Resist Government Waste

When governments waste taxes they betray taxpayer trust.  They betray the dependence of national constituent people.

Betrayal against a people is treason.  Any democracy instantly dies to tyranny when such betrayal occurs.  Treason is a universal scourge against people’s moral right.

It matters not whether it be $100 betrayed, or $1000, $1,000,000, $1,000,000,000 or so wicked as witnessed by the United States trillion-dollar financial cliff.

When politicians run for office without financial competency or with a record of reckless extravagance, they harbinger financial collapse.  They must be weeded out before being entrusted to control and despatch the trillions of our national taxpayer wealth in government office.

Yet in Australian, we witness LibLab governments spending and wasting billions of taxpayers hard-earned national wealth year-on year.*

Where has our enormous tax wealth gone?   Remember the Keating Labor Government Debt we had to inherit in 1996:    $96 BILLION!

Labor’s Tax Waste since Rudd’s False Hope

  • Labor’s Interest Bill: $8 BILLION each year  (so after 4 years, $32 BILLION?)
  • Pink Batts Shonky Tragedy: $2.5 BILLION
  • Mismanaged Green Loans ($10K interest-free): $300 million
  • Half Hearted Building the Education Revolution:  $16 BILLION
  • Household Digital Set Top Box Shonky Rorters Scheme: $308 million
  • PM Gillard’s Back-Stabbing Year Transport, Nurses, Pensioners:  $5 BILLION
  • National Broadband Network mismanaged:    $43 BILLION
  • Solar Panel Rebate Scheme abandoned:   $850 million
  • Gillard Foreign Gifting to Islamic Schools in Indonesia (Nov 2010):  $500 million
  • Bob Carr Foreign Gifting to Afghanistan:  $1 BILLION
  • Rudd Global Foreign Charity:   $4.9 BILLION each year
  • Gillard/Carr Global Foreign Charity Ramp Up (May 9, 2012):  $7.7 BILLION

Lost count?   Australia’s government is out of control.

The Gillard Labor Government has betrayed the Australian People for some bizarre prejudice towards foreigners.  Gillard Labor has no democratic electoral mandate to squander citizens’ National Wealth.

And all this while ordinary, generous and tolerant Australians are doing without!

Government tax waste and financial abuse is undemocratic and unjust. It is a betrayal of Australian citizen taxpayers and so treasonable.

But, Australian ordinary citizens can individually resist supporting governments recklessly spending and wasting taxpayer wealth.

Resistance is a right.  Resistance need not be obvious nor invite ugly criticism.  Resistance can be passive, yet culturally very effective.  Give our own sons and daughters a secure debt-free future.

Australian Resistance:

  • Pay cash where ever possible and support the cash economy, so that hard-earned Australian cash stays Australian amongst the workers and not wasted in the government’s coffers.  Need to use a tradesman?  Pay cash with no invoice and so GST free!
  • Don’t invoice or keep physical records of transactions so government’s tax office has no legal grounds to extract more tax from you.  If you do have to use records during a transaction, a match stick can very cheaply remove any potentially damning taxable evidence.
  • Cut up your credit cards – too many tax records and they are only profit products for the greedy banks
  • If you accumulate cash income, don’t bank it.  Bank records only get passed on to the tax office.  Instead, buy a serious safe and keep cash at home.
  • Bartering prevents all taxable interest in the first place. Consider it.
  • Get a good independent tax advice from a professional tax accountant to do all your tax planning and returns

But if Australians don’t support Australians, no one will.