Plibersek Economics looks to Greece for anarchist inspiration

Labor’s opposition leader-in-waiting, Tanya Plibersek, a card-carrying extreme immigrant leftist, is considering leading a delegation to Greece to see how her fellow leftist anarchists dispense profligate economic management.

With Labor’s coalition partner, the Greens Left led by Sicilian familia Richard Di Natale and background anarchists, Plibersek must see governments like those in Greece, Cuba and Venezuela as leftist inspirations for her incubating New Labor.   That is once Billy boy is out of her way.

Tanya Plibersek has extensive economic credential within her sheltered government career lunchbox.  She is another one of the career politicians suiting her career imposed upon Australian voters for their own good.

Tanya Plibersek LaborPlibersek with the Labor’s anarchical treasurer. Can’t add up, no dress sense – neither a hope of getting into Sydney’s Level 6.

Tanya Plibersek was integral in the Labor-Greens economic legacy 2007-2013 when as Health Minister under the Rudd/Gillard Dysfunction, all Australian Treasury ‘rainy-day’ wealth was raided and splurged on voter-populist schemes – NBN, Pink Batts, Building the Education Revolution, polishing Bob Carr’s foreign ministerial ego by gifting $1 billion to corrupt Afghanistan.

So $250 billion later Australia’s broke and has a national debt ballooning to $667 billion, beholden to a foreign borrowing interest bill of a $1 billion a day, so stymieing future Australians and any incoming government for decades.

Plibersek with Rudd, Gillard, Wong, Swan, Albanese, Shorten in coalition with Milne were spending like drunken sailors.

The Leftist era of Kev ’07 anarchy, interrupted by the Julia interlude, was a roller-coaster ride. Having promised Howard-lite and fiscal conservatism, the excuse of the global financial crisis unleashed a period of rapid growth in government spending, successive budget deficits and mounting public debt under Kevin Rudd’s guidance.

In the 935 days between becoming prime minister on December 3, 2007, and Julia Gillard’s coup of June 24, 2010, Rudd left Australians with at least $153 billion in unfunded fiscal burdens while wasting $100 billion of the community’s resources.

Leftists have no idea of economics.

Take one-party a totalitarian communist Cuba ruled by brother of despot Fidel Castro.  The country is a Third World welfare state wholly reliant on Venezuelan oil subsidies and expat charity.  The only industries are primitive agriculture, tourism and state-owned enterprises. Workers’ wages aren’t enough to live on and Cubans are still barred from leaving.

Take Venezuela lead by Nicolás Maduro of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela drifts from revolution to revolution. The country is wholly dependent on petrol prices and revenue from China.  It has amassed a $95 billion external debt and is teetering on default. Its 68% inflation has made basic needs such as flour, toilet paper and medicine unaffordable. Venezuelans stand in lines for hours waiting to buy whatever may be available. Shortages have even diminished the country’s ability to provide medical care to its own.

Food Shortages in VenezuelaLeftist economics in Venezuela

Take Greece.  Leftist Alexis Tsipras cons Greeks as Prime Minister of Greece: “What Greek Debt? If they find any debt, I’ll resign.”

In the early–mid-2000s, Greece’s economy was strong and the government took advantage by running a large deficit, partly due to high defence spending amid historic enmity to Turkey. As the world economy cooled in the late 2000s, Greece was hit especially hard because its main industries—shipping and tourism—were especially sensitive to changes in the business cycle. As a result, the country’s debt began to pile up rapidly. In early 2010, as concerns about Greece’s national debt grew, policy makers suggested that emergency bailouts might be necessary.

Greece is living beyond its means. It is in denial, careless and wasteful. Sounds like the Labor Party.   Like the Labor Party, the ruling Syriza Party (or Coalition of the Radical Left), is all about leftist socialism, populism, welfarism and anti-capitalism.  Result?

Συνασπισμός Ριζοσπαστικής Αριστεράς, Synaspismós Rizospastikís AristerásSyriza Bankruptcy for Greece

Profligate Economic ideas by Leftist-Anarchists:

  1. Blame past global financial crises on others
  2. Maintain your lifestyle and just borrow, everyone else does
  3. Handout cash to stay popular so they can go out and buy plasma TVs and cigarettes
  4. Stay popular by not raising taxes, but instead borrowing money preferably from foreign governments eyeing off your nation’s assets
  5. Spend billions on back-of-envelope wish list schemes.  Never ‘waste’; sell massive spending as ‘reforms’ and ‘revolutions’
  6. Stay popular with public servants by increasing their salaries and perks year on year
  7. Stay in power by providing welfare to more and more immigrants
  8. Avoid the snowballing debt problem by distracting the media on non-issues like gay marriage and fabricating scandals about one’s critics
  9. When there is no more line of credit left, sell off national assets, especially monopoly critical infrastructure like power, water and banks
  10. Remember that Germany is a wealthy economy, so German industry can afford to fund Greece forever
  11. Remember, opposition parties will impose austerity measures on voters, so no-one will vote for them
  12. Have faith in market liberalism and go down the beach and party.