Netanyahu’s ‘tranquility’ amounts to impunity for war crimes and terrorism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is wanted across the Middle East for war crimes and commanding acts of terrorism against neighbouring sovereign nations, including Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Egypt, Uruguay, France, Greece, and Malta.

Last week the world learned about Israel’s murder of an Australian national, Ben Zygier, after two years kept secret by Netanyahu, labelled by Israel as ‘Prisoner X’.

Zygier was an Australian citizen.  If this happened to an Israeli citizen does anyone think Israel would take this lying down?  Australia must not!

Netanyahu wants the criminal and terrorist actions by his Israeli Nazis, MOSSAD, kept out of the public limelight.   He wants the public to stop reporting and scrutinising MOSSAD’s anonymous detention of ‘Prisoner X’ and other ‘secret’ actions.  Netanyahu wants international impunity for his Nazi thugs to assassinate and terrorise other sovereign nations, just like he wants impunity over bulldozing Palestinian land to make way for more Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu is accused by the United Arab Emirates for ordering the assassination of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai on 19 January 2010.  Netanyahu should be tried in the International Criminal Court over the assassination and for other accused crimes.  He has become no different to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and the multiple war crimes committed in Syria.

The world has had enough of Jewish terrorism, war crimes, intimidation and bullying. No, MOSSAD cannot be trusted to do whatever it wants properly.   Terrorism cannot be excused as “state security”.  Adolf Hitler set up his Gestapo and SS to execute acts of thuggery and Netanyahu and his predecessors have borrowed this approach with MOSSAD.    MOSSAD has shown itself to be terrorist organisation that cannot be trusted outside Israel.

Australia certainly cannot trust Israel after it was caught forging the passports of Australian citizens, which it used in the MOSSAD’s 2010 assassination in Dubai.

“These are not the actions of a friend,” Australia’s Defence Minister Stephen Smith told Parliament at the time, and then rightly expelled an Israeli ‘diplomat’ out of Australia.

Israel is not a special case.  It is a member nation of the United Nations and it has rights and obligations no more special than any other sovereign nation.

Netanyahu shot back that if Israelis want to live in “tranquility” they were better off not questioning him nor his spy agencies, and that as an “exemplary democracy” they should let MOSSAD get back to the shadows.

Jewish Flag of Blood and HateIsrael’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has Australian blood on his hands


Australians need to stand up to bullying Pariah States like Israel that inflict crimes against our people and indeed against anyone they choose.

Pro-Israel Westfield

Australians should boycott Israeli businesses that don’t publicly denounce Israel’s criminal acts and terrorism.  Australians should boycott Australia’s trade with the Israeli government.

The biggest, most selfish corporate supporter of Israel in Australia is Frank Lowy’s Westfield Group, a major sponsor of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

“The founder of Westfield Group, Frank Lowy, does not disguise the fact that he is a retired Israeli commando, having fought against the people of Palestine during the 1948 war, nor does he hide his close friendships with high profile politicians including former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. He gives millions to the rogue state of Israel, a state which is illegal according to international law. Furthermore, he established an independent think tank focusing on Israeli and US security and foreign policy…”The Lowy Institute”.

Simply put, by shopping, eating and spending in Westfield, we are directly funding the murder of Palestinians. Our money also contributes to the destructive, barbaric and inhumane policies put forth by US and Israeli Governments in conjunction with the Lowy Institute. Every (dollar) spent in Westfield, leads to misery on the West Bank.”

(Elizabeth Aisha Simpson, ‘Mega-Malls and the Consumerist Ummah’, 2011)

Don’t shop at Westfield.  Don’t lease a shop at Westfield.

Don’t support Israeli Terrorism.