Silver spoon billionaire Gina should walk the talk and go mine Africa

Perth’s Lang Hancock happened to fly over Australia’s Pilbara back in 1952 and discover the rust colour of iron ore which he then grabbed and so became one of the richest men in Australia.

Fat Gina and all her inherited wealth rode on the back of her father Lang, who in turn rode on the back of Australia’s Pilbara natural resources.  Self-righteous as a two-bit mining prospector, he was dismissive that resources riches could belong to the people, the traditional Wangka Maya aboriginal people, the people of Western Australia, and indeed the people of Australia.

No, Lang Hancock said fuck off, it’s all mine, and that of me dynastic kids and any gold digging wives who happen along in me latter years!

Lang Hancock

Gina should put her billions where her big Pilbara mouth is.  Try mining in Africa, the ideal of Gina’s comparison to the privileged Australia she has always and only known. Third world extreme povery and corruption might bring reality back to Gina’s sheltered world view outside her father’s palace in up market Perth.

Australians have no time for pompous patronising from such silver spoon elitists.

This fat, greedy, supercilious bitch of inherited massive wealth thinks she can bully Australians and its government to allow her to exploit and reap Australia’s resource riches as if it was 1952 all over.

She has the gaul to pompously think she is the landlord of Australia, claiming in a recent mining industry speech that Australia’s government has become too reliant on the resources industry, claiming the mining sector is used like ”an ATM”.

Gina RinehartHealthy body, healthy mind


Billionaire Gina’s own ATM and cash cow is only her dad’s bank account. So how hypocritical?

Her criticism of the Gillard Labor spiralling debt is one thing, but he smug regard for owning Australia’s resources is theft in the most aristocratic of smugness.  Mining profits are not the reserve of opportunistic entrepreneurs flying over other people’s land and abusing legal process to control it.

Gina is a greedy recipient of iron ore mining super profits, so greedy that she does not want any share to be recognised and benefited by ordinary Australians. Australians, especially indigenous Australians, own the mineral wealth in Australia, not any one with a miner’s right.

But inherited mining magnate, and wannabe media magnate has timed her media announcement just days after the Australian Government’s national formal budget announcement.

Obviously Gina is playing politics and is prepared to splash her billions to buy into Fairfax Media to influence politics for her own selfish ends.  It is a bullying behavioural trait extended from her manipulation of legal process to secure her inheritance in the family court using her dad’s massive bank balance.

Gina idealises rich but morally bankrupt Singaporeans.   The fat one admires corrupt Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, one recognised for nepotism, a “self-righteous know-all” and one with propensity to litigate against any who criticise.  Sounds so Gina as to be invited to dynastic dinner party in Perth.

Gina has suggested Australia to borrow from the economic policies of Singapore using low taxes to encourage investment and development.  Low taxes from whom?  Self interest again.

No wonder she harks back to former Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen, for axing death duties.

Almost a year ago, Gina went public again, behind the veil of video to avoid public scrutiny. She broadcast a 10-minute tirade calling on Australia to lower its wage standards to Africa, so she could make more profit from mining black slave labour.

“Australians should look to African miners making less than $2 per day” – she commanded from her palace.  Gina belongs to a British colonial era that preceded Wilberforce and his damned profit gouging Abolitionism movement.

The fat one inherited a fortune from her father Lang Hancock now estimated to be worth about $18 billion.  “Dirty with her money..”

Greedy GinaDon’t like Australian standards Gina?
Walk the Talk.   Go mine cheap $2 a day Africa
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