Über franchise adds ethnic rape button to its ridesharing racketeering

Californian multi-billionaire siliCON-artists Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp of the Californian Über franchise infamy, have decided to add a Rape Alert Button to their ridesharing app.

It’s because hailing an Über means often hailing a serial rapist at no extra charge.  Ridesharing has become a dark Net option to booking a genuine licensed local taxi service.  It’s scary and creepy especially to women at night getting into a private car driven by a Third World man of unknown motivations.  Ridesharing is the same risk, whether it’s Über or its app copycats Lyft, Gett, Curb or any other online franchise-commission-based apps.  They’re all out of California’s software mafia HQ – exploitative SilioCON Valley for enterprising leftist nerd apps.

All you need to become an Über driver is to have a car, be an adult, have a driver’s licence (dodgy foreign one ok), an app, and have minimal insurance.  So armed with a backseat, they can plant an Über sticker on their back window, log on and go prowling the streets at night looking for chicks wanting a ‘ride’.

The pay is crap.  Perhaps that’s why Über offers da extracurricular backseat fringe benefits.   Über continues its imperial quest out of California for world taxi domination it calls ‘ride-share’ by deliberately undercutting and ultimately bankrupting legitimate local taxi license holders.

As unmarked Über cars have steadily stolen legitimate taxi business across urban Australia, many local taxi drivers have surrendered over to the ride sharing franchise mafia.  And their Über drivers are invariably ethnic because it’s easy money, no rules, no background checks, Über pays all their fines, and well, the chicks are free.  For ex-crims upon release, Über is the first cash job sought after, along with truck dog jobs, courier work and CFMMMEU ticketed construction labouring, just so long as their compulsorily don one of these on site.

Über treats its drivers as independent contractors and not employees, so it avoids tax, vehicle standards, employer responsibilities and liabilities, and employee rights. It’s nothing but a criminal money making franchise racket with an app.

Nearly all Über drivers have a 5-star rating irrespective of the car being unroadworthy, unregistered, late, the driver abusive, overcharging, driving dangerously, and having no idea where he’s going because he’s just stepped off the plane and escaped immigration.   Yes, most Über drivers are male and ethnically diverse (non-White).

What local knowledge?  What road rules?   Try hailing an Über late at night, and be prepared to be ‘surge priced’ double the taxi rate or more, like 2.5 Surge or 3.0 Surge.

Über pridefully wears its evil reputation the way other on-demand ride-sharing services wear fuzzy pink mustaches.

Since its founding as ÜberCab in 2009 in San Francisco as an illegal taxicab operation, Über has morphed into a US$70 billion monopoly with a monopolistic attitude.  Über has become so powerful, with its massive profits and army of lawyers, lobbyists and former White House staffers, that it can bulldoze into a place where it is explicitly illegal and start operating there regardless, destroying taxi owner livelihoods and raping and killing its naive riders.


Über Horror Stories in America

1. An Über driver tragically struck and killed a 6 year old girl and Über denied responsibility.

In January 2014, Syed Muzaffer, who drove for Über, killed a 6 year old girl in San Francisco. Über claimed Muzaffer was not technically logged onto the Über app at the time of the accident, meaning they weren’t responsible for it. Nevertheless, the family of the little girl sued the company for wrongful death. “The companies did not cause this tragic accident,” Über’s attorneys said in response.

To make matters worse, it turned out Muzaffer already had a reckless driving conviction under his belt –– something Über apparently did not uncover or deem disqualifying during their background check process.


2. An Über driver assaulted a passenger and it turned out he had a felony conviction, despite passing the background check.

Daveea Whitmire, a driver working for ÜberX, da budget version of Über, was charged in June 2014 with a misdemeanor battery count after he pulled over, told his passenger to get out, and then, when the passenger tried to take a photo of the car, punched him in the hand and elbowed his chest.

Gets worse.  It turned out Whitmire had multiple drug-related felony convictions and was at the time of the assault on probation for a separate battery charge.

Über, which claims to thoroughly background check all of their drivers, reckoned at the time that the driver had passed the company’s background check process and also that their background check process was top of the line.  What checks?


