If we don’t defend Australia, who will?

This article ‘A COALITION OF NATIONALISTS IS A MUST!’, by Whitelaw Towers, Sunday, March 20, 2016


“As nationalists know there is, currently in the final stages of negotiation, a coalition of nationalist groups being fleshed out.

The formation of this coalition and its council will solidify nationalism in this country and put an end to historic bickering and quarrels. But it will also provide a process of self-regulation that will eliminate the encroachment onto nationalist turf by those who would serve other purposes.

Under such a coalition the rules determining what constitutes racial nationalism will be unalterably laid down as an empirical definition never to be tampered with by provocateurs and agitators evermore.

However, it is known of the involvement of Australia First Party in the coalition, and to that end concerns have been whispered by some with an historical axe to grind. For one reason or another, these people are leery of the involvement of AFP party president Dr Jim Saleam.

Australia First's Jim Saleam

They have informally sought assurances that such a coalition will not be a wider vehicle at his control. The very concept of a coalition negates the concentration of power in an individual or member group.

The existence of such a coalition should therefore of itself quell such suspicions since by its very function it makes all members accountable and empowered. If an individual or group member falls afoul of the constitution and rules of the council they will be answerable to the central committee.

Expulsion from the coalition would amount to invalidation as a nationalist organization. As such, the purity of nationalism in Australia will be guaranteed.
Australians defending Australian values
We are now in a time where Facebook seems to be creating a confusion of political identity and belonging. Pages are springing up like mushrooms after rain. Those seeking guidance in nationalism might be convinced by the number of “likes” that a single page may boast; or may be lured into one of the many groups — such as Soldiers of Odin Australia — who borrow from the nationalist wardrobe to push something else.

A valid coalition of true nationalists will remedy the pitfalls of using social media as a communication tool until such a time as a better medium than Facebook arrives.

Times are very good for nationalism right now. Events have revealed the essential differences between the civic patriots and nationalists. For us nationalists that is a far better thing. It is our nationalism that is forever being plundered and redefined by those that are in reality the opponents of all we believe. They wish to subvert it, alter it, and repurpose it to beguile others into supporting nefarious causes. Ultimately, they want to break it.

As nationalists we are not a massive movement. We are the distillation of those who’ve travelled the road of discovery to arrive at the truth. It is not an easy road, and many attempting that same path get side-tracked, or lured down the wrong avenue. The patriots are not us and never will be. We are not populists and do not believe that all which bespeaks our consciousness is inscribed in the colours of the Australian flag.

The Australian flag flies proudly above an Australian Light Armoured Vehicle parked inside an Australian and Afghan patrol base in the Baluchi Valley IN Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

We are not mere chickens to be mesmerized by its hypnotic swinging.

We are awakened and we hope very much to awaken others, because right now, the globalist forces are feverishly set about to replacing us with those from alien cultures; to rewrite who we are; and to make sure that traditional peoples such as Europeans are bred and re-cultured out of existence.

It does not help us to be constantly embattled against our very enemy who dons an Australian flag and fools all those we wish to enlighten into believing that we are monsters to be defined by cartoon imagery of National Socialists from 1930s Germany.

It aids us even less that these usurpers would then trick White Australians into supporting groups and causes that have a long-term goal of making them unwelcome in their own home.”

..Whitelaw Towers.

Australian soliders doing us proud