Monash Rob Sparrow’s CFMEU thug trespasses and criminally damages Australia First property – caught on security video

Australia First Party has been violently attacked by the Labor Party’s anarcho-CFMEU faction and so captured on CCTV footage.  It reveals a known leftard thug to be stalking nationalists around Sydney’s inner suburbs.

Everyone knows that the Labor Left factions sic out street nazi violent crackdowns to any opposition and ‘questionings’ to da CFMEU outlaw gangs funded by bully trade superannuation.

The crim struck twice on one morning at both the Tempe headquarters of the Australia First Party and the private address of an Australian nationalist. We suspect it was ICE-fueled.

At 4:40am on December 7, Australia First Party was awoken by banging at the side gate. Upon investigation we were confronted by a side-burned CFMEU day-release hipster on ICE who proceeded to neanderthal our wall for a “fight”.

In a grab for justification of his criminal actions, the lumpen made random accusations of the AFP leader, such as him being involved with ASIO, and other gibberish. This is a signature mark of this particular leftist lout who struck at the inner-Sydney home of an Australian Nationalist and AFP member less than half-an-hour later.

Piping a firehose through the open window of the sleeping Nationalist after having banged at his door to get attention, the sewer rat proceeded to flood the premises with a nearby firehose. He was caught on camera.

John Setka caught with Slovenian links?

What cannot be heard is him yelling,

“You’re a paedophile and a Nazi, Nick Folkes sent us!”

Odd, but da thug is an anarcho-mule dispatched.  As much as we despise Nick Folkes, we realise this is another amateur attempt of a anarcho-leftard collective of addicts to pretend to create an air of confusion.

We accept that sad fact.

This same character turned up at the same address on October 1. Sporting sunglasses, a hat and shorts, in a boneheaded attempt to be incognito he issued a death threat based on similar charges of “Nazi and paedophile”. This came after the publicised sentencing of so-called neo-Nazi Mike Holt on weapons and child pornography charges.

Both incidents were reported to Newtown police and authorities are now being in possession of the perpetrator’s image, along with our solicitor. Our Intel posits that of one of four incidents involving the same person and the Sydney Nationalist, this a CFMEU mule dispatched to faggot Newtown cum Enmore.

The same has been observed and recorded with an Aboriginal woman and others sporting CFMEU T-shirts. He is also reported to have attempted to assault a mobility-scooter bound Newtown identity who is not affiliated with AFP or Australian nationalism.

We have no doubt whatsoever that he links to the criminal blogger “Andy” (aka Rob Sparrow and others) of Slackbastard infamy, funded by Monash University out of Clayton campus in Melbourne. He is doubtless also affiliated with rogue Fairfax troll Luke McMahon, and Pete Smith, the administrator of the Anonykatz Facebook page, who resides at a Balmain address.

The attacks come after the weekend’s commemoration of the Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat by Aussie Nationalists.

UNA will later be releasing the identity of the author of the Antifascist Action Sydney blog which has been defaming Nationalists, Patriots, and sundry others for years. Gotcha!



“So why did I join da union? To do their dirty work?”




So NSW Police Crimestopper’s investigation case has been duly initiated through our local constabulary and our legal counsel.

Sparrow’s Monash University safe house is being researched by our Melbourne branch with a privately generous bounty.

Monash University’s a leftard agency for Canberra propaganda.

So Canberra’s red polly puppet slut Katy Gallagher was always going to dodgy, proof short-shit was always “shifty”.

Foreign citizens in our parliaments can’t be trusted – Seselja, Plibersek, Setka.

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