Mike Baird’s spiraling health costs dilemma driven by immigration, so get Abbott to fund the problem

So smiling Mike Baird wants his immigration growth for a massive Sydney, while not wanting to pay for the cost burden – spiraling immigrant demand on health, education, housing, transport congestion.

So smiling Mike Baird wants ordinary Australians to pay more tax (15% GST) to fund his immigrant growth costs that he says will approach an estimated $45 billion deficit in state and commonwealth budgets by 2030, largely caused by rising demand in health costs.

Smiling Mike BairdMike Baird could find $4 billion from canning his Bradfield immigration airport project alone.

Baird claims lower-income households, such as those with incomes of less than $100,000, would need to be compensated, he says.  But How?

No more taxes!

No more immigrants!  That is the elephant in the Sydney Basin, smiling Mike Baird!

If you are keen on a serious discussion to address rising costs of public services like health, deal with the demand – mostly coming from 300,000 immigrants arriving year on year!

Serious Solutions:

  • Nationalise health – relieve the immigration cost burden from the states (capital cities).  Get Abbott to fund Australia’s health, education and infrastructure.  The states can’t keep up with immigration demand encouraged by Canberra.
  • Immigrants not entitled to Medicare, CentreLink, VET-Fee Help concessions until after 10 years and after passing strict citizenship tests
  • Address tax avoidance by multinationals
  • End taxpayer funding of political party junkets
  • Deport illegal immigrants
  • End immigration – our public infrastructure is overstretched already
  • Forget tax cuts, we have a massive debt to pay off.

 Immigration driving up costsLiberals, Labor and Greens all blinded by mass immigration as the panacea

Meanwhile, Greens Sarah Hanson-Young is over in Italy looking for more asylum seekers to bring back and put on welfare.

Sarah Hanson Young flies to Italy