Muslim immigrant to Sydney, murders his wife because she wouldn’t pass the salt

That just as well have been his pathetic excuse to butcher her.

Last week yet again, a muslim immigrant in south-west Sydney stabbed his wife to death in the full-blown ethnic ghetto of Bexley.

Multiculturalism in South West SydneyThe police cordon of multiculturalism: ethnic South West Sydney, again.

Police were called to a unit on Valda Street in the ethnic enclave of Bexley at about 6:45pm on Tuesday March 31, 2015, following reports that a woman had been stabbed.  A 45-year-old woman was found with fatal stab wounds and pronounced dead at the scene.  An 18-year-old woman, who was also at the unit, was found with serious injuries to her hands.

So the father got stuck into both HIS women in their home.

At about 7:00pm a 58-year-old man, Haydar Haydar, the patriarch handed himself in to police at Kogarah Station where he was later charged with murder as well as with wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

“Haydar Haydar”?   (Dumb name.  His meat-head ethnic father obviously imposed naming rights.  What the bet the father’s name was Haydar?)

Police believe the incident was a domestic dispute at the home all three lived in.  Superintendent Donohue said he has not received the results of the postmortem which occurred this morning, but understood “it was quite a violent attack”.  “It’s a violent attack, multiple injuries and as you can imagine with the knife wound, it’s disturbing.”

So the Arab frenzied on his wife with a big knife.


Some temper.  She wouldn’t pass the salt?  She forgot to wash his undies?  Do ragheads wear them?  Are undies halal?


It’s called ‘Sharia Law

Islamic men are reared with self-righteous paternal egos and think they can treat their women like vermin.  And then they arrive in civilised Australia and Liberal and Labor governments say it is ok for them to keep their barbaric beliefs, attitudes and customs because Australia’s Parliament has imposed laws enforcing a multicultural society upon Australians to shut us up.

In 2012, Afghan police arrested four people who allegedly tried to force a woman into prostitution and beheaded her when she refused.  Mah Gul, 20, was beheaded after her mother-in-law attempted to make her sleep with a man in her house in Herat province last week, provincial police chief Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada told media.  “We have arrested her mother-in-law, father-in-law, her husband and the man who killed her,” he said.

In May 2014,  Sheikh Yassir al-Burhami, vice president of Egypt’s Salafi (Islamist) party, issued his own fatwa permitting Muslim husbands to abandon their wives to rapists in order to save their own lives. The sheikh also said that, although a Muslim man may marry non-Muslim women, specifically Christians and Jews, he must hate them—and show them that he hates them—because they are “infidels” (even as he enjoys them sexually).

Yassir al-BurhamiSheikh Yassir al-Burhami

Yeah sure, come to Australia and under Multiculturalism keep your cultural beliefs. Our courts are lenient.


In March 2014, Muslim Arab, Yassir Hassan, was jailed for just 9 years non-parole period over the “vicious and brutal” stabbing death of his wife Mariam Yousif in bed at their home in Sydney’s south-west ethnic enclave of Wiley Park.

During his trial the New South Wales Supreme Court heard Hassan was controlling and recorded his wife’s conversations.  The jury heard the couple argued after Ms Yousif found a tape recorder under her pillow and smashed it.  Hassan stabbed her at least 14 times then called triple-0 and told the operator “There’s a problem with my wife”.

“There was a significant age difference… There were cultural differences.”  Hassan was 45 and his wife was 16 when the pair were married.

“I see no evidence of remorse whatsoever… He regards himself the victim of what occurred and not the perpetrator.

Sharia Law in Australia

It will be months before Haydar Haydar’s pitiful excuse for frenzied murder is presented to the criminal court.   But by then the Australian public will have forgotten the crime.  It’s like when the murder is first reported. The “mainstream” media are told not to publicly report the ethnicity of the accused to avert ethnic tar brushing. But such ethnics deserve public backlash and deportation.

Superintendent Donohue said, “Domestics are very concerning for the NSW police force, it’s a matter we deal with the most.”   “It’s very complex in a lot of cases and we understand that it is very difficult to report domestic violence to police because of a whole range of issues, whether it’s intimidation, fear or a cultural issue.”

There you go – “cultural issue” – a known factor to domestic violence identified by police.  Thanks to encouraging multiculturalism – BYO cultural baggage from your backward deserts and our local cops will deal with he consequences, not do-gooding immigration officials in Canberra – they’re typically ethnic anyway and so biased.

Haydar Haydar faced Kogarah Local Court in Sydney and was refused bail – must be a first under NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird.  He wanted to save money by keeping such scum out of the growing state prison system.  Goulburn’s Super Max high security prison has effectively become a muslim jihadi recruitment centre.  The entire place should be wholly funded out of Canberra Immigration for letting the Islamic scum in.

Goulburn Supermax Prison a recruiting ground for Jihadists

On New Year’s Day in 2011, muslim Farden Fazah (25) after an argument, stabbed his wife Rasa 12 times in the stairwell of their unit in Sydney’s south-west ethnic enclave of Canley Vale. She sustained injuries to her face, hands and body.  Fazah then went into their unit and stabbed their daughter to death just like that.

Justice Peter Hidden noted that Fazah had a history of controlling behaviour towards his wife, that Fazah had stopped her having her own money and from going shopping on her own.  Rasa’s mother, who lives in Afghanistan, had told her daughter to stay with Fazah and “be an obedient wife”. He pleaded guilty to his daughter’s murder and to one count of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm for the attack on his wife. He got eighteen years.

Australian Defence LeagueAustralians say ‘No’ to Sharia

On May 19, 2014, an Islamic Pakistani immigrant in Auckland stabbed his wife and daughter to death with a kitchen knife.  Recognising his disintegrating marriage, Ishrat Malik (56) a taxi driver, opted for an Islamic “honour killing” and so called his work on the morning of the murders and said he would not be in for a few days. In a violent frenzy, Malik then stabbed his Farhat Malikwas stabbed 35 times and Sidra 21 times as she tried to escape their home in Ranui, in full-blown ethnic West Auckland.

Ishrat MalikShe wouldn’t pass the salt.

Typically, a psychologist who diagnosed him with dissociative amnesia and said he was therefore unfit to stand trial. But the judge would have none of it and sentenced Malik to eighteen years gaol.

Australian and New Zealand society could do without these filthy cultures and attitudes toward women.  Islam has no place in civilised society.

In Australia, these ethnic immigrants dominate our murder and crime statistics and fill our gaols without the Australian public putting two and two together and cottoning on to the systemic social scourge of immigration and multiculturalism corroding our civilised society.

Pass the Salt

Immigrants from backward patriarchal cultures have no place in contemporary western civilised society.  They only stain it.  Backward patriarchal cultures include the five Third Worlds – Arabs, Muslims, Africans, Asians and Pacific Islanders.  Asians include those from Istanbul through Calcutta to China and Indonesia – aka ‘pull-starts’, ‘push-buttons’ and ‘power points’.

Angry Muslim

Australia is above all that and such scum should not be allowed in.

Enough is enough.  The multiculturalism free-for-all experiment in Australia has completely failed and cost Australian society dearly.  Naive do-gooding Malcolm Fraser started imposing it on us in 1975.  But barbaric and unAustralian cultures have no place in Australia.  Violence against women must stop. No to abuse!  No to corporal punishment!  No to female genital mutilation. No to forced or arranged marriage.  No to pedophilia!  No to slavery!  No to clothing dogma like veils! No to halal! No to kosher!


Barbaric cultures out of Australia!   Our home, our rules!


If immigrants don't agree with Australian culture, they must leave