Gender reassignment a guarantee to sporting prowess

There’ll be all sorts at Clover Moore’s deviant mardi gras this weekend.  It’s staged along Sydney’s faggot mile in Darlinghurst.  Tribal ‘Hermy’ here is the caveman pin-up mascot.  No wonder the event is adults only.  The first in 1978 was so entertaining organised by the Spartacist League – disaffected lefties with a warped vision of ‘progress’.  One could throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at ’em back then, and the cops would even help.

The street parade is another leftist political propaganda stunt for LGTBIBDSMPEDO tribals to frollick in cross-dressing and vainly thrust their sexual deviance, debauchery and perversion upon decent society.

Such as?

  • Homosexual exhibitionism
  • A clusterf&#@k of deviants, trannies, hermaphrodytes, androgynites, pillow biters, dykes on bikes, budgie-smuggling baskets, muff divers and munchers, bean flickers, celesbians, chutney ferrets, cockpipe cosmonauts, marmite miners, turd burglars, ring raiders and woolie woofters.
  • Sex toys and cross dressing paraphernalia
  • The latest variants, mutants, orifices, positions, terminology, flags, symbols and acronyms – it’s a whole leftist sci-fi industry
  • Right to sodomise
  • Right to promote sodomy
  • Right to promote sodomy in schools
  • Deviant marriage
  • Deviant adoption – usually golliwogs because their cheaper and Third Worlders need the cash
  • Sex reassignment surgery
  • Hormone replacement and all the drugs
  • Pedophilia
  • Bestiality
  • Weird sex
  • AIDs
  • Heterophobia, Coprophobia, Cherophobia, Ithyphallophobia, Chaetophobia and Arachibutyrophobia.

This year’s theme is “Creating Equality” a euphemism presuming deviant rights and deviant evangelism.

Is there a pedo float this year and pink buses chartered from La Trobe University?

Take the gender reassignment lobby, where one can reinvent oneself with a bit of nick and tuck, lop and insert.  There’s a whole PC industry just gushing to experiment.

Take Polynesian tribal thug, Daniel Jermaine Lee Maxwell (21) who’s smuggled himself via New Zealand into Brisbane so he could bash Australians in the street, just for kicks.

Candidate for Re-assignment


At just 21 Maxwell’s in the prime of his life to become a ‘she’, or is that ‘zir’ or ‘hir’?

Now his sporting career would be greatly enhanced by gender reassignment, allowing him guaranteed wins at the forthcoming Gold Goast Commonwealth Games next year in the women’s events.  Women’s boxing would be an obvious first choice.  He could practice with The Man Mundine to get up to speed.

Maxwell has already proven himself adept at coward punching to death Cole Miller (18) in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley while on the turps and pills. As a coward punching light weight, Mundine’s your man!

Simone here after gender re-assignment surgery feels all a tizz, confident she can well take on the world.

So long as ‘ze’ doesn’t stop taking ‘hir’ medication.

Then there are the Gay Games in Paris next year as well!  Hormone therapy is no subject to anti-doping testing, so for gender re-assignees, sporting prowess is guaranteed.

And Maxwell’s fellow lost Polynesian tribe look set for the re-assignment challenge as well.

Meet the Jaffas, a class act from Auckland coonlands Papakura, Glen Eden and Manurewa.

The Australian Government is set to kick them all out of the country back to coonland under section 116 of the Migration Act, but they could always claim asylum and LGTBI Kiwi persecution, even though they’re just more freaking lost Polynesians in transit.

Reckon they’d be welcomed home in drag.