Liberals, Labor, Greens alike all happy for transexuals to rear Aussie kids

At least John Howard and Julia Gillard stood up for traditional Australian family values when they were in power.

But this latest parachuted lot in Canberra are more than happy to undermine Australian family values by enacting deviant marriage legislation that will see Australian children perverted by allowed to be ‘legally adopted’ by sexual deviants.

Enacting deviant marriage legislation will see innocent children brainwashed by homosexual men or lesbians into thinking that perversion is normal.  It will expose innocent Australian children put up for adoption to be meat-marketed by bisexuals, trans-sexuals, pedophiles and various hybrids like ‘Trannies’ and ‘Gender and Sexual Diversity‘ mutants.   Society’s abscesses continue to morph – check Wikipedia for the current dark range out there.

The Greens driven by Sarah Flood-Gate Young, have abandoned their Greenie roots to root for homosexuals.  They snort that Australia’s time-honoured Christian sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman should be scrapped only so that homosexuals and transexuals can legally get married so that they can start adopting unwanted children or Third World golliwogs.

Greens call this marriage “equality and fairness”.  Outside Australia, such thinking fuels the global illegal trade in children and eugenic surrogacy.

“Would you like blue eyes on your golliwog? – That’ll be USD$80,000.”

Australia First Party calls this dangerously perverted and decidedly anti-Christian and thus anti-Australian.  Our innocent children deserve complete legal protection from unsavoury types.

What do the Australian Christian Democratic Party have to say about all this sorry social waywardness?  The divorce courts are set to become media headline featuring scenes from some weird Stanley Kubrick film.  Australian family law will be ripped to shredded morality.

Most Leftist Greens these days are homosexual or homosexual tolerant.  It’s all about political self interest – Leftists looking after Left field relative moralities – scratch my back and I’ll scratch your…

At the same time as the Greens have pushed for homosexual marriage, they are calling for lowering the age of consent.  Both are current Greens perverted policy.

Look at Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon.  Back in 1997, the NSW Wood Royal Commission recommendation that age of consent laws in the state be set at 16 years for both heterosexual and homosexuals, dumbing down to Don Dunstan’s happy South Australia. Commo Lesbo Rhiannon agreed.  So we have the Greens pushing for legalised paedophilia.

In Papua New Guinea the age of consent for boys is just 14.   More Third World dumbing down of Australian values by Greens influence on morally wayward LibLab pollies.

Papua Mudmen

Labor under Kevin Rudd is all for homosexual marriage.  It is all about Labor mates again. Kev’s mate Penny Wong just wants to marry her girlfriend.   So Kev last night on the Federal Election leaders debate promised that if re-elected his Labor government would introduce a bill to legalise homosexual marriage within 100 days.

So Labor’s priority policy announcement to fix Australia is to legalise homosexual marriage.

Just as Rudd is all for gay marriage, calling it “decent”, Liberal’s Tony Abbott is ideologically in the same vein, committed to again allowing a conscience vote to legalise homosexual marriage.  Abbott’s sister is a lesbian and a vocal political lesbian at that.  If it’s not Labor mates, then it’s Liberal aristocratic family, or Greenie effing dykes promoting gay communes.  It is all about self interest with Labor, Liberal and Greens alike.

Denegrating marriage is but another attack on Australian tradition values by this lot in Canberra.  Homosexual marriage is the thin end of the wedge that will see homosexual only schools, childcare and workplaces across Australian society.

Marriage will then mean nothing but a licence to advance another stolen generation.

But it will lead to seeing adoptions of children by homosexuals, trannies and pedophile to be reared with a perverted view of the world and for what other dark practices these types get up to.  Many children reared by deviant couples already cannot adjust for normal schools or engage in normal relationships.  Many are set to commit suicide.  It is tragic and wrong.

Where will the depravity stop?  Trafficking of Third World children into Australia for homosexual rings who can’t entice decent local kids into the fold?

Decent Australians need to demand that Australian children be safeguarded from this Greens ‘progressive ‘cult and all that it is brainwashing society toward.

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