Greens Jenny Leong is pro-Drugs and anti-Police across Newtown electorate

The Greens really know how to focus on the big issues facing our nation.  They want to ban police sniffer dogs doing their job.

There’s this foreign ex-Amnesty International do-gooder living in Sydney’s notoriously deviant and drug ridden suburb of Newtown, called Jenny Leong.  She could be straight off the boat and we don’t believe Jenny is her real name. Probably Vin Drin Wop or Mop.

Hydroponic Jenny has become a Greens leftie politician. For the past two years, she has campaigned to legalize recreation drugs because many of the locals she appeals to around Newtown are deviants in more ways than one and prefer ‘alternatives’ to alcohol.

New South Wales Police rightly are trying to crack down on narcotics and the use of illicit drugs across Sydney because of the obvious harm they cause and the scourge of criminality they encourage.   Sydney has known hot spots for drug use and dealing.  Redfern, St Peters, Kings Cross, and Newtown are some of the better known hang outs for both illicit drug users and dealers. More so, the frequent commercial dance parties staged around inner Sydney that draw large young crowds.

The electorate of Newtown includes the suburbs of Redfern, Surry Hills, Camperdown, Enmore, Petersham, Darlington, Stanmore, Chippendale, Lewisham, Erskineville and Newtown – a cluster of druggie suburbs afflicting inner Sydney.  Hydroponic Jenny calls it all “progressive“.

Jenny Leong for Newtown

Trained sniffer dogs are an effective tool used by police to detect the presence of drugs on people – in their pockets, and the smell on their clothes.  Not content with having a few cold beers or a civilized glass of wine; wayward X-gens and younger have tragically turned to get their kicks from illicit drugs – typically cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, MDMA, ICE (Crystal methamphetamine), GBH (gammahydroxybutyrate) and anabolic steroids.

Trained sniffer dogs can detect these drugs on a person and even when someone has pre-loaded them in their system.  A mobile drug test by police can then verify this, followed by a body search.  Since 2006 when Sniffer Dog legislation was brought into force in New South Wales, drug detection increased from 2500 users/dealers detected in 2007 to more than 6000 in 2013, so it is an increasing social problem.

Young people as young as school teenagers are dying from these so-called ‘party drugs’. This is The Greens demographic.  That’s why the Greens have set up shop in Newtown.  The electoral office is quite obvious on cooking days.

Greens Electoral Office

In January 2016 a 23-year-old woman suffered a near fatal overdose of MDMA at Sydney’s Field Day dance festival. Another 200 people were treated by paramedics for drug-related conditions.  In December 2015 drug dealer Mary Naioko (20) was one of 35 people charged by police selling drugs at the Knockout Circuz party at the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park.

Sniffer Dogs at Dance PartiesIf you can’t dance without drugs, you must be a shit dancer


In November 2015, Chinese immigrant Sylvia Choi (25) was rushed to hospital after taking ecstasy at the Steresonic festival at Sydney Olympic Park but later died.

In October 2015, also at the dodgy Hordern Pavilion, police arrested and charged 20 people with drug possession and a further seven with supplying prohibited drugs at the Subculture Dance Party.  One woman had 160 MDMA capsules concealed.

Jenny Leong wants to legalise drug overdosingWhen will Hydroponic Jenny get out of her ideological cocoon and take a reality tour with paramedics at a dance festival?


In September a 26-year-old man died from a drug overdose at the Defqon dance festival. Nigel Pauljevic, from Albury, was partying with friends at the festival in Penrith when he was found unconscious in a tent. His desperate mates tried to perform CPR but there was nothing they could do to save his life.

In June 2015, police had to shut down a dance party ‘I Remember House’ at Sydney’s violent nightspot The Ivy after three people were taken to hospital for alleged drug overdoses and others were ejected from the venue while apparently under the influence of drugs.  In February 2015, a 19-year-old collapsed and died from a suspected overdose and a 20-year-old was put on life support in hospital, following a dance rave event, called ‘A State of Trance’ held at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

  So Police and sniffer dogs conduct searches at dance festivals to detect illicit drugs, to prevent deaths from drugs and as a deterrent to idiots who are thinking about taking drugs or dealing in them.

Druggies and dealers call it ‘police harassment’ and an ‘infringement of civil liberties’.  Of course they do, and then go crying to The pro-narcotics Greens like Hydroponic Jenny.  Does she take drugs?

No More Drugs Dogs when there are no more drugsThere she is hanging out with fellow fringe marginal types


So she wants an end of sniffer dog searches by police.  “The NSW police have better things to do than interfere with the freedom of people to go about their business,” she said.


Well her constituents take drugs and don’t want to be caught.  Sometimes politics is so simple.

The Greens have always been soft on drugs, soft on crime, soft on illegals, soft on anything anti-Australian.  Perhaps the Greens electoral offices and their Parliamentary seats should be sniffed out for evidence of drugs.

Sniffer Dogs in Greens Seats

Last week in Hydroponic Jenny’s neck of the woods (or crop), hundreds of unemployable louts hung out in Victoria Park in Camperdown (next to Newtown) for a “420 Picnic” in protest to legalise cannabis.  It was promoted in the normal leftie way on Facebook.

Police questioning a Greens voter

“420” is police code for cannabis, so not surprisingly, more than 30 police officers and two sniffer dogs were there to meet them, since the event expected to have 1300 pot smokers turn up with joint in hand.

Hydroponic Jenny went.  The Free Cannabis NSW picnic organiser and regular cannabis user Chris Hindi said the highlight of the day would be at 4.20pm when the entire turnout is set to “light up” at “stoner time”.

The Greens have since introduced a bill in the NSW Parliament to end the General Police Drug Dog Program in NSW, so drug takers and dealers can do their thing with impunity.  And Hydroponic continues to get stuck into police doing their job.

She accuses them harassment, racism and sexism – just because she’s a foreign Asian chick condoning drugs.

The fruit loop Greens have called for the use of ICE to be decriminalised, for “party pills” by be tested so revellers can get high without dying, for legalising euthanasia so if the people want to then die, they can.   There will indeed be “serious repercussions” for Australian society at the hands of The Greens.

The Australian Greens support narcoticsThe Greens support Australia’s Drug Epidemic