Sarah Ferguson’s Killing Season – ABC taxpayer money at work, not!

Lovely warm ABC interviewer, Sarah Ferguson, who Australian TV audiences have all grown to love, is back to get stuck into the Rudd Gillard Era (2007-2013).  Has Mark Scott had an epiphany or has Malcolm Turnbull (we know who leaked) told him he’s cross?

Anyway, Sabertooth Sarah is back on your indulgent ABC.

The Killing SeasonABC’s lead polly gotcha witch


Sabertooth Sarah is back from obscurity after getting stuck in on the ABC 730 Report while Leigh Sales was on maternity leave.

But as well know there are no casual employees at the taxpayer-funded ABC.  It’s all permanent elitist staff who receive parliamentary-level perks, generous leave and rostered months off as if they are entitled.

So after a year’s paid sabbatical, Sabertooth Sarah is back with a Mark Scott bet each way show.  Get stuck into Labor, no.  This is a celebration of what could have been.  Anyway it give’s $280,400 salaried Sarah something to do in the meantime.

Mark Scott ABC CEONever bite the hand that fed you national propaganda power

‘The Killing Season’ is about celebrating Rudd-Gillard Labor for what could have been.  But Abbott-Hockey look out!  Mark Scott has his minions taking notes for series #2.

Scotty promotes Sarah’s comeback as a “three-part political thriller..Sarah Ferguson’s gripping three-part examination of the forces that shaped Labor during the Kevin Rudd / Julia Gillard leadership years.”

Rudd Gillard Backstab Moving Forward

Soap Act 1 – The Prime Minister and his Loyal Deputy (2006-2009)

It is a reality soap series like no other. Visually striking, scripted like the best political dramas, The Killing Season is an enthralling account of one of the most turbulent periods of Australian political history.

Packed with political intrigue, strong feelings and frank disclosures, this is a must-watch series for the nation.

Should suit the sabertooth in her own cage.

How stupid Labor’s participants were to fall for Mark Scott’s political equivalent of SBS Struggle Street.  Killing Season is about the Labor leadership killing itself.  Is Mark Scott’s legacy to delve into Nick Cave polly sadomasochism?

Rudd Gillard Backstab EraThe Curse of Ruddhaven

Soap Act 2 – Great Moral Challenge (2009 – 2010)

“…Julia was my loyal deputy. And I didn’t believe she would do that. Until that point.” – Kevin Rudd

With the 2010 Election looming, Rudd’s Government moved from crisis to crisis – with the mining tax, and asylum seekers dominating the   headlines, as well as concerns over rising debt.  Party insiders began to contemplate a change in leadership. Now for the first time, both sides lay bare their accounts of the preparation and execution of the challenge. According to one of the players, “In terms of its professional execution… you’d have to say it was the best.”

Rudd Gillard Backstab Legacy
Soap Act 3 – The Long Shadow (2010-2013)

“..Rudd and Gillard give the inside story of their contentious closed-door meeting on the night of 23rd June 2010…
“I always had this long shadow from the way in which I became Prime Minister and active steps were taken basically every day of my Prime Ministership to have that shadow become darker and darker and not lighter and lighter.” – Julia Gillard


“..within weeks of taking over, Gillard called an election for late August 2010. The campaign was dominated by internal leaks damaging to Gillard; Wayne Swan called them “the greatest act of political bastardry” he had ever witnessed. Gillard secured the support of the Independents and the Greens to form a minority government. However, her continued struggle with legitimacy, a carbon “tax”, a flood of boats and the actions of Kevin Rudd and his supporters, dogged her Prime Ministership.”

Australian Labor Party

“…facing an election wipe-out, the Labor Caucus moved again – this time to return Kevin Rudd to power. Gillard’s political career was over. (sob sob).  The third act was complete. Did the “original sin” of the 2010 challenge make that end inevitable?  Did Gillard herself – or Rudd’s relentless will to return – bring Labor to that point?”

Conclusion: Blame Kev.  Julia Lives!  – same chick who appointed Mark Scott!

Ain’t it all shite?

It’s like a promo for Channel 10’s voyeuristic Big Brother.

Labor Bloodbath

Sarah is not quite up there with ABC’s $355,789 salaried Tony Jones of ‘Quibbles and Anarchists(Q&A), though soapies serve their propaganda purposes, just like the real thing.