Mark Scott’s time is nigh at Labor’s ABC for a better offer as Labor’s 2016 campaign director

Labor’s national propaganda director, ABC’s Mark Scott, has revealed that having paid off his mortgages of multiple properties, he has amassed sufficient taxpayer millions to step down as managing director, but not until 2016.

There’s an investment property or two and a beach house to pay off till then.

An elitist paid $700,000 a year for the past ten years to spruik his Leftist globalist agenda has cost Australian taxpayers $7 million. The wealth now lost to a propagandist would have been better invested for instance on Wodonga TAFE, which in 2012 under Labor, copped a $7 million budget cut.

Australian youth unemployment in this rural Victorian-New South Wales border region exceeds 17 per cent.  So much for Labor priorities.

Conflict of interest has never perturbed this mastermind thus far.

So after ten years seconded by Labor Party’s slush to do its bidding, Scott feels the time is right now that a more trustworthy PM in Malcolm Turnbull is at the Lefty helm.

“I have made no secret of the fact that I think looking after Labor’s socialist interests is a long time to do its bidding, particularly when its major immigration and multiculturalism surge have required propaganda drive, and we have been there to oblige.”

Tony Jones and Barrie Cassidy will attest to that.

Scott dismisses any speculation that he has been offered a more lucrative Labor Party campaign director for 2016 or something more clandestine Commo.

At any rate, the ABC board shall shortly begin the process to select a new managing director from its union ranks.

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