An international campaign is coming to life to demand freedom for the imprisoned leadership of the Greek nationalist party, Golden Dawn.

By Dr Jim Saleam

In October 2020, a swathe of members and supporters of Golden Dawn were convicted of a mixed bag of offences – including leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and seventeen parliamentarians and its other key leaders – and then were sentenced by the Greek court.

It was the first time in Greek history that a show trial had been held to destroy a registered political party with parliamentary representation in the Greek parliament and the European parliament and a large membership organized throughout the country.

The seven board members of the Golden Dawn and eleven of their closest associates were found guilty of having led or participated in a “criminal organisation”. These members made up the essential leadership of the party and the offence of “criminal organisation” being supposedly proven, allowed for hefty sentences of thirteen and a half years for Mr Michaloliakos, thirteen years for others and ten years for another.

As Greek law allows, the prosecution may make recommendations to the court contrary to their original charges and upon the whole evidence. In this affair, the public prosecutor overseeing the case advocated for the acquittal of the key party members concerning the criminal organisation charge, citing lack of evidence – a recommendation that was roundly denounced by howling mobs outside the court and professional ‘anti-fascists,’ and ‘anti-racists’ in the mass media.

The court, led by liberal Judge Maria Lepenioti, ignored the recommendation. That was to be expected.

Article 187 part 1 of the Greek Criminal Code defines a criminal organisation in a particular way. The court had to force the evidence to fit its narrative.

In a letter forwarded to me, Mr Michaloliakos said (published as written):

“Some words about our conviction that are not enough for a legal memorandum I will send you as soon as possible more information. We were convicted as a criminal organization, but the international agreement of the UN, the concordat of Palermo, which is also signed by Greece farsights (sic) that a group of people cannot be charged as a criminal organization if there is not economical profit. All of the bank accounts have been checked and there was no such thing.”

Golden Dawn organized itself in a disciplined manner, as should any movement that challenges a state which had led its people towards the brink. Greece faltered into effective bankruptcy and the exposure of the crimes of its political and economic leaders was taken up by the people. For a moment, it looked as if Greece would default on its debts, pulling down the globalist economy and opening the country to substantive political change. Consequently, every variety of pressure was applied to Golden Dawn, from a terrorist attack to the withdrawal of special parliamentary payments to the party. The long five years’ trial restricted the party’s activity and challenged its unity. But for the court, it was this very party discipline that encouraged it to argue that the party was not a party, but a mafia-like criminal organisation (albeit one that did not profit from anything as the law suggests it must). By imposing this logic, the court had the tool it needed to punish the leaders. In doing so, it has made them martyrs.

Judge Lepenioti simply proved the adage that the law is an instrument of those who own the state. At least that must be so in any political case where the accused are, euphemistically – enemies of that state.

The Minister of Justice confirmed in an interview that pressure had been exerted upon Greece by the Zionist lobby in the USA and even the notorious George Soros added his weight for conviction. Remarkably after the conviction, the US State Department praised Greek ‘justice’. The Greek president, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, said the judgment was an important day for democracy and evidence that Greek institutions were able to “fend off any attempt to undermine them.” Indeed, the alliance of Left and Right has once again operated to break a people’s movement.

The notion that the leadership of Golden Dawn is ‘criminal’ is rejected by the nationalists of all countries. The convictions were political. Golden Dawn by its actions stood up for its people against globalisation, the refugee invasion, New World Order imperialism, the destruction of Greek heritage and identity, sovereignty and freedom. Around these essential questions, the Greek nationalists and the Australian nationalists and nationalists wherever they may be, fight for the same thing: a world of free peoples.

I have received correspondence from Mr Michaloliakos requesting I play a certain role in organizing the campaign for the release of the Golden Dawn leadership. This was agreed to and some initial steps from our end have been completed. In reply to my report, Mr Michaloliakos said:

“I want to thank you again dear comrade and I also want to let you know that somewhere far away, on the other side of the earth there is still Golden Dawn with the banner up high still believing that even if one day everyone becomes unfaithful we will remain faithful!”

Of course, it will be necessary to mobilize Australians to advertise the plight of the prisoners and to perform all appropriate lawful acts to support them and bring pressure upon the Greek state for a free and transparent and speedy appeal.

However, it is equally necessary that the campaign is operated by all friends of the Greek nationalists in as many countries as possible. It is noted that actions are beginning and the truth is being disseminated. Focus is the key. It is not the time to argue over any issue of Golden Dawn’s history or to debate about the future of the nationalist movement in Greece. It is only apposite for all friends of freedom to apply themselves to do what must be done – to embarrass the Greek state, to support the prisoners, to assist their appeal.

We shall report to all as matters develop. I welcome correspondence from any source. Australia First Party will campaign on this issue in public and stands unreservedly on the side of the prisoners.