3. An Über driver choked his passenger in a racist attack and Über’s CEO was mad at the media about it.

When writer and activist Bridget Todd Tweeted at Über that she had been choked by her driver in Washington D.C. in what seemed like a racially motivated attack, Über publicly responded by telling Nitasha Tiku of Valleywag that it “was provoked by the passenger.”

How the company privately responded, however, was quite different: CEO Travis Kalanick emailed his press team to criticize the media for thinking that Uber might be responsible for things that happen inside of Übers, especially with “these incidents that aren’t even real in the first place.”

4. An Über driver went on an anti-gay, ant-American rant before physically assaulting his passenger.

In March 2013 in Washington, D.C., Seth Bender got in the Über he ordered and shortly thereafter committed the sin of burping. This displeased Bender’s driver, Hamza Abu Shariah, who allegedly began ranting that he “‘hates Americans and homosexuals’ and a number of other derogatory comments.” A complaint filed by Bender claimed that after he exited the vehicle (can’t imagine it was a long trip, even if it felt that way!) Shariah spit in his face and slapped him.

5. Woman claims Über driver kidnapped her, Uber claims “inefficient route.”

When a woman tried to take ÜberX home from a party in October 2014, a driver instead took her on a wild, twenty-mile ride ending in an abandoned lot, Valleywag’s Sam Biddle reported.

All the while, “the driver ignored her questions and directions. They finally arrived in a dark, empty parking lot in the middle of the night, despite her repeated protests. When the tried to exit the car, her driver locked the doors, trapping her inside. Only when she caused a commotion and screamed did he finally return her home.” The ordeal lasted for “over two hours.”

In response to hearing her story, Über apologised for the “inefficient route” and partially refunded her fare.  Big of them.


6. Über driver verbally and physically abuses passenger, Über neglects to even apologise.

When an Über driver began cursing at James Alva, Alva became suspicious that he was not legitimate and asked him to verify his name (while using Über, you can see your driver’s name on the app, and drivers can see your name on theirs). The driver, Alva told PandoDaily’s Carmel Deamicis, refused and instead asked Alva if he was Mexican, and then called him “a dirty Mexican faggot.”

Alva said that after reporting the incident to Über, he talked to the company’s San Francisco community manager Matthew Hearns who declined to so much as apologize and didn’t request further details about what happened.


7. Rape allegations against Über driver.

In December 2012, a 20 year old Washington, D.C. resident left a bar and took an Über home. During the trip, she later told police, the driver made advances which she ignored. When she got out of the car, she alleged the driver grabbed her from behind, knocked her to the ground causing her to hit her head on concrete, and then raped her.  Prosecutors decided not to pursue charges against the accused.


8. Über driver accused of “fondling” female passenger

A Chicago woman filed a lawsuit in March 2014 alleging that after her Über driver began driving the wrong way, she moved to the passenger seat to help direct him, at which time he began assessing her appearance and making romantic advances. According to the suit, the driver’s behavior became more aggressive until he “repeatedly fondled” the woman’s “legs, groin area and breasts.” When the woman threatened to call the police, the driver tried to make her get out of the car.  Über deactivated the driver’s account.


9. Über driver takes passengers on a “high speed chase”.

When Ryan Simonetti and two of his colleagues embarked on an Uber trip in Washington, D.C., they got more than they bargained for.

When Simonetti noticed that a taxi inspector who had been talking to his Über driver was following their car, he asked the driver why. First, the driver assured him that he was “not a real cop” and he shouldn’t worry, but then the driver seemed to get worried himself. “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to run this red light,” the driver said, according to Simonetti.  The driver then got on the highway and started going “well above the speed limit,” with the taxi inspector still in tow.

Simonetti and his friends said the driver was narrowly dodging other cars and refusing to slow down or let them jump out throughout their 8-10 minute ride.  When they were finally released, the Über driver fled into Virginia.


10. An Über driver attacked his passenger with a HAMMER.

In September 2014, 35 year old Roberto Chicas was bludgoned with a hammer by his ÜberX driver, Patrick Karajah. The attack left him hospitalized for three days with with a bloodied eye, which he was reprotedly in danger of losing, and fractured skull. Karajah was charged with two felony counts of assault and battery.

Chicas’ lawyer said at the time, “the real issue now is whether he’s going to permanently lose his sight in his eye…Right now there’s so much blood in his eye they don’t know whether that’s going to resolve. His skull is fractured. He’s going to need reconstructive surgery on his face.”

