Muslims Metastasizing Lakemba

When South Western Sydney’s traditional working class Lakemba Hotel (Est. 1928) offers a Ramadan eating schedule in its bistro, Sydney’s muslim cancer has metastasized.

Lakemba Hotel pre-IslamLakemba is now engulfed by waves of Islamics circling its hotel.  Staff are being harrassed by imported Muslims condemning it as “haram” — sinful and forbidden. 
The days of Aussies drinking VB at a pub seem numbered under the metastasizing muslim cancer.


When was the last time a Christian church was approved in the Middle East?   Perhaps Tony Abbott’s forthcoming Christian Crusade to the Middle East may build one?  Yeah right.

Lakemba may be only 30 minutes from the centre of Sydney, yet it is remarkably distinct from the rest of the city. You can walk the length of crowded Haldon Street and not hear a single phrase in English. On this main shopping strip the ethnic mix seems similar to what you’d find in any Arabic city. Australia may be multicultural, but Haldon St is a monoculture of Islamic arabs.

Lakemba Muslim MetastasizedLakemba has become the Labor Party’s incubated Islamic Ghetto


On August 18, journalist Tim Blair of The Daily Telegraph, ventured deep into Muslim land inside Sydney to test the demographic.  He found considerable contamination.

While The Lakemba Hotel is still friendly and hospitable, he found it to be “one of the last Anglo holdouts in Sydney’s otherwise Middle-Eastern south-western suburb”.

“Frankly, the old joint — it opened in 1928 — isn’t putting up much resistance. Most nights the bar is closed by 8.30pm or so, because by then what few customers it attracts are insufficient to cover running costs.”

Tim Blair tells that just “a few weeks ago a large crowd of mostly young men assembled outside the Lakemba Hotel.  Waving black flags, the men chanted: “Palestine is Muslim land. The solution is jihad.”

Tim Blair asked a non-Islamic local about that night. “You should see them when they really go off,” she said. “That was nothing.” Another non-Islamic woman said young men sometimes shouted “sharmuta” at her from their cars. She looked up the word online and discovered it was an Arabic term for prostitute.

The food is delicious, of course along Haldon Street, says Tim Blair. It is all Lebanese.

Lakemba is rife with ignorance and loathing for Australians.  None of the Islamics can get decent work, so they are unemployed, bored and so conflict is inevitable.  Says Tim Blair: “The Islamic riots of 2012 ended up in central Sydney but began here in Lakemba and surrounding suburbs, where seething young Muslims formed their plans, including printing signs reading “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.

One of the men arrested in those riots was Ahmed Elomar, who was subsequently convicted for bashing a police officer with a flagpole.  His lawyer claimed that Elomar was “overcome with the occasion”.

The occasion continues. Lately, Elomar’s brother Muhammed has posed with severed heads in Iraq, where he is fighting alongside Pig Islamic Death Cult, ISIS.

Islamic Extremists, the Labor Party's Trojan HorseBoxer Ahmed Elomar, now the Severed Head Man over in Pig Islamic Death Cult, ISIS.


Back at the pub, a staffer mentions rare moments of cultural overlap. “Sometimes the young blokes will come in here to buy Scotch,” she says. “They try to hide themselves under hoodies.”

But when the staffer sees them later in the street, they don’t return her greeting. The hotel is haram — sinful and forbidden. Those early closing hours will eventually become permanent.

Across the road from the hotel is The Islamic Bookstore, 165 Haldon Street Lakemba, which bills itself as “your superstore of Islamic knowledge”. It promotes Mansoor Abdul Hakim’s charming 2009 text, “Women Who Deserve to go to Hell.

Lakemba Islamic Boosktore Incites ViolenceRudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor invited backward Islamic arabs in, encouraged multiculturalism and now 150 of their offspring are Australia’s terrorist exports.

Dumb Labor’s Emily’s Listers naively dismiss Islamic barbarism in their blind support for Muslim Diversity and for Muslim Refugees.

Tanya Plibersek