In Queensland: VOTE 1 Kim Vuga’s ‘Love Australia or Leave Party’ for the Senate

In 2019, given that Australia First Party has presented no Senate candidates for the 2019 Federal Election, in Queensland we support and recommend candidates Kim Vuga and Gavin Albert Wyatt of the Love Australia or Leave Party.

This is their party logo, so look for it.

Love Australia or Leave Party shares the same values of the Australia First Party with respect to ending immigration.

Australia is full and not coping with the ethnic hordes we’ve copped from globalist parties in power in Canberra’s gloabalist coalition, comprising  Liberals/Nationals, Labor/Greens and their stooge independents and minor preferencing parties like that of Clive, Pauline, Katter and Bernardi.

They are all anti-Australians propping up the mass immigration economic Ponzi scheme which is the root cause of Australia’s demise – congestion, unemployment housing unaffordability, ethnic crime wave, narcotics scourge, leftist pro-immigrant politics.

Love Australia or Leave Party wants to halt all immigration into Australian until the country is out of debt. We agree with that but would go further – retrospective conditional citizenship, application to immigrant offspring and mass deportations commencing with those in detention, Australian prisons, convicted criminals, outlawed gang members, unemployed immigrants and all fake refugees. The costs to be fully deducted from Australia’s Foreign Aid Budget – they’re all foreigners after all.

Plus they let in those Third World anti-Christs who seek to harm us – Islamics.  Among the party’s primary aims is an immediate ban on Islamic immigration.

The hard-line immigration policy of Love Australia or Leave Party calls for an immediate ban on Islamic people into Australia, and a plan to send Syrian and Iraqi refugees back to their original home countries.  The party’s website features a long list of “issues” including: combating extremism and Islamisation in Australia, halal certification, a Guantanamo Bay style facility for terrorists, no foreign ownership, pro firearms policies and Australia’s departure from the United Nations.

Among a huge range of policy commitments, Love Australia or Leave Party wants to withdraw Australia from the UN, ban foreign aid, legislate the right to bear arms, and make it illegal to burn the Australian flag.

According to Ms Vuga, Islamic immigration is distracting politicians from dealing with the problems of the homeless, veterans and “everyday Australians”.

“We have so many people who are everyday Australians who are struggling right here in our own country and until we can secure our own future, we’re not able to help others abroad.Australia needs a change!  Our politicians cannot or will not lead! Our lawmakers have lost their way!  Our country is being sold off to overseas interest piece by piece!  Our homeless number in the 1000s while billions of tax payer’s dollars are given away in foreign aid!  We need your help to make a difference.”

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