Lalor: Australia First’s Susan Jakobi standing up for our forgotten people

Stand up for Australia’s forgotten people.  In the new globalized Australia, politicians ensure many people are just forgotten.  If you are a pensioner, you are to be discarded. You cost the budget too much.  If you are a young person str uggling for education or a job,you can be replaced by a fees-paying overseas student, or a visa worker.  If you are an ordinary working person, a mass of new arrivals drives down the price of labour.

If you are a farmer sitting on land for development, you don’t count.  If you are an owner-driver truckie, you are to be pushed out of business by large companies.

If you consider yourself ‘Australian’ as these ordinary Australians do, Canberra deems you don’t matter.

We call upon Australia patriots and nationalists to back our Australian election campaign in Lalor

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