Sahand (Sam) Dastyari not just dual Arab but a dual Chinese spy

Old Tawny ‘Sam’ is not his real name. Australian is not his real nationality.  He’s one of them dual nationals with foreign allegiances.  Labor’s dastardly Senator Sahand (Sam) Dastyari has moved his office to Parramatta to be closer to his yuan.


ALL CLASS:   “I’m so vital to that vital organisation called the Australian Senate”


He’s backing one of his staff in local council elections.   Staffer Paul Han (not his real name) is Chinese and has held senior positions in organisations that have bankrolled Dastyari’s several dodgy trips to China.  So Dastyari in turn is backing his Chinese staffer to get a seat on Council. And  Yi-Wen (Paul) Han (his real name) may just make it.

To whom is Dastyari loyal?  Arabs or Chinese?

Dastyari has taken the dollars of Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo, who is now a Sydney-based Yuhu Group property developer. Yuhu employs former Treasurer Eric Roozendaal. Paul Han helped organize it.

Paul Han was somehow chosen as a candidate on the NSW Labor Senate pre-selection ticket for last year’s federal election with Senator Dastyari’s support, winning Labor’s ticket last month for next month’s Parramatta City council elections.

Chinese Yi-Wen Han (his real name)

Mr Han was a director of the Australian Fellowship of China Guangdong Associations when that organisation funded Mr Dastyari’s Beijing flights, accommodation and hospitality in January 2015.  As Senator Dastyari’s staffer at the time, Mr Han also accompanied him.

Chinese Capitalists to call the shots in Parramatta

by Brad Norington , The Australian, July 18 2017 in an article entitled ‘Dastyari staffer on ticket for council’


“Some leaders of the ALP left stronghold in Sydney’s west ­regard the moves as part of an ­attempt by Senator Dastyari to rebuild his power base.  He was forced to resign from Bill Shorten’s frontbench last September over controversy ­related to the trips and bills paid by Chinese business interests.

In January last year Senator Dastyari took another trip to China funded by the Australian Guangdong Chamber of Commerce. At the time Mr Han was the chamber’s head of “government and public relations” as well as working for Senator Dastyari.

Mr Han’s superior at the two organisations who paid for Senator Dastyari’s trips was Huang Xiangmo, a Chinese national and now Sydney-based Yuhu Group property developer who has donated large sums to the ALP. Mr Huang’s separate funding of a legal bill for Senator ­Dastyari — combined with reports of the Labor senator’s pro-Beijing comments about China’s claims on the South China Sea — left him politically wounded and ultimately forced his exit from Labor’s frontbench.

Since his demotion, Senator Dastyari has posted self-made videos on social media including one attacking skyrocketing house prices that shows a dilapidated house in Sydney’s west, and another using his children and toy ponies that mocks Fairfax Media’s redundancy of journalists. Some regard Senator Dastyari’s efforts as attracting attention in the hope his political career can be rehabilitated with an eventual return to Labor’s frontbench team.

What do you call a muslim Elvis impersonator? A: Amal Shookup.

Senator Dastyari shifted his office from Sydney’s eastern suburbs to Parramatta in February, a step that caused disquiet in an area that has for many years been the Labor stronghold of Laurie Ferguson, now retired from federal parliament, and state Labor MP Linda Voltz. Mr Han’s almost certain elevation to Parramatta council is seen as firming the Labor senator’s influence in the area.  Labor sources say Senator Dastyari also lobbied before the federal election for Mr Han to be ALP candidate in Bennelong, formerly John Howard’s seat and now held by Liberal John ­Alexander.”

Sam Dastyari represents that new Labor politician – overseas born and on the way up inside the structures, economic and political of globalist capitalism.  Australians should take the opportunity to elect a nationalist to Parramatta Council on September 9.

We recommend Victor Waterson in Dundas Ward.  We need to build resistance before Parramatta is sold off.


Selected Comments

Christine“what a grubby arrangement….typical of Labor.”

Robert:  “He may well laugh at suggestions he’ll run for Parramatta, but he’ll install his monkeys in the roles for which he can grind his ugly little organ.”

Giovanna:  “If Dastyari has been ‘demoted’ how is it possible that he is still managing to weasel his way into local politics by not….of course……having ‘had nothing to do with Han winning council spot’, when he should have been removed from the Senate due to his questionable Chinese connections.  Long overdue overhaul of why certain politicians manage to thumb their nose at the Australian electorate while enjoying aspiring ideas of grandeur.”

Peter:  “Another cunning little rodent perhaps?”

Lynne:  “Something about Sam! No politician on the liberal side would have got away with what he gets away with and hold their seat. Labor would have hounded them out yet he seems untouchable! Labor holds the libs to a higher integrity and decency than themselves!”

Roger:  “As the former State Secretary of the Labor Party he has one major advantage.  He knows where all the bodies are buried, and where all the cash is stashed.”

Robert: “He was close to Obeid, despite subsequent denials. Even Obeid said they were close. He’s a regular media content provider — not too shy to play the fool — and so is loved by the media, especially “our” ABC who fawn over his inane bleatings.”

Linda:  “Labor, the party of the workers, supposedly, now consists almost completely of lawyers and ex Labor staffers. Not much of that, newly fashionable, demand of diversity in the voter representation there!”

Diogenis:  “@Linda The workers have been sold off years ago. Employers pay the union dues of employees under ‘agreements’ entered into with union godfathers.”

Andrew: “Dim Sam & Han the Man.”

Diogenis: “@Andrew Wok place relations.”

Peter: “Western Sydney could be a dangerous place for an apostate.”

Debra:  “Sino Sam strikes again.”

Gary:  “Dastyari is the spiritual grandson of Eddie Obeid and it shows ( Obeid mentored Arbib who mentored Dastyari) . Its all about getting your devotees into positions of power so they build up your power base for the future . Are the chinese business interests still financing this?”

Ian:  “The stench surrounding this labor political prat just gets worse.”

John: “And this epitomises the problem with Australian politics – it’s all about power and self interest – nothing to do with serving the people. Drain the swamp.”

Shand: “Labor’s mate edging into positions as usual. Previously this was only a Labor tactic. Now tge Turnbull Liberal Team exposes the same traits.  Thus guaranteeing that the Labor-lite Turnbull Liberal Team will suffer the same result as the ALP counterparts.  Sands are definitely shifting.”

Russell: “Sam (his real name is Sahand) just doesn’t get it. Politics is about doing what is best for the community you represent. Not doing the best to advance your own station. This type of politics disgusts me.”

Terry:  “Why does Labor tolerate Senator Dastyari as an agent of China in it’s ranks?”

Ross:  “@Terry, Bill thinks he’s “useful” . Bet they’ve got a lot more Chinese connections.”

Chris:  “@Terry Because of the money.”

Peter:  “@Terry, Carr was the same. Sam is just moving in on Carr’s little earner.”

Rodney:  “@Terry Very easy to answer Terry, LOTS of Chinese money and LOTS of votes.”

Erzsebet:  “To combat the left or Sammy D’s plans, other Australians, in serious numbers, will need join a political party, become a community organiser, or stand for council and engage in the full Alinsky “back of the yards” strategies.”

Andrejs:  “Tell us Sam if you have dual citizenship?  You must have kept some proof that you renounced your Iranian citizenship.”

Diogenis:  “And he stores the ballot boxes in his office the night before counting begins.”