Liberal satellites conceal the Gaddafi truth, and Merkel (2005-2016) is complicit

Since last November, a certain satellite ‘party’ of the Liberal Party and some Liberal-connected ‘activists’, have been all over cyberspace and at meetings and by word of mouth, criticising Australia First Party for drawing the dots.

Alone of all the ‘patriot’ movement organisations (indeed, we are nationalists and not simply patriots), Australia First Party has said that both the Liberal and Labor party governments have been – along with our ‘allies’ – up to their necks in fomenting the very disorder in the Middle East which has produced ISIS, waves of refugees and endless demands upon Australia for ‘commitments’ to war and to taking refugees.

We have said that the secular governments of the Middle East (Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and President Assad) were always the best option in bringing stability.

Now we understand, courtesy of President Putin, that the USA and its allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have actually given support to ISIS when it suits their agendas.

The present Labor-lite Australian government needs to be assailed over the cover-ups regarding Gaddafi – and ISIS and the Syrian war. If our pollies have been connected to all this, then they must be exposed.

It is no surprise to us that Liberal Party satellites and Liberal Party operatives (hard right and otherwise) would hit cyberspace to muddy the waters.

Because we have said what we have, we are called “Islamo Nazis”, friends of Islamism?

Tell a lie big? And who would they say, said that?

Certainly, Gaddafi, Hussein and Assad were Muslims. However, it is abundantly clear from their practice, that they all opposed Islamism by force.

The satellites and others wish to conceal the truth of our pollies’ involvement in bringing on chaos and disaster. After all, it was the Howard government which supported the criminal invasion of Iraq which ultimately provided an opening for the growth of ISIS.

The latest Gaddafi revelations highlight the fact that he had also made a treaty with Italy to turn back so-called refugee boats and send these people back to Central Africa from whence they came.

If saying a ‘good’ word for Gaddafi in that regard makes us bad guys – then so be it!

Just last week, classified telephone conversations between Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Britain’s PM Tony Blair in early 2011 reveal that Gaddafi had explicitly warned what was likely to happen in Libya upon his overthrow – a terrorist base would be formed, Europe would be attacked, ‘refugees’ would flow and that people would be slaughtered and attacked all over.

Libya's Ruler of barbaric North AfricansLibya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi once protected by the CIA as the U.S.’s primary buffer against coups in North Africa.


But instead of listening to Gaddafi, the prejudging Western elite guided by the US Pentagon, did what they could to overthrow Gaddafi’s government for being undemocratic and oil rich.

The ancient Islamic world has always been tribal, and nothing has changed.

Gaddaffi was North Africa’s Josip Broz Tito, a strong man holding together disparate tribal hate groups.  But the West had no idea about North African sectarian politics, and just wanted control of the oil and a simplistic impost of Western democracy with a compliant proxy.  Germany’s treacherous Chancellor Angela Merkel since 2007 has also been President of the European Council.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi

So read Britain’s Daily Mail article of January 7, 2016 entitled…

‘Colonel Gaddafi foretold the rise of ISIS in phone calls to Blair, and warned that Europe would be attacked – and deluged by flood of Middle Eastern migrants’

  • Transcripts of their conversations in 2011 published for the first time
  • Gaddafi said extremists forced civil war and would attack Europe next

Muammar Gaddafi

“Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (1942-2011) warned Blair on February 25, 2011 that if he (Gaddafi) were to be removed from power, then Islamic extremists would certainly take over Libya with the ultimate goal of conquering Europe. 

Gaddafi was right.

For the first time, British newspapers have received transcripts of 2011 phone calls between the pair reveal the ousted Libyan leader’s anxieties about the growing influence Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were having in Africa and the Middle East.  

On April 1, 2011, the EU Council under Angela Merkel, gave final approval for NATO operation ‘EUFOR Libya‘, a military mission to bomb Colonel Gaddafi’s ground forces in Misrata, Libya.  The mission had a €8 million budget and Italian Rear Admiral commander based in Rome.

Merkel has blood on her hands – Arab blood and now European blood.

Gaddafi had warned the West that jihadis were already wreaking havoc in the North African state despite his governance – and that if he was to be toppled it would pave the way for the rise of an Islamic State that would open the doors to a deluge of migrants heading for mainland Europe.

Warning: Colonel Gaddafi warned Tony Blair that if he was removed from power Islamic extremists would take over Libya with the ultimate goal of conquering Europe, it has been revealed Colonel Gaddafi met smiling assassin PM Tony Blair in 2004

In this first call, which lasted half an hour, Gaddafi told Blair that the civil war in Libya was run by Al Qaeda terrorists trying to control the north African coastline.

Blair urged Gaddafi to flee for a ‘safe place’ during his two direct calls on February 25 2011, eight months before Gaddafi was ultimately savaged to death after being found in a sewer. 

