Gillard’s guerrilla leftists vilify a critic of her National Curriculum propaganda

Socialist Julia Gillard may have left Australia’s political stage (thankfully) and then tried to rewrite history in her memoirs, but her social re-engineering ghosts continue to haunt an elected government trying to undo the leftist cancer that she and Rudd left behind.

Julia Gillard's Mein KampfThat Labor-staged photo which galvanised Gillard’s coven of mass misogyny


Political Correctness‘ is a euphemism of leftist indignation demanding censorship of local free speech.  Leftist indignation and censorship reared its ugly head again this week.  Criticism of leftist ideology imbedded in Julia Gillard’s 2010 National Socialist Curriculum was indignantly countered by the Left’s coordinated hurlyburly vilification and silencing of a locally informed critic.   Last week a key reviewer of Gillard’s curriculum, Sydney University English Professor Barry Spurr, was set upon by agents of the Left.

Treacherous Act 1

Back on March 1, 2010 then Labor PM Kevin Rudd and his deputy and Education Minister, Julia Gillard, launched the Labor Party’s mandatory national curriculum be imposed upon all Australian schools.

Gillard’s spin at the time to the Australia people was to ensure “the absolute basics of knowledge”.  It has been a one-size-fits-all approach instilling our kids with Leftist ideology Australia-wide:  that socialism equates to contemporary education.

While mouthing clichés about “excellence” and “giving all students a chance to succeed”, the reality is that Gillard is a reconstructed Fabian socialist with a missionary zeal, who as PM abused her office by imposing her ideological beliefs upon Australian school children.

It meant ethnic kids were put to the front of the class because of their automatic disadvantage from traditional Australian kids.  See, socialism is all about social equality. Since Gillard’s Education Revolution, national curriculum documents have become awash with platitudes and politically correctness (leftist) statements about embracing diversity and difference on the mistaken belief that all cultures are of equal value and worth.

It was Propaganda Ministry stuff.  School libraries have been knowledge-cleansed of non-fiction books and replaced by “free” laptops en masse to serve Gillard’s Digital Education Revolution.  Hundreds of school librarians and library officers have been sacked.  Laptops and Google have replaced libraries in Gillard’s brave new world. Learning went online – Labor could censor the content easier that way.   Thousands of honest websites have been centrally blacklisted.  Communist Big Brother had arrived.

“Christianity and its shaping influence on Australian history and society are to be expelled from the classroom under Gillard’s campaign to “reform” education. In its place, the post-modern creed of cultural relativism.” – Kevin Donnelly, May 2013.

The Rudd/Gillard so-called “education revolution” purged Australian traditions and culture from the school curriculum akin to a cultural revolution, to reimpose socialist agendas.  It has all seemed a tad Maoist.

Gillard’s preference for pushing equality of outcomes has been understandable given her undergraduate years in the radical Australian Union of Students and her involvement in the Socialist Forum.  Julia Gillard’s parliamentary maiden speech on Remembrance Day 1998 was her Mein Kampf.  It is revealing of what has since transpired since she had control of education.  It makes a scary read.

Treacherous Act 2

So the new Abbott Government’s commissioned review of Gillard’s Curriculum reported to the Australian public earlier this month, October 2014.  The general conclusion is that Gillard’s Curriculum ideologically imbedded with woolly leftist propaganda.  The curriculum has been described as ‘bloated’ and “overcrowded” with useless “cross-curriculum priorities”.

The review has found that Maths and Science are being taught with compulsory connection to leftist concepts of sustainability, Australia’s engagement with Asia, and Aboriginal cultures.

Aboriginal Maths?  Chinese engagement in Maths?  Sustainable Maths?


Her “Education Revolution” was just Fabian Gillard HyperBowl


The Gillard Curriculum had required all subjects be taught under four “general capabilities” (1) critical and creative thinking, (2) personal and social capability, (3) ethical understanding and (4) intercultural understanding.