It took Über a week to refund Chica’s ride.


Über Rape-Sharing of Australia since 2014

Über drivers have become synonymous with rape wherever they have set up in usually First World cities around the world.  It’s because the typical Über driver is a Third World male muslim that signs up to hunt women at night.

So since Über sales have dropped because White women naturally fear of being raped by an Über driver, Über has decided to add an ethnic rape button to its app.    For instance in America, where Über started, Über has added an emergency button to its app to directly dial 911.

Über has heralded this as “a major safety overhaul’ by CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (an Iranian muslim male).  The emergency button will be located in a new “safety center” that will be easily accessible from the app’s home screen, giving riders a quick way to contact first responders in the event that something goes wrong during their trip – like the driver trying to rape them.

Riders will also be able to designate five friends and share their location during every ride. It’s all part of Khosrowshahi’s effort to reform Über’s rule-skirting reputation and address valid criticisms about the company’s lax approach to safety.

“We were not perfect”  reckons Khosrowshahi.

Über’s safety record has been fairly atrocious.   Most recently, a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a self-driving Über vehicle in Tempe, Arizona.

In 2014, dodgy Californian ÜberX first set up illegitimately in Adelaide, with the then government warning that vulnerable passengers were at risk, especially late at night when intoxicated.  The state treasurer Tom Koutsantonis at the time, rightly branded unlicensed foreign Über to be an illegal taxi service operating in Adelaide and cautioned Ordinary Australians as follows:

It’s a very dangerous option to take an Über service – you don’t know who’s driving the car. You don’t know if the car has been checked and, most importantly, we can’t know when you got into that car and where you got out of that car or where you were meant to go.”

Tom’s warning was accurate and historic.

But then he witnessed globalist Labor officially legalised Über across South Australia from July 2016, thieving $31 million of taxpayers wealth to partly compensate the displaced legal taxi licence holders.  

All LibLab state and territory governments throughout Australia have since endorsed the foreign ridesharing racket.  Of course, centre for globalism Canberra (ACT) was the first to keenly change laws in 2015 to legalise the Über X franchise and so betray legitimate accredited taxi industry.  ACT Chief Munster Andrew Barr, a globalist Greens-Labor leftie, even gave Über drivers an incentive $10 per ride discount, to fast-track the demise of legitimate local Canberran taxi operators.

New South Wales changed its laws for Über in 2015.  Then followed Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania in 2016, Western Australia in 2017 and the Northern Territory in January 2018.

It didn’t take long for the travelling public in Australia to become Über victims and taxi plate local mum and dad go bankrupt into suicide.


In Perth in June 2015, Über driver Zeljko Koncarevic (50) picked the woman up from an address in Victoria Park, but as he was driving along Canning Highway near Wireless Hill Park he put his hand up the skirt of a 20-year-old woman as she sat in the front passenger seat of his car.

Ya can tell he’s ethnic under the hood

She said he then turned off the highway and she shouted at him to stop. “I was very scared, I was panicking, I was just thinking of ways to get out of the car,” she said.   The woman said she remembered a McDonalds was nearby so she told the driver to take her there because she wanted a drink.   She said when she got there she told the driver she was going to be sick and went inside, where she eventually approached three people and told them what had happened.

The Perth court only wrist slapped Koncarevic a $2,000 fine.

Koncarevic was also a taxi driver for Perth’s Swan Taxis, but quickly sacked.  Since then, Swan Taxis in Perth have introduced female-friendly pink coloured taxis to professionally transport women safely across Perth.  The striking hot pink fleet was inspired by Perth radio host Heidi Anderson, who had a bad experience with a taxi driver. The legitimate taxis are available to men, too, but all have female drivers and are not Über or any form of foreign franchise rideshare exploitation.

Meantime, in Sydney in October 2015 in Kings Cross nightspot, Über monster Muhammad Naveed (41) picked up a young female tourist (22) when she was walking intoxicated on her own.

A surveillance camera vision showed him buying a pack of condoms and a water bottle from a nearby store while his victim was asleep in the back seat of his car.  He then pulled over in a quiet side street of a nearby eastern suburb and raped his female passenger.  The victim had a blood alcohol level of .231 and woke up to find low-life Naveed (below) on top of her.

