Labor Party’s most trustworthy Nathan Rees cheats on his wife

Join Labor and one may as well join the Brothers 4 Low Life.

Former NSW premier Nathan Rees has just admitted to the ICAC today of cheating on his wife.  The sleaze connected with Rees has claimed her sexual relationship with Mr Rees was consensual.

“I just felt bad because he was married,” she said at the time, referring to Mr Rees’ wife, Stacey Haines.  Rees now in front of the ICAC declares  “I deeply regret my actions”.

Rees has announced he will stand aside from the shadow cabinet and take leave after details of an extra-marital affair were published in the media.  His affair is believed to have run for three months from late 2012 before it was ended by mutual guilt.

It is understood the woman initially became involved with Mr Rees after seeking his advice over a legal matter involving her son, who had been charged over an incident in a local nightclub.  Mr Rees is believed to have offered her advice and also assisted her with public housing, before he took advantage.

In a statement, Mr Rees said he “deeply regrets” the affair with a 40-year-old constituent, and the pain it has caused his friends and loved ones.

“I offer no excuses,” he said on Wednesday afternoon. “At no stage was I compromised in the performance of my duties”  just my morals.

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Nathan wed Stacey Haines in 2009, not long after he became Labor premier in September 2008.

Such is Labor