Primary school kids inculcated with social capability and intercultural conditioning?  The review panel recognised this as a leftist “piece of garbage”.

The Review exposes the National Curriculum for what it really is: politically biased, superficial and lacking in academic rigour.   The review panel found that the curriculum’s ‘cross-curriculum priorities’ – Sustainability, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories – are inappropriate and ideologically driven.

But Gillard in her just published memoirs stated “There was absolutely no political interference in the content”…under the government I led.

Yeah, yeah.

The review has recommended Gillard’s National Curriculum be abolished. Its 30 recommendations to improve the curriculum, include:

  • Curriculum decisions should be made by schools, teachers, and parents, not politicians or bureaucrats in Canberra
  • Cut back on sustainability ideology
  • Basic literacy including more reading, pronunciation and writing
  • Grammar and punctuation training for teachers
  • Basic numeracy, algebra and mathematics
  • A return to the Western canon of literature
  • A greater focus on Western civilisation, instead of on Gillard’s Asian Century
  • Scale back focus on indigenous history and Asia
  • A greater focus on Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage in teaching history
  • Music and visual arts should be mandatory.

The Left has been left frothing in indignation about this unraveling.  Their ideological brainwashing of Australian children now risks being reversed.

Time for the Left’s indignant vindictiveness, as only the Left knows best.

Wicked Witch of the Left  “Ah! You’ll believe in more than that before I’m finished with you.”

Treacherous Act 3

So the review’s findings were made public on October 12, 2014.

Just four days later, on October 16, Leftist online rag New Matilda coincidentally published the content of hacked emails containing so-called “offensive language” by one of the review panel members, English Professor Barry Spurr of the University of Sydney.  The New Matilda article is entitled, “Curriculum Reviewer Barry Spurr Mocks ‘Abos, Mussies, Women, Chinky-Poos” and is written by the owner of New Matilda, Leftist activist Chris Graham with research by Wendy Bacon.

Leftists Chris Graham and Wendy Bacon running New Matilda, were sent a man’s hacked private emails, which they dutifully published for Leftist political gain.   The private emails are from University of Sydney Professor Barry Spurr, who as well as being a learned scholar of the English language, enjoys to dabble in satirical poetry.

Professor Spurr was appointed by the Abbott Government to the panel of review of Gillard’s National Curriculum.  This is why the Left went for him.

But New Matilda didn’t just publish an objective journalist piece on the stolen emails. It went to Leftist town!  Read New Matilda’s article:

The blogsite New Matilda is not journalism, let alone “the best of independent journalism” that it professes to be.  New Matilda is the first to use satire to attack anyone that it disagrees with and being the leftist propaganda rag that it is, that invariably means anyone not conveying a Left socialist agenda.

But the article vilifying Professor Spurr is not listed under New Matilda’s satire section but more seriously headed under ‘Investigation’.  But ‘investigation’ just meant New Matilda had received dirt from the Left and was more than happy to be a Leftist mouthpiece to ideologically attack a vocal critic of Gillard’s socialist propaganda.

New Matilda has a whole section of its propaganda website dedicated to what it labels as “satire”.  But the satire it employs is a euphemism for ridiculing non-Leftists to avoid defamation.  And they get so-called media guru Ben Pobjie (not his real name) to rip in.  Of course Tony Abbott is the guru’s main target.  All traditional Australian values are also his target.

Nothing is off-limits to denigrate Australian traditions.

On ANZAC Day, Pobjie writes April 24,  “So remember, this Friday, when you’re sleeping through the Dawn Service, spare a dream for the men and women who work tirelessly to keep the myth alive. They’re keeping the country itself alive while they’re at it.”

On the Australian Flag, Pobjie writes March 14, “Now I don’t know what the traitorous flag-haters’ movement wants to replace our current design with – presumably a hammer and sickle, or a picture of Sarah Hanson-Young slitting Don Bradman’s throat or something – but I can guarantee you this: it will never reach the giddy heights of graphic design that inspired so many thousands of fit young men to fight and die for fairly vague reasons.

