The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has spread to Sydney as around 200 Moslem protesters took to The Boulevarde in Lakemba for an “unauthorised” anti-Israel rally last night.

A woman, 48, was confronted by two NSW Police officers as she ran through traffic while burning an Israeli flag. However, police officers managed to wrest the blazing symbol of Jewish Supremacism away from her terror-grip and extinguish the unauthorised fire.

The woman protester gave the police the slip but was soon captured (sic) and charged with behaving offensively in public and deliberately obstructing police and members of the public. The video doesn’t show her obstructing either, just burning an Israeli flag.

Speaking to 2GB’s Ben Fordham Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned “Australians” not to bring the Gaza conflict here. Australians are unlikely to, but thanks to multiculturalism it’s inevitable that Arabs will, since they’re not Australians, only it’s official policy to ignore such details.

“Of course we are all very concerned about what is happening there (Gaza),” Morrison told 2GB’s Ben Fordham.

“We have been urging restraint from all parties involved there to not take any unilateral action on those very stressful and tense situations we are finding there. But those things should not be played out here in Australia.”

Morrison has failed to understand that he can’t have his multicultural cake AND eat it. Moreover, he’s a hypocrite since the Liberal Government had no problem involving Australia in Middle Eastern conflicts. The pro-Israel policy of both major parties isn’t likely to stabilise the situation either.

The latest conflict was triggered after Israeli occupying forces attacked Palestinian protesters reacting to incitement by Israeli’s riot police at the Al-Aqsa mosque. Palestinians were said to have been targeted by the police as forced evictions from homes continue in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem.

Since then, Hamas has reacted by firing approximately 1200 rockets towards Israel, much of them deflected by Israel’s ‘iron dome’ defence system. Israeli then retaliated by conducting as many as 350 lethal airstrikes. As expected, the death toll on Israel’s side is low while the numbers of Palestinian dead continue to climb. Observers say that the region is poised for all-out war.

In a sense, Morrison is right, none of this is our business. The trouble is, Australian internationalist foreign policy, along with a policy of multiracialism makes it our business.

As soon as Arabs are handed the rights of Australian citizens they enjoy the democratic right to protest.

However, it’s an indication of just what clout Israel has in Australia that a burning Australian flag will draw no response from Australian police but the sight of an Israeli flag set alight will lead to an immediate arrest.

The current Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is another product of that influence, after repeated lobbying from Jewish groups in Australia to hold such an inquiry.

As such, this is not an Arab-Israeli conflict in Australia but a symptom of multiracialism. Yet, within that, we have the spectre of an amoral endorsement of Israel by the US and Australia, as well as the undeniable hypocrisy of the Israelis, who are at the forefront of civil rights lobbying here while denying Palestinians their land and rights.

Israel has a habit of occupying every country its people migrate to. In a manner of speaking.