Keep Gitmo open, Aussies have a load of jihadists in our Goulburn Supermax demanding their own mosque

Keep Gitmo Open. The muzzie beards prevail. Innocent westerners remain under threat of Islam.

Obama Taliban released from Gitmo

American President Barack Obama is socialist, neo-communist, globalist.   No wonder he’s in Cuba.  Obama is more at home there with his commie mates.  Obama has unilaterally delisted Cuba as a state sponsor of terror, while the Communist dictatorship still remains a haven for the FBI’s Most Wanted and a hub for FARC terrorists from Columbia, Iran-backed Islamic terrorists of Hezbollah, terrorist murderer Ishmael Muslim Ali LaBeet, Black Nationalist gang leader Charlie Hill, and a host of Mexican drug lords.

But Obama wants to give them amnesty.  He’s in Cuba to deliver his election promise to try to close Gitmo to seal his legacy

Obama in Cuba

But Obama’s release of Guantanamo Bay Prison detainees has proven calamitous.  Of Gitmo’s 653 released detainees, 117 have returned to the fight against the U.S., and 79 more are suspected of doing so — a recidivism rate of almost one-third.

Guantanamo Bay Camp Dalta PrisonMuch better for jihadis – more razor wire for starters

Obama argues that Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp costs $450 million annually to run. But what was the multi-billion cost of September 11, and the ongoing muslim radicalization inside American prisons thanks to Obama Mass Immigration?

In Australia, Goulburn SuperMax Prison is now where the politicians throw Australia’s most dangerous jihadists.

Goulburn Supermax exclusivley now for Islamic jihadists

Beards only.

Goulburn Supermax Jail full of jihadists in Australia

It has got so full of Islamic jihadists that the really bad local crims have been trucked out and west to Wellington Correctional Centre – ethnic gangs and all.   Not surprisingly, Wellington was unprepared and riots and arson erupted within days of the prisoner transfer.

Goulburn Supermax dedicated to Islamic jihadists

Back in Goulburn Supermax, the jihadists went on hunger strike to get their own bloody prison mosque.

Goulburn Supermax Prison a recruiting ground for Jihadists

The only good thing to happen to mosques is demolition.

Allah sux

In Goulburn Supermax, infamous Darwiche gang member Adnan ‘‘Eddie’’ Darwiche was stabbed eight times last month in a religiously motivated gang war between inmates linked with ISIS and former Sydney street gang the Assyrian Kings.

A terror plot that involved the kidnapping and beheading of prison guards was also -uncovered by jail intelligence and the growing group is threatening to murder jail ‘‘infidel’’ who will not convert.

There are believed to be at least 30 members of the growing ISIS gang in Goulburn Supermax jail alone and all non-Muslims were last month removed from the ‘‘Leb’’ yard to make one section of the prison an exclusively Islamic prison pod.   There was an Arabic-intercepted message saying they were going to abduct an officer and behead him.

Islamists are separated from Australian inmates since double murderer Darwiche was attacked by two Islamists with links to the Assyrian Kings gang in a brutal stabbing.  Darwiche, who waged a murderous war against some of the Razzak family in Sydney from 2001 to 2009, was stabbed eight times by men wielding prison shivs made from a toilet brush and a sandwich toaster handle.

Islamics in Goulburn Supermax

Although Darwiche was the victim of the stabbing, which arose out of conflict between radical Islamists and Christians, there’s no evidence he is a proponent of ISIS. This was the first act of extreme violence in a new type of prison gang warfare fuelled by terror.

Bearded men clutching Korans are the new breed of prison ‘‘gang-bangers’’, according to prison officers at Goulburn jail.

Shave BeardPowerful prison gangs including Brothers 4 Life and Will To Kill are beginning to merge because of the influence of self-styled sheiks such as Wassim Fayad, who was jailed for whipping a man 40 times with an electrical cord for supposedly breaking sharia law.

We’ve found ISIS flags, tattoos, and lots of other indicators. You could call it a prison gang.

Guards need not bother with rubber bullets, but use ball ammunition.

Australia needs to drug ’em, shave ’em, dress ’em in orange jump suits, hood ’em up, and fly ’em direct from Sydney to Camp Justice Gitmo Cuba, and throw away the key.

Guantanamo Bay for proper jihadisKeep Gitmo Open.  Australia has enough jihadists to fill it again!