Liberal Coalition supports big corporates and ignores small business

Tony Abbott has today revealed where his Liberal Coalition will favour if elected – Big Corporates.

Abbott’s first pork barrel gesture to Australians is to reduce company tax, but not for small business, only to large corporations – the top 3000 big businesses.  These are the same big businesses abusing market power like Coles and Woolies, Westfield and Stockland.

So the Liberal Coalition’s economic policy is to reward large corporations and multi-nationals, that is, the big corporate vested interests who are funding Abbott’s Coalition electoral campaign.

But Australia, thanks to Labor’s $350 billion debt racked up, can’t afford generous tax cuts.

Abbott’s to fund Big Business tax cuts how?  Like the Liberals in Queensland – by massive job cuts to vital public servants like those handling Australia’s own disadvantaged – in Health, Community Services and Centrelink departments.

As for Australian small and medium sized business (SMEs), under the Liberals you are not recognised for tax cuts.  Abbott fails to understand that cheap imports and rising utility bills are the big costs driving Australian SMEs to the wall.

Meanwhile, Abbott is no different to Labor in supporting massive waste on Gonski billions, on NBN billions and NDIS billions.

Tony Abbott

Australia has a political vacuum.  Abbott is no different to Rudd:

  • On encouraging foreign ownership of Australian resources, Australian land and Australian industry.
  • On allowing coal seam gas to destroy prime agricultural land.
  • On encouraging dumping of cheap imports to undermine Australian producers and manufacturers.
  • On open immigration policy with the 200,000 immigrants by the plane load every year swamping urban Australia.
  • On unaffordable billions in Defence spending to buy US ordinance to suit US strategic interests.

To ordinary Australians, a vote for Abbott is no different to a vote for Rudd.  A vote for Rudd is a vote for Abbott.

Farmland not Gasland

The Greens just want more Illegal Boats, Euthanasia and Gay Marriage.

But there is an alternative to the major parties for the ordinary Australian!
Australia First Party puts the ordinary Australian first, and foreigners and multi-nationals last.

Four Simple Programmes that ONLY Australia First Party pledges to Australians:


  1. No privatisation of Australian public assets, land, industry, public utilities, public infrastructure – in fact reversal – nationalisation of these!   Privatisation is public theft!
  2. End foreign ownership of Australian public assets, public land, public utilities, public infrastructure – in fact reversal – nationalisation of these!   Foreign Ownership is unarmed invasion!
  3. No to Labor’s wasteful utopean projects – Gonski, NBN, NDIS.  Education needs quality teacher funding, Telstra just needs to roll out ADSL 2 to the many Australians with poor or no Internet, and Disability independence needs to be integrated into a nationalised Health Department, replacing all state/territory involvement and perpetually funded ahead of all foreign budget considerations.
  4. Citizens Initiated Referenda and Election Recall – if the voters want to call an early election then Australia First will ensure they democratically can instead of having to wait 3 years while we see our nation sink.

No More LibLabs

With Australia First, ordinary Australian voters come first – between elections!

Australia First for Australians

REMEMBER:   Don’t vote informal.

Informal votes all go to the Ruddster