Transcripts of the conversations were published for the first time yesterday and MPs said the dictator’s fears extremists would take Libya may have been ‘wrongly ignored’.  However, hindsight appears to prove the former dictator foretold the rise of ISIS – and the knock-on effect it would have on displacing the Libyan people and millions more across Iraq and Syria.

In this first call, which lasted half an hour, Gaddafi explained to Blair how al Qaeda had planted themselves in Libya.  From there, he claimed, extremists had began to launch attacks throughout the country.  Gaddafi explicitly warned that the small terror cells were similar to those that embedded themselves in the United States prior to the September 11 attacks – and that their ideologies were being shared.

The Libyan leader explained to Blair how al Qaeda had planted themselves in Libya before launching attacks throughout the country

The Libyan leader explained to Blair how al Qaeda had planted themselves in Libya before launching attacks throughout the country

The ousted Libyan leader told Mr Blair that the country's civil war was run by al Qaeda terrorists trying to control the north African coastline

Gaddafi told Blair that Libya’s civil war was being run by al Qaeda terrorists trying to control the north African coastline

‘They are paving the way for him in north Africa. They (jihadists) want to control the Mediterranean and then they will attack Europe.’

Gaddafi told Mr Blair that if he was removed from power terrorists would take control of the region and urged him to ‘explain to the international community’.  He said: ‘We are not fighting them, they are attacking us. The story is simply this: an organisation has laid down sleeping cells in North Africa, called the Al-Qaeda organisation in North Africa. The sleeping cells in Libya are similar to dormant cells in America before 9/11’.

At the end of the first conversation, Blair, who had been out of UK politics for four years, told him he would speak to his contacts in the EU and America and call back.

Tony Blair and Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi take a break during the 2004 'deal in the desert'Gaddafi frustrated after Blair’s 2004 grab ‘deal in the desert’ seeking justice for the terrorist bombing in 1988 of Pan Am Flight 103 that crashed in Scottish Lockerbie.

After expressing his grave concerns about the growing number Islamic extremists in not just Libya but the likes of Algeria, Afghanistan and across the Middle East and Africa, Gaddafi assessed the likely impact the rise would have on those who choose not to confirm to their ideals.

Gaddafi spoke of Al-Qaeda’s expansion across Africa and Middle East would lead to flood of ‘non-believer’ migrants heading for Europe – before extremists start to invade at the heart of Europe itself.


Chillingly, Gaddafi stated the jihadists wanted 'to control the Mediterranean', predicting that they would then 'attack Europe'

Chillingly, Gaddafi stated the jihadists wanted ‘to control the Mediterranean’, predicting that they would then ‘attack Europe’. “They [al Qaeda extremists] are controlling the Mediterranean Sea. Ships and vessels of non-believers [will flee]…like in the day of Barbarossa and during the Ottoman Empire.”

Gaddafi also repeatedly asked him if he ‘supported’ terrorism and al Qaeda.  But Blair told him: ‘If you have a safe place to go you should go there, because this will not end peacefully unless that happens. You have to leave the country’.

Plea: In their later call at 3.45pm Mr Blair, labelled ‘TB’ told Gaddafi (G): ‘If you have a safe place to go you should go there’ but the dictator responded by saying this was an attempt to colonise Libya

Gaddafi told Mr Blair his plan for him to leave sounded like ‘colonisation’ and said he was ready to arm his people to fight any outside intervention.

He said: ‘There is no bloodshed here. It is very quiet. But if you want to reap Libya, we are ready to fight. It will be like Iraq.’

Warning that the situation could pass ‘the point of no return’ within days, Mr Blair told Gaddafi that ‘this is the last chance to resolve this peacefully’.  ‘The violence needs to stop and a new constitution needs to take shape’, he told the Libyan leader, adding that people would be ‘content’ if they saw he was standing down.

When Blair recommended against an armed response, Gaddafi questioned Blair’s loyalties asking him if Blair sympathised with Al Qaeda

Gaddafi (G) compared the situation in Libya to campaigns of extremist violence in Afghanistan, Algeria, Nigeria and Pakistan and challenged Blair (TB):

The fraught conversation continued before ending with Gaddafi telling Blair to ‘just leave us alone’.

Three weeks later, in March 2011 NATO bombers including from Britain, commenced bombing Gaddafi’s military positions which ultimately facilitated the demise of Gaddafi.  Germany’s Angela Merkel as EU Council head, endorsed the NATO attacks on Libya.

Seven month later, on October 20, 2011 Muammar Gaddafic was pummelled to death and sodomised with a bayonet in the anus by the Islamists he warned about.

Muammar Gaddafi butchered by IslamicsWhen Islamists catch up with you, be prepared to be pummeled to death with rifle butts, boots and a bayonet.