Liberal Party’s Safe Haven Enterprise Visa scheme – muslims, mosques and burqas coming to a town near you

We call it ‘muzzie-flux‘ – the mass influx of hundreds and thousands of Third World black muslims (muzzies) set to overrun rural Australian towns.

It’s move over the Rudd-Gillard Labor’s ‘Humanitarian Visas‘ and ‘Temporary Protection Visas‘.  Here’s Abbott-Turnbull’s permanent resettlement and welfare scheme for the Third World…the:

Safe Haven Enterprise Visa’

Like Liberal PM Turnbull, Liberal PM Abbott was always a confidence trickster – promising one thing, doing another, just like Labor.

‘Stop the Boats’ Tony, was election sloganeering like his ‘Debt Emergency’ con.  Phoney Tony ended up spending just like Labor, but on his own pet projects like the Joint Strike Fighter white elephant, his captain call extravagant parental leave scheme, the utopian NDIS and Gonski, and like gifting massively to dodgy Malaysian Airlines. 

But Phoney Tony was always about Stopping the Boats to Fly the Planes.  In his short two years as PM from September 2013 to September 2015 he approved the same number of 50,000 Third World asylum seekers as Rudd-Gillard did in their open border seven year joint reign, including his unilateral 12,000 Syrians impost on Australians.

On September 25, 2014, Stop-da-Boats Abbott, announced his gold-plated Safe Haven Enterprise Visa for illegals that arrived by boat under Labor valid for five years and designed to dump them on rural Australian towns.

And it comes with its own Canberra focus-grouped acronym, ‘SHEV’, and a hardworking taxpayer-funded Scheme and department of ethnic public servant facilitators to boot.  Lovely.

Globalist LibLabs

They can now work in Australia, get welfare and have a pathway to permanent residency.  They can keep their culture and become citizens without speaking a word of English and without any affiliation or interest in Australian culture or values.

They can set up their own muzzie ghettos and Islamic schools and mosques in Australia and keep speaking Arabic and wear burqas and headrags.

In July 2004, then Liberal Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone announced that 9500 temporary protection visa (TPV) holders would have the opportunity to apply for mainstream migration visas to enable them to remain in Australia permanently.  They’re the ones who rioted in Melbourne this month during Moomba.

‘Mainstream’?  What’s that?  Same as ‘diversity’?  Same as ‘multicultural’?

Amanda Vanstone's Dandenong Golliwog Policy

Fat bitch rot in hell!

Australia is no longer just a haven.  Insular Canberra mistletoe has condemned us to a comprehensive welfare heaven for black Third Worlders!

Free inbound flights for the whole family (if not the whole village) and free medical checks and on Medicare for life, free social security benefits, disability pension upgrade on request, free community housing (displacing needy Australians), free childcare, free schooling, free TAFE, free uni, free groceries for life, free community bus transport, car and gun licenses no problem and no IDs necessary.

Treacherously it’s about ‘never-lift-a-finger’, ‘never-pay-a-cent’ welfare, so long as Australians don’t get it.

This is gold-plated heaven for Third Worlders who qualify by ticking one box:

Persecuted Asylum Seekers

Australia’s entire Aboriginal population should fly to Christmas Island, fill in the form and tick ‘Yes’, and queue jump the conga line of millions of Third World muzzies knocking at out welfare door.  First in, first served.

Abbott’s 12,000 Syrian muzzies will arrive in town in the dead of the night on government buses and be offloaded into public housing.

Labor Lefties like Victorian Daniel Andrews and Queensland’s Annastacia Palaszczuk (‘palliative chook’, or just ‘chook’) are all over this like a rash.

Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Third World luv’n Refugee Coalition are in a lathering froth.  They’ve farmed the lobbying off to the Liberals’ National Party equivalent, the Rural Australians for Refugees.

Once a SHEV visa holder has worked or studied in a designated postcode for at least 42 out of 60 months without accessing income support – meaning they are supported by family or are working – they are able to apply for other onshore permanent visas.

Rural Queenslanders to cop ‘muzzieflux’

Now last October, lotto Premier Chook offered to take 3500 Syrian refugees from the one-off 12,000 intake the Abbott Government accepted.  And no different, former Liberal Premier Campbell Newman also planned to accept more asylum seekers to help build regional communities with scab Third World labour.  Of course, Labor is Liberal is Labor.

Chook is set to dump on rural Queensland towns, mainly because the Brisbane unions approved, and this time not just with foreign imports, but with “live” foreign imports.  They call them “eligible refugees”.

Abbott-Turnbull’s ‘Safe Haven Enterprise Visa’ scheme is open to asylum seekers determined to have arrived in Australia “illegally” but who still without positive ID or ASIO background checks somehow magically now qualify for protection and “have demonstrated an intention to work and or study in Australia”.



Answer:  “YES”

Ok, you qualify.


And like Labor, the Liberals say, the visa is a step towards permanent residency.

Chook’s open door Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Grace Grace (dumb mother) said, “Individual visa holders will be able to make their own decisions about where their opportunities are greatest and with many parts of regional Queensland crying out for more workers, this scheme is a win-win for all parties.”

Brisvegas translation?   Third World illegals can bloody get what they want, may be in the country for a while then after Chook’s been throttled, head down to their efnic ghettos in Logan.  Meanwhile under da ‘scheme’ Queensland farmers will be able to do a backpacker slave labour rort on em, reinstating Bundaberg’s Kanakas sugar slaves all over.


Rural Victorians to cop muzzie-flux

Bleeding-heart-left-wing Daniel Andrews undoing Victoria’s wealth, wants Turnbull’s five-year Safe Haven Enterprise Visa Scheme to go further for inspire refugees to live and work in “informal areas”.

Dan Andrews wants Canberra to run an expensive marketing campaign to lure illegal muzzies away from their Dandenong magnet to places like Nhill.  Dan the man calls it “interloper settlement”.  Good whack he must be on.

Islamic Daniel Andrews

Tassie says it will take 500 and push then out into community housing in Hobart and Launceston, near where the mosques are.  How innovative!

And here’s the Lefties lobbying website driving the muzzie-flux programme.  Click on the link to realise the scale of what is looming in the Bush:

They euphemistically propagandize it as…”among the gum trees”.  Try among the magic mushies down the back of the garden with Sarah Hanson Young.

So over coming months, rural locals in targeted towns will begin noticing changes along the footpaths in the main drag, and it will be confronting.

Muslims on the street

Muzzie Gangs of Sydney

Local community betrayals have already been sold out by naive Leftists joining the RAR cult for muzzieflux.

Muslims frightening children

Muzzieflux Slums already started

The muzzieflux so far is booked in to contaminate the following rural Aussie towns with black Third World Islam:

Muslims at the local swimming poolGet used to it at the local pool or swimming hole

Sweden how has to put up with calls to prayer five times a day from before dawn to late at night…it’s a decultural wedge.



Muzzieflux Slums under construction

Many rural Australian towns have already set up their own muzzie emails for Rural Australians for Refugee Group, with properties being secured in secret.


Kill Whitey

Muzzieflux Slums in the future

Planned target towns for future Islamic settlement:

  • Ballarat
  • Beechworth
  • Daylesford
  • Denmark, WA
  • Sale
  • Goulburn
  • Stawell
  • Morwell
  • Maryborough, VIC
  • Cowes
  • Bowral

 Muslim LabradorsMax, sorry under sharia you are now ‘Malouk‘! 

Here boy!