To encourage that kind of suicidal patriotism you need a REAL flag, a flag that stands for honour and integrity and the establishment of a remote and inhospitable facility where the marginalised detritus of a brutal empire can be safely discarded in order to safeguard the standard of living of the upper classes.

That’s the flag we’ve got – it tells the story of Australia, and it leaves out the boring bits. And you can pry that flag from my cold, dead, white hands.”

Ben PobjieInsecure Ben Pobjie writes with blue blood envy


And New Matilda’s chief researcher, Wendy Bacon, has form.  Just two months prior, The Australian newspaper reported that in May 2014 confidential student records about a $60,000 scholarship granted to PM Tony Abbott’s daughter Frances, were hacked into and leaked to online magazine New Matilda.

Sound familiar?

“Wendy Bacon, the prominent journalism teacher and contributing editor of New Matilda, has claimed the leaked information — which also involved a hacker allegedly gaining illegal access to the files of more than 500 other students — was justified in the public interest.”

Wendy Bacon used the material for political gain. She tweeted multiple times declaring that the documents showed a scholarship awarded to Frances Abbott by the Sydney-based Whitehouse Institute of Design was not based on merit.  Bacon lambasted the Prime Minister for not declaring his daughter’s scholarship in his register of interests, and claimed Ms Abbott received it only because her father was a “mate” of the institute’s chairman.

Police investigation revealed that a Leftist undergraduate student, Freya Newman, at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) was then UTS women’s officer and active in Leftist student politics.  It also turns out that Wendy Bacon had headed a journalism program at UTS until her retirement two years ago, so the two knew each other and had the same Leftist politics.

Since then the part-time teacher at the Whitehouse Institute, Mellitios Kyriakidis, has been sacked for the following email breach of protocol:

“There’s a bit about Francis (sic) meeting with Leanne on Feb 21 2011 and then receiving a managing (sic) director scholarship for 2011 three days later . . that’s all I’ve found for the moment” then.. “got em. Might go meet Chris now to talk tactics. see you tomorrow.”

Last month, Freya Newman, 21, (the Leftist student at UTS) pleaded guilty in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court to one count of accessing restricted data held in a computer, after she obtained details about a $60,000 Whitehouse Institute of Design scholarship granted to Frances Abbott and handing the information over to a journalist (Wendy Bacon).   Newman has since resigned from the Whitehouse Institute of Design and is due to be sentenced this month.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and filthy air.

Bacon’s research obsessiveness took to into the realm of a stalker, and she is now on the Abbott Government’s watch list.

New MatildaMatilda News of the World
Leftist paparazzi stalkers of the Prime Minister’s Family
Whatever it takes !


So when New Matilda attacks a university professor for his private satirical poetry, it all seems a bit hypocritical Ben Pobjie (the pen name satirist).

What did the professor say in his private emails that so attracted the ire of the Left that they hacked his university email account and sent the material to New Matilda for political gain?

Well, Professor Spurr in his private musing with friends and colleagues took aim at “bogans” “fatsoes”, “Mussies” and “Chinky-Poos”, and shock horror apparently referred to the Prime Minister is an “Abo lover”.

Harmless banter and importantly not in a public space.  Read Racist Section 18C again!

In one email, Professor Spurr tells university colleagues and friends that 95 per cent of the students at Australian universities – including, presumably his own – should not be studying at tertiary institutions, and remarks that a colleague who publicly advanced that argument will be “derided as elitist, fascist, misogynist – the usual litany”.

Since the University of Sydney has become a hot bed of Leftists, he’s bloody well right.

“One day the Western world will wake up, when the Mussies and the chinky-poos have taken over.”  yep.  The “modern Brit” is “the scum of the earth” – probably referring to those writing trash for at the Guardian.  Perhaps Desmond Tutu is a “witch doctor”.

