fantasies, but in the dreary realities that entails a daily endurance without precipitating a guerrilla “battle”. And we say this not in a hasten to judgement to satisfy our critics for the sake of mainstream acceptability (which we know we’ll never achieve) but from the pure point that the evidence of the examples of the very terrorists he cites as having motivated his retaliation haven’t changed a thing through their violent actions so why should he?

As to the story, so far as it is available to us at the moment, we’ll run through the facts as they are known. For this, we’ll reference the mainstream news and link where relevant as we have done thus far. We have taken our time rather than dashing out with our article to give us the best opportunity to inform ourselves and our readers. We have studied the local and international reports as well as commentaries that will grow and change along with the rhetoric which we’ll keep an eye on. We’ve seen the video and we have read Tarrant’s so-called manifesto ‘The Great Replacement’. But, as expressed, we’ll begin with the details.

[PART 2 to follow]