François Hollande radical leftist, saw Islam invading. His informed inaction has utterly betrayed France

Last Friday night in the heart of Paris, seven Islamic terrorists murdered 129 people and injured another 352, 99 critically.

All the cowardly attackers were Islamics.  One was a Syrian refugee gifted asylum in good faith upon entering Greece. His Syrian passport was found next to his body outside the massacre at Paris’s youthful Bataclan theatre.  Another jihadist is also thought to have entered Europe the same way. 


The Tricolore at half mast en Paris

He may be France’s President, but François Hollande isn’t for the French.

Another extraordinary Defence council meeting follows another Islamic terror attack on the people of France.  François Hollande held an extraordinary Defence council meeting following the Islamic terror attack on Charlie Hebdo and on a Jewish supermarket in Paris last January.  Seventeen people, including journalists, policemen, a black policewoman, Muslims and Jews lost their lives.

So there was a massive manhunt for the jihadis, a shootout and a temporary crackdown on security across France.   The two jihadis were Islamic brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi of Algerian immigrant parents with jihadi training in the Middle East and terrorist convictions, yet free to roam France.

Back then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told mourners that world leaders were “starting to understand” the threat of Islamic extremism.  But was François Hollande listening?

All Hollande did after the Charlie Hebdo shooting was self-aggrandisement playing on French national pride by staging a token street march through Paris. In front of the French media, Hollande addressed his nation:“I want to salute the police and all those who participated in the operations. I want to tell them we are proud of you.”

Francois Hollonde street march after Charlie Hebdo terror attacksFrancois Hollonde’s tokenistic Paris street march after the January 2015 Islamic terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo


Hollande promised that enhanced security would be deployed by the government “to guarantee that we can live quietly, in peace, so that at no moment we will be subject to risk and threats, but we must remain vigilant. Unity is our best weapon,” declared Hollande.

Unity with Islamics?   Bargain with the devil and lose.

Then instead of attacking radical Islam, Hollande called on France to be “firm against racism and antisemitism.”  Hollande declared that the “fanatics” who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack and its bloody aftermath “had nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

Francois Hollande blind to Islamisation of FrancePresident Francois Hollande ideologically blind to the mass Islamization of France


François Hollande’s Socialist Party brought in anti-terrorist legislation – stronger arrest powers, powers to confiscate passports of suspected wannabe jihadis, and a crackdown on internet propaganda and funding of known terror groups. But President Hollande and France’s intelligence and security authorities have been aware of imminent repercussions from Islamic militants returning to France after fighting in the Syrian Civil War.  Back then, the authorities had been dreading and warning of a big terrorist attack on home soil for months. More than 200 have returned to France.

So how was the Charlie Hebdo terror plot missed by France’s intelligence services?   Charlie Hebdo’s Paris office had previously been firebombed in November 2011 after the magazine featured a cartoon of Mohammed on its cover.

It is the sheer number of Muslims in France?  Numerous plots in France have been thwarted by the French security services.  The domestic intelligence agency, the DGSI, Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure, stopped five major terror plots in the 18 months to December, according to the French ministry of the interior.

It might have something to do with socialist Hollande, who after coming to power in 2012, slashed France’s annual military expenditure from €47.7 billion in 2007 to €31.4 billion.  In May 2014, Hollande threatened a further €6 billion in military cuts over three years, prompting letters of resignation by four five-star generals, heading France’s army, air force and the navy.  Hollande backed off.

On May 15, 2012, atheist lawyer François Hollande was inaugurated as the 24th president of France. His background and ideology are akin to Australia’s former backstabbing PM Julia Gillard, but with a saleman’s smile like current backstabbing PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Hollande won over the middle ground mainstream.  Whereas his former rival conservative Nicolas Sarkozy hotly declared “multiculturalism is a failure”, Hollande presented himself as a sanguine unifier of France’s diverse political and ethnic constituencies.

According to a survey of 10,000 voters reported in the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, 93 percent of French Muslims voted for Francois Hollande in 2012.