But Professor Spurr told New Matilda that his email exchanges were hacked  and in any case clearly intended to mock the “very extreme language” used in Gillard’s National Socialist Curriculum.  Spurr told New Matilda, it is satire, “a whimsical linguistic game for many years of trying to outdo one another in extreme statements.”

Professor Spurr explained, “The numerous students of different races and of colour with whom I have worked for many years will testify that I have treated them with the same equity and dignity that I treat all my students.  “I find it astonishing that you would think that I would seriously hold those views and not realise, as a journalist, that these are emails of mock-shockng (sic) repartee, mocking, in fact, that very kind of extreme language.”

So get over it New Matilda!  It’s satire.  Ben Pobjie can dish it out, so can others.


Treacherous Act 4

The Left quickly went into campaign mode protesting to Sydney University to sack its English professor, and rallying the university’s Students’ Representative Council and the Australian Education Union.  It set up a Facebook Event inviting a student rally on campus.

Kate Ellis racist slur on Sydney University academic

Possible chants to use were workshopped, adapted from previous rants against Sophie Mirrabella’s recent campus visit:

“Professor Spurr, rhyme this, you’re a white supremacist.”
“Racism, no way, we’re gonna get Spurr sacked today.”
“Christian values load of shit. You’re a f—ing hypocrite.”
“Say it loud, say it clear, Barry is not welcome here.”

Many supporting leftist students replied to the Facebook event invite:

Mandana Mapar is going.
Terry Cutcliffe is going.
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Alex Pademelon Johnson – The fucker is getting desperate – Sydney University professor Barry Spurr claims racist emails were hacked.  THE University of Sydney has launched an investigation into whether professor Barry Spurr’s…
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Teena McCarthy – Unable to make it but will be there in SPIRIT!
Omar Hassan – We need some cool chants! One idea from Simone McDonnell: “Professor spurr, rhyme this, you’re a white supremacist”. post any other ideas below
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Joel Hill I’m still trying to understand it. Not in an adversarial way, genuinely curious. Sadly, when I engage in discussion I’m often attacked and called names. I’m still curious.
David McCrae So am I. You are forever called a troll for daring to disagree with empty political correctness. Term is overused and usually used incorrectly
Joel Hill Yep. I used to think I was left too! Turns out I’m a centrist!
Ridah Hassan shared Barbara McGrady’s post. – Some great photos of the rally today!
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Josh Lee – Great coverage of today’s rally all over the news! Great work Ridah Hassan and co.
Academic’s offensive emails exposed
University of Sydney academic Barry Spurr has been caught out in personal emails for racist remarks about Nelson Mandella and Chinese people. Sean Berry reports.
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Melissa Lucas he needs to be sacked not suspended
Barbara McGrady Kick him out. For good!

Treacherous Act 5

The next day (just yesterday), October 17, leftists “snap rally” of students went ahead from 1pm on the grounds of the University of Sydney campus demanding the dismissal of Professor Spurr from the University.

The Left seconded the nearest Aboriginal student they could find, impressionable Kyol Blakeney, to do their dirty work.  So the patronising Left goes up to Blakeney:  “Hey Blakeney, your the new big man.  That white teacher over there, he’s calling you black fellas human rubbish, what cha gunna do about it bro?”

So incoming president of the university’s Students’ Representative Council, Kyol Blakeney, is conned to incite a student crowd into an angry mob.

“I feel angry and personally hurt about these leaked emails.” I am not a “human rubbish tip”.  “I feel belittled.”  Aborigines being used again.

Kyol Blakeney a pawn of LeftistsSo Kate, do I just get up and accuse the Professor of being racist?


The Students’ Representative Council’s education officer, Arab student Ridah Hassan, said “Such vile, bigotry belongs back in the 1950s and it has no place at Sydney University,” she said. “The emails contained such hate speech. It is beyond belief that this person could hold these views and retain his position. We are calling for his dismissal and it needs to happen immediately.”

The Left are totalitarian in their pursuit of socialism.