The imported ethnic predator got only six years jail.  Auto-deportation should be the national overruling sentence, to be serviced in the sh%$thole badlands he cameth.

In marvellous Melbourne, ethnic Über monstering is all the rage.  In July 2015, an Über monster in Melbourne’s outer-African ghetto of Pakenham picked up his 26-year-old female passenger in nearby Berwick around 1:30am and proceeded to sexually assault her in his car.

Über removed the Pakenham driver’s access to the ride-sharing app.  In fact, Über says its policy is to remove drivers access to the ride-sharing app as soon as they become convicted of rape.  “There is no place for the type of behaviour described and our thoughts are with the woman and her family at this time.”

Still, GM of Über Melbourne is upbeat and invites all ethnics, welfare-seekers, ex-crims, rapists to apply to be drivers.

Watch da spiel as leftard Rossi’s sly fast-talking tech-con bewitches taxpayer-funded Canberran elders in the audience:

Last month (August 2018), an Über driver in Sydney, Onur Dedeoglu (37) an Arab refugee, picked up a 17-year-old girl and two friends in his private car from Sydney’s CBD very late at around 1.30am on Sunday.  He dropped off her friends at Bondi, then noticing she was asleep raped the girl in his car.  Police later arrested the predator in the ethnic enclave of Liverpool.  Dedeoglu had no background checks upon entering Australia, upon being issued a residency visa, enrolling in free Medicare and gaining a work permit anywhere in lucky Australia.

In Brisbane in July 2017, a 16-year-old teenage girl booked an Über around 9pm from her friend’s home in Manly West to a nearby supermarket to get an icecream.   The girl made it to the supermarket, but then fatally booked a second Über to return her back to her friend’s house.  She got in and then got raped by the 37-year-old ethnic driver on the way home.

Anil Elavithungal Thomas (his Anglicised name) drove in the direction of her destination before detouring and parking between trees in a “dark, spare allotment”.  Anil (below) then raped the girl in the back seat as she cried and repeatedly told him no, before driving her back to her friend’s house and charging the fare to her app.  This is the culprit.

The court heard the man had migrated from Britain to Australia twelve months previously on some permanent residency visa. Hardly British!  He’s a slimy curry muncher, probably wanted for rape of Brits in Britain.

An Über spin doctor said the company had blocked the ethnic’s access to the ride-sharing app, but then Anil was the second Brisbane-based Über monster to be charged with rape in less than two weeks.  A 47-year-old ethnic Über monster the previous week had been charged with raping a young passenger three times.

The following month in August 2017, another woman, a 25-year-old, booked Über to take her from her home address at Paddington to Fortitude Valley about 11:00pm in what should have been a 10-minute trip.  But she became worried when the driver, Umar Subi Gammeda (46) (below), went on a big detour for over an hour around New Farm then through the Clem 7 tunnel to Brisbane’s southside.  As the woman tried to get the attention of other motorists, the Über finally pulled over on the M1 and police were called.

The 45-year-old African from Third World Ethiopia living in ethnic Logan Central on an humanitarian visa, was charged with deprivation of liberty.

His female passenger had told him in the ride-share that she was a lesbian during a chat about marriage.  But islamic import Umar da Über insisted that to him homosexuality wasn’t condoned in his home nation Ethiopia. Umar da Islamic had obviously brought his islamic baggage with him into Australia with no background checks, no extremist checks, no character checks, no condition to ‘follow-our-rules-else-be-deported’ requirements.

Umar da creepy face of Über

Queensland Police have urged women who have been raped or groped while using Über to come forward, fearing there may have been similar incidents.  Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk reckons all this is “absolutely shocking” and promised that her government would examine if increased regulation could help to improve safety measures.  The palliative chook legalised the Über ride share scam in September 2016 soon after Canberra did.

Da Palliative Premier:  “I want all women raped by Über Queensland to put up their hands.”


Über remains banned in China, Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Denmark, Hungary, Turkey and parts of Germany. The ÜberPop (people mover) level of service is banned in Italy, France, Netherlands, and Finland.

Women in Australia are warned to avoid Über Rape Sharing

Instead, best order a legitimate local taxi driven by an Aussie woman

Legitimate local Australian taxi professionals are fighting this foreign Über menace!