Labor spin doctor to Labor PM puppet – celebrate announcements!

It’s 2013 and puppet Team Gillard have started their election year on the front foot, with BIG POSITIVE announcements almost daily.

Chief media strategist heading up Gillard’s 60 media advisers couldn’t have had more than just the public holidays off over the Chrissy break.

Yesterday it was another BIG POSITIVE announcement to celebrate.  Delivery will come later. Details can come later. Don’t worry about that.  Yesterday, Gillard announced the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into institutional paedophilia to span back generations. Well she announced the terms to a select few, but the public still doesn’t know what those terms are.

We know that Justice Peter McClellan is going to head up a six-member commission, which is to provide an interim report by the end of June 2014 and wind up by December 2015.

But for the puppet, best to be seen to be announcing the Royal Commission and what better place than at Government Kirribilli House on the lawn providing high tea and a photographic chat opportunity with selected victims.

Beyond being “time now to tell your story” and likely to cost over $200 million (if the 2003 Cole Royal Commission is any guide) what outcome and benefit will it achieve more than what the public already knows, another token Sorry Day and richer lawyers?

The Royal Commission will not lay charges, so what closure can be achieved?

The Gillard BIG POSITIVE is that the government’s is committed to providing all the necessary resources (taxpayers money) to give the commission ”far-reaching powers” (bug confessionals, seize unshredded church documents).

Team sister Roxon has advised the public to moderate their expectations of the commission’s powers.

“‘It is important to remind the public this royal commission is not a police force, it is not a prosecuting body,” she said.  May be we should establish an investigation unit. Mmm.  But if you want details, sorry you’ll now have to ask the appointed commissioners about witness lists and the like.

Next announcement!

The BIG POSITIVE Terms of Reference announcement is a re-run of Gillard’s BIG POSITIVE National Disability Insurance Scheme last April.

Announced. Job done. Tick.

All promise, get 400,000 disabled Australians hopes up (and voting), but worry about the details and massive funding later.  It’ll kick in in 2014 and I might be in opposition by then so who cares?

Announcement done, next!

Should we get out hopes up?

Whatever it takes.  Isn’t that the new mantra?

Gillard's Girls ClubGirls Club?  Well because the girls listen to me.  Like me new Chrissy pearls, BIG POSITIVE ones eh?