President Hollande pro-Islamic France

Some 79 percent of practicing Catholics voted for Sarkozy, with Hollande cornering only 21 percent of their vote. As many as 70 percent of those considering themselves “without religion” went with Hollande.

So is it the end of Christianity, of Christiandom of Christian values in France?  Are the socialist progressives naively facilitating the rise of Islam in France?


Is it the end of Christiandom in FranceInfluential French have become too conservatively noble for their own good, hiding from rising Islamic presence in urban France

In 2013, Hollande allowed France’s Muslim population to reach 6.5 million.   In 2014, he let in a quarter of a million asylum seekers mainly from the Third World (the Arabic Middle East and Northern Africa) and mainly Muslim.  This was up from 210,000 in 2013, 217,000 in 2012, and 210,000 in 2011.

Says the socialist Left, France is a rich nation, the French can absorb the Third World.
France Islamic Republic
It is somewhat ironic that François Hollande was born in Rouen, the city where Joan of Arc, the legendary Heroine of France was burnt at the stake by the invading English on 30 May, 1431.   To be sure, Islam does not champion brave and active women.
Most big French cities now have Muslim ghettos which have become “no-go zones” which non-Muslims and even police dare not enter.  Ten percent of the French population is now Muslim and growing.  Fifteen percent of Paris is now Muslim and breeding a whole lot faster than native Parisians. Closer to Islamic northern Africa, Marseille is 25% Islamic. Roubaix near the Belgian border has a 20% Islamic population. President Hollande has agreed for the French to take in 24,000 Syrian refugees over the next two years, mostly Muslim.

The Islamic terror attacks on Paris last Friday are just more militant blowbacks and Islamic State has quickly claimed responsibility.

The Rise of Islam seeping France

Leftist multicultist Hollande has down played Islamic terror attacks as isolated ‘lone wolf‘ cases, like one by Mohammed Merah in March 2012, who gunned down three French paratroopers and then shot dead three schoolchildren and a teacher in a Jewish school in Toulouse.   Or like the May 2014 AK47 attack on the Jewish Museum of Belgium by Islamic jihadist Mehdi Nemmouche, killing four people.

A lone wolf attack?    Nemmouche had spent a year fighting in the Syrian Civil War, then to Pakistan and Afghanistan for training from radical Islamist groups.

There was a spate of lone wolf incidents before Christmas 2014 across France in which pedestrians were attacked by drivers of vehicles.  Hollande and his socialist government played these all down as isolated, and not a growing sign of Islamic terrorism.

Recall just months ago in August 2015, Ayoub El Khazzani, a 26-year-old Moroccan claimed he found an AK-47 assault rifle loaded in a bag stuffed full of guns and a knife in Brussels and so planned to rob people on a train.

Crap!  He is another Islamic jihadi who was about to do jihad.  El Khazzani is a radical Islamic jihadist who boarded a,high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris deliberately to cause a terror attack.  Had it not been for the brave initiative of train passengers there for have been a massacre.  US Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and college friend Anthony Sadler were rightly hailed as heroes in France.

They have been awarded the Légion d’honneur, France’s highest honour.

Spencer Stone awarded France's Légion d’honneur

The threat by radical French urban society is real, especially in vulnerable centre of Paris.    Last Friday night in Paris, seven Islamic terrorists murdered 129 people and injured another 352.

  • European nation’s interventionist wars in the Middle East is a social time bomb
  • Allowing mass immigration into Europe is a social time bomb
  • Allowing Muslims into Europe is a social time bomb
  • Borderless passport free travel (the 1985 Schengen Agreement) across Europe is a social time bomb

“France is paying for its active participation in the destabilisation of the Middle East, and also for its overly welcoming policy on migration,” says Pavel Svyatenkov, a political scientist, in the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia. “The French government actively participated in the destruction of the secular regime of Qaddafi in Libya. France is one of the sponsors of the civil war that is aimed at the overthrow of the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.”

The West’s inspired ‘Arab Spring’ was a very bad idea.

