AFP PROTEST: ‘Refuse the Refugees’ – Australian People’s resistance to invasion of our soil by boat illegals

The Australia First Party has called a protest meeting and resistance forum on September 17 to stiffen community opposition to the continued influx of so-called ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum seekers’.

These foreigners are simply economic illegals wanting the good life in Australia – a nation built on sweat and toil by our forebears, not for foreigner selfish abuse of Australian generosity and tolerance!

Such is our Australian charitable goodwill that the Leftist 1951 Refugee Convention preys upon.

This meeting now operates in the framework where, as a result of a recent High Court Of Australia decision – that Australia’s borders have been broken open.

The Australia First Party will escalate its campaigns across Australia around the slogans to refuse the refugees – and then to expel them.

Dr. Jim Saleam said today:

 “Our party is not concerned whether refugees or ‘asylum seekers’, as they style themselves, are legal or illegal, whether boats are stopped but then the refugees are flown in, what their cause was and why they ostensibly left their homelands, or whether they are purely economic parasites – we oppose all intakes and we demand the repudiation of the United Nations convention that governs their admission. We will campaign for the return of all refugees who have entered Australia.”

The Australia First Party is alone amongst any number of parties and associations that have been supposedly critical of Australian refugee policy for stating the obvious: the refugee influx is an act of recolonization and genocide; it is supported by various economic and political interests and it strikes at the survival of the Australian Nation in the twenty first century.

Dr. Saleam added:

“Our meeting is all about teaching people how to resist the program and to fight the brainwash. We have several strategies in mind and we have pioneered some of it in building the people’s resistance in the Adelaide Hills to the Inverbrackie intrusion. I have been nominated by the party to contest the Federal seat of Cook against the Shadow Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison. I see this forum as a sort of campaign launch, as Mr. Morrison is in the centre of the organized lying from the Liberal Party that it will somehow halt the influx.”

Australia First Party denounces the Federal Human Rights Commission for appointing a new Race Discrimination Commissioner in response to public opposition to the refugee program and says that it will aggressively agitate come what may. We do not recognize any laws designed to restrict our urgent activities. The party also denounces the recently formed Sydney Alliance, a group of religious organisations and churches which intends to try to propagandise the community on the refugee question and is supportive of multiculturalism.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“The refugee program is just a foreshadowing of what is truly coming in the decades ahead – a veritable unarmed assault upon Australia used by other powers for advantage. Australia First Party is saying that the refugee question will be, if it isn’t already, an issue over which Australian citizens are deeply divided and about which they may come to confrontation. We note that the open-door-side is dictatorial and unbending and is to be imposed upon the Australian people by force. We intend to target this gaggle of lawyers and traitors, pseudo Green Human Rights propagandists.

Our party, unlike any other party or group critical of the program, says that when this struggle against the open-borders-gang is won, we look forward to the establishment of a Resettlement Fund partly paid for by the expropriation of the property and assets of all who aided and abetted a treason against the Australian People.”


Community Protest:  ‘Refuse the Refugees’

Official AFP Public Forum

  • Date:    Saturday, September 17, 2011
  • Meet:  1pm
  • Location:  Rooty Hill School of Arts,  32 Rooty Hill Road, South Rooty Hill   (a short walk from the Rooty Hill Railway Station)