Lefties red dye of Parliament Pool swamps Bendigo Three’s red dye splash on footpath

When in October 2015 on a quiet Sunday morning, three members of the United Patriots Front beheaded a dummy that spurted ‘blood’ in protest at a mosque being built, a small splash of red food dye hit the footpath outside council chambers.

It was cleaned up. There was no mess by Monday when council resumed.

But the Leftie attack on Parliament was a Major Disruption

So contrast the Bendigo peaceful democratic protest, when a year later, in Canberra on Wednesday November 30, 2016 as the Federal Parliament was sitting, around thirty noisy leftie protesters disrupted parliamentary Question Time by shouting obscenities from the public gallery.

Then they glued their hands to the balustrade.


They blocked public access inside Parliament and became a public nuisance.

They resisted move-on directives by security and resisted arrest.

They illegally scaled the Parliament’s roof unfurling a protest banner.

The serial abseiling criminals Katherine (tubby) Woskett and Patrick Kieren Holmes


There they are Tubby and Slim up Melbourne’s Arts Spire for half a day

They did the same idiocy atop the spire of the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne February 19, 2016

Then they threw litres of red dye into the Parliament’s forecourt fountain pond.

Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance attack Australia’s Parliament


What was cost of lost time in Parliament?  It’s been kept secret.

What was the cost of response staff scaling the roof to remove the illegal trespassers?  It”s been kept secret.

What was the total damage bill?  It’s been kept secret.

The leftie group of unemployed students calling themselves Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACO) are just an extreme faction of the National Union of Student – something to do with siding with foreign economic illegals getting access to Aussie welfare and the good life.

The WACO lefties not only shut down parliamentary business proceedings for half an hour; they refused to leave, they resisted arrest, and continued their chanting protesting in the Parliament’s hallways.  Overall the parliament protest started at 8:30am and lasted about two hours.

Then the following day the leftie activists came back and protested again.  They have form – climbing up the Melbourne Arts Centre in February 2016 and unfurling a banner promoting illegal migration – something to do with ‘Let Them Stay’ on Aussie welfare.

But whereas, the Bendigo Three have all been charged with red dye offences, in the case of the Canberran lefties, only two abseilers have been summonsed to appear before court. Those in the pond came out of their own accord and were asked to move on.

How much more red dye was used by the lefties in the Parliament pond?

Parliamentary Speaker Tony Smith made a statement to the House of Representatives regarding the disruptive protests, confirmed that an investigation was put underway.  The investigation has covered:

  • Procedures for security screening of people attending the public galleries
  • Ticketing procedures for question time
  • Procedures for non-ticketed attendees.

But will any of the findings be made public?

Mr Smith said he had also spoken to Department of Parliamentary Services head Rob Stefanic and agreed to look into security response procedures and capacity in the building.  “The President (of the Senate) and I are currently considering all aspects in relation to cost recovery for the damage that was done to the Chamber and any possible charges,” Mr Smith said.

He said ACT police were considering charges for this morning’s protest, when two protesters abseiled down the facade of Parliament and another 13 entered the forecourt pond and poured red coloured dye into it.

“I will update Members on outcomes of the investigation as appropriate,” Mr Smith said.

But the “outcomes” have not been made public!  Why not?

The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said Wednesday they were “idiots” while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten declared that shutting down Question Time was “the exact opposite of democracy.”

On July 12, 2017, four men and three women from the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance faced the Canberra Magistrates Court.  The sympathetic magistrate, Beth Campbell, a leftie, exposed her leftie bias commenting of their actions:  “It’s a little like graduation day, isn’t it?” she said.

The seven have each been charged with intentionally damaging commonwealth property, an offence which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.  Many others involved in the protest have been let off.  Why?  Political interference by Greens-Labor?

“The briefs relate to charges of criminal damage to leather work in the chamber gallery and the forecourt water feature, and trespass on the facade of the building.”  The seven accused all entered pleas of not guilty and were committed to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court on February 13, 2018.

Who’s representing this lot?

No doubt with links to the Labor Party

Who is paying the legal fees?  The Labor Party via National Union of Students fees.

Why isn’t the WACO spokesman Phillip Evans charged with wilful criminal damage?  Other feral trespassers include students on welfare – protest  ringleader Bridget Harilaou, Zianna Fuad, Samantha Castro, Sally Hunter, Rohan Thomson, Chloe Sinclair,.  Here are more of the criminal lefties.

Timothy Buchanan, Phillip Evans, Hannah Grant, Samantha Hawker, Chamomilla Hill, Sally Hunter and Jason Ray committed to stand trial over the damage.


Whereas back in Bendigo,  Victoria Police confirmed that Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit detectives have charged three men in relation to an incident that took place last year.  A spokesman said: ‘It is alleged the men beheaded an effigy and damaged property in a public area on 4 October 2015.”


It is all very hypocritical and very politically biased.  Whereas the leftie protest caused actual disruption and criminal damage to our nation’s capital, the Bendigo protest was a comparatively clean stunt, invisible to the townsfolk of Bendigo.

The Labor Party in Victoria has brought a criminal action against the Bendigo Three for protesting against a mosque in Bendigo by publicising their video of the protest on social media.

And the size of the water-based food dye splash?  Which was cleaned up.

The leftie Waco group has no criminal action against them for protesting for economic illegals to be let into Australia or for publicising their protest photo on their website and on social media.

Spot the differences.  Rules for some.  When patriotic Australians protest to defend Australian values and way of life, they get criminally charged under anti-Australian hate laws.

But when anti-Australian lefties protest to undermine Australian values siding with foreign illegals, they get a slap on the wrist and encouragement by sitting politicians like communist Lee Rhiannon.

The pro-illegal lefties hang a banner from the Great Veranda at Parliament House in Canberra


Superglue Lefties in Peanut Gallery

Ringleader behind Parliamentary trespass, wanted criminal Bridget Harilaou, believed to be in hiding in Jakarta




The Labor Party knowingly and willing organised this protest to co-incide with the last sitting days of Parliament for 2016

It has everything to do with leftie politicians in Canberra being complicit in the leftie protest. Parliamentary records will show which members of Parliament signed off on their entry to Parliament, Tanya Plibersek MP?

It has everything to do with leftie Labor politician Lisa Chesters MP of Bendigo vengefully bringing spurious charges against Bendigo Three for a stunt that cause no damage with no-one present.

We smell an abuse of power by Labor, again


The Greens senator Lee Rhiannon attended the protest and gave a gift of chocolates to the activists as she congratulated them. Asked about the appropriateness of the protest, she noted it was non-violent and argued “they should be here”.

“What would Trotsky do? – “Destroy, Damage Commonwealth Property”


And the respective outcomes?

Well Australia’s Parliament of the people for the people is now ring fenced.  No more rolling down the lawn.

This is the temporary fence before the serious one gets built.


Back in Bendigo at the mosque invasion site, local Aussies keep protesting.

Local Aussies told to move on to make way for invading Islamics.