Ridah HassanHer real name is Ridah, but she Anglicises it
She tells Fairfax Media she is studying Arts, but it’s actually Politics – Marxism v Trotskyism
Insecurity or what?


So then came the protest link back to the National Curriculum Review.  The president of the Australian Education Union, Angelo Gavrielatos, said the “shocking emails” damaged the credibility of the national curriculum review and showed it was an ideological exercise with little value.

Ideological, huh?  Gillard’s National Socialist Curriculum was not?

Ethnic Gavrielatos:  “These shocking, appalling and deeply offensive emails must call into question Professor Spurr’s suitability to have been chosen as a specialist reviewer of the English curriculum,” he said. “These views have no place in contemporary Australia and those harbouring them should not influence what is taught in our schools.”

Leftist indignation of the petty has no equal.

The Australian vernacular is under attack by the Left with a political agenda to erode all traces of nationalism. The Left wants to make Aussie slang offensive.  Seems these days you cannot say ‘Abo’ or ‘Wog’ without the Left Wing Race Discrimination Commissioner threatening Racist Section 18C under Gough Whitlam’s Racial Discrimination Act of 1975.

“It is unlawful for a person to do an act, otherwise than in private, if (a)  the act is reasonably likely, in all the circumstances, to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people; and (b)  the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of the other person or of some or all of the people in the group.”

This dangerously plays into the hands of minority groups demanding greater rights than mainstream Australian society.   It makes any criticism of anyone a crime no matter how subjective.  It denies natural justice because it puts the burden of proof on the defendant. It is censorship of the mainstream.

That afternoon, phone calls were made by the Left directly to the Dean of the University of Sydney, threatening to escalate the racist campaign and to publicly vilify the University’s management, if Professor Spurr was not immediately suspended.  It was Labor Left whatever it takes in true Graham Richardson style.

Treacherous Act 6

And so the Left got their vindictive blood.

Eminent Professor Barry Spurr that afternoon was summarily suspended by his employer the University of Sydney, “effective immediately from teaching and engaging in any other University business and is precluded from attending any University campus, while the matter is investigated”.

The University’s Student Representative Council posted on its temporary event Facebook page:  “Racist misogynist Spurr suspended and banned from campus. Student protesters led by the inimitable Ridah Hassan celebrate.”

Student Stalinism in action for sure!

Treacherous Act 7

So who was behind the Leftist attack on a Curriculum Reviewer?

Kate Ellis, a foundation member of Gillard’s Emily List Coven had in January described some of Dr Donnelly’s views as “extremely offensive, dangerous and extreme”.

So Kate Ellis is the prime suspect.

Emily's List Foundation MembersRound about the cauldron go;  In the poison’d entrails throw.
Now Tanya and Penny would have been in on the plot for sure.   
Coven sisters talk and scheme.


Back on January 10, 2014, it was reported that the Labor Party in opposition and still in electoral defeat denial with their union base had lashed out at the Abbott government’s new review of the national curriculum.

Labor’s Kate Ellis accused the Liberal Education Minister Christopher Pyne of being driven by “ideology and paranoia.”  Ellis publicly attacked the appointment of Mr Donnelly – a former adviser to Liberal MP Kevin Andrews, now the Social Services Minister – and said the review would not be impartial.

“This is ridiculous, this is nothing more than a distraction from the fact that this government has betrayed every school student and every parent of Australian children, who took them at their word when they said they were on a unity ticket when it came to school funding models,” Ms Ellis said.

“We certainly don’t want to see the politicisation of the national curriculum,” the AEU federal president Angelo Gavrielatos told ABC NewsRadio.

Now wait a second.

AEU federal president Angelo Gavrielatos was involved in the protest at the University of Sydney on Friday to oust Curriculum Reviewer, English Professor Barry Spurr.

So common denominator:  Kate Ellis.

Emily's ListEmilies of the coven!
O well done! I commend your pains;
And every one shall share i’ the gains;
And now about the cauldron sing,
Live elves and fairies in a ring
Enchanting all that you put in.