Getup!!! forms Henny Penny CO2 Alarmist Party, batten down the hatches!!

Get!Up!s uni dropout cult leader Peter Van Oosting reckons the sky is falling in under the weight of 0.0000000001% humans CO2 exhaling. So flee for the hills!    Henny Penny, the Sky is falling in!

Get!Up!s Brady Bunch of Climate Cult Alarmists


Fake independent pollies are simply desperate for electoral cash and AEC lifestyle.  So the fakesters have gone over to the dark side to reap GetUp!s slush funding from CFMMMMEU crime syndicates and from the murky foreign Avaaz Foundaton – bankrolled by cultural Marxist/Trotskyite billionaire George Soros.

Ge!tUp n Boogie lobbyists have formed a neo commo coalition party with 14 other fake !GetUp so-called ‘independent” candidates to spruik another climate alarmist advert campaign promising to “work together co-operatively”  as a blocking block should silly punters elected them to Canberra.

Fifteen Get!!Up independents in for the cash include Zali Sieg Heil Steggall of Bavarian extraction, purple muffeater Kerryn Phelpsie!, Labor’s Rob Oakeshott! ranting in Cowper, Taswegian gender fluid Andrew Wilkie!, Kevin Mack!, Rebekha Sharkie! in Mayo who can’t even spell her name, and Julia Banks of the defunct Turnbull Coalition Team.  Recall Labor-lite squillionaire Turncoat!!! and his Harbourside brood.

Wily Fox:  “If only I could have been Greens PM!!!!”

Wilkie reckons in the ad: “I want action on climate change!, in Hobart it’s just too hot in summer and too cold in winter!!!”.  His words are then repeated by all the candidates, filmed separately but speaking in unison.  It’s so !Get!uped! obviously funded.

Phelpsie: “We’ll co-operate and share resources when we can.”  Rod Bower: “We believe in collaborating and working together in the interests of Australia!”  It’s classic cummune stuff, but who washes the dishes?

Phelpsie!, Banksie!, Steggall!, Yates and Pesec of commie Canberra are being backdoor steered by Damien Hodgkinson of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras!!  Alice Thompson, former adviser to Turncoat, is GetU!!ps running candidate against Liberal Jason Falinski in Mackellar. Anthony Pesec! in taxpayer Canberra is a renewable convert and buddy of Turncoat’s son, Alex!!! Turncoat.

It’s all very climate! colluding. Shifty Shorten in late April 2019 took his election campaigning to Perth in some childcare centre with Plebershrek, where he read classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

“Bill Shorten’s going to be a very hungry caterpillar chomping into your wallet, chomping into your wallet, to pay for his spend-a-thon.” – Scomo.


Oliver Yates! in Kooyong, Kevin Mack! in Farrer, Huw Kingston! in Hume, Ray Kingston! in Mallee, Adam Blakester! in New England and Jeremy Miller! in Lyne are also in !!!Ge!t!Up!! cahoots!!!!

“Book-eck!  A nut falls on Kylling Kluk!  Da sky is falling! 

It must be Climate Armageddon!  I must go and warn BS!!!**!!!***!!.”