On January 1, 2013, Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced that a total of 1,193 cars and trucks were torched across France on New Year’s Eve. He also said he was “shocked” by an RTL Radio report which estimated that more than 40,000 cars are burned in France every year.

Valls broke with recent tradition by publicly announcing the number of car burnings because “the French people should know the truth.” His predecessor, Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux, decided in 2010 to stop making public the number of car burnings because doing so had the effect of encouraging competition between rival gangs of Muslim youths, determined to see which of them could cause the most destruction.

Car burnings are increasingly commonplace in all French cities and are often attributed to shiftless young Muslims who reside in suburban slums known as banlieues. French authorities are especially eager to avoid a repetition of the riots in 2005, when the deaths of two Muslim teenagers in the banlieue of Clichy-sous-Bois near Paris sparked weeks of looting and car-burning, and led to the imposition of a state of emergency.

Muslim Car BurningIt’s an Islamic thing – 1000 cars burnt each year across Muslim urban France.  Pity the muzzies aren’t inside at the time.

Meanwhile, jihadists in France and elsewhere debated how to respond to a comic book biography of the Prophet Mohammed published on January 2 by the French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo.

According to the inestimable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which translated the Arabic twitter posts of several jihadists, the suggestions included: “killing France’s ambassadors, just as the ‘manly’ Libyan fighters killed the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi; carrying out operations similar to 9/11, London’s July 7, 2005 bombings, and Madrid’s March 11, 2004 bombings, because only attacks of this kind would deter and defeat the ‘crusaders’; carrying out assassinations; conducting suicide bombings outside the French Information Ministry building; and holding demonstrations outside French embassies, especially in Egypt, because it has [allegedly] been proven that the Egyptian public can sway the entire Arab public.”

It was also suggested that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) kill the hostages it is holding, and that anyone who can kill a French national do so without hesitation.

The Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo were previously destroyed in an arson attack in November 2011 after the magazine featured a cartoon of Mohammed on its cover. The attack marked a serious escalation of a long-running Islamic war on free speech and expression in Europe.

Also in January, France braced for threats from angry Muslims after the French military began operations against Islamist insurgents in northern Mali, a former French colony, on January 11.

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, Paris’s top anti-terrorism judge, Marc Trévidic, said: “We have a very large Malian community in France, but also from sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. These ‘black’ French Muslims who were suffering from latent racism from ‘Arabs’ have for the first time found their jihad.”

Trévidic added: “All the ingredients exist so that there are repercussions on our soil. France is backing those who want to intervene militarily in Timbuktu. So we are the enemy and are identified as such.” He also said the French had to get used to the idea that terrorism was here to stay and could not be eradicated. “We will have to accept this reality without deluding ourselves. It means we have to accept that attacks will succeed and there will be deaths.”

Islamists held a demonstration outside the French Embassy in London to protest against the military campaign in Mali. In a video posted on YouTube on January 20, a British Islamist was filmed saying:

“Look to your own doorstep in France. Your own French women are abandoning their Christianity and donning the hijab and the burqa…Our eyes are on Paris…We will not stop, as Muslims, until the whole world is governed by Islam.”

“So French government, let that be a warning, or a piece of advice, to you. Take it the way you want, because you will never stop the army of the Muslims. You will never stop Muslims, because this nation is far too large to be stopped. This [Muslim] nation is like a tidal wave. When it starts, it doesn’t stop. It will conquer the east of the East and the west of the West, because that is the prophecy of our Prophet Mohammed.”

“What we are saying to [French President] François Hollande is that the Muslims throughout the world will not rest until Islam dominates France, until Islam dominates the entire world. Islam will not dominate only Mali, Afghanistan, and Africa, but also France, Paris, and England. François Hollande, you must understand a few facts of life: You are a son of Pharaoh. The blood of Pharaoh courses through your veins.”

“The Islamic movement will become a system of life under your nose. Your wife, French women, the people of France, will live under the Islamic movement, even if you don’t like it. Most of the residents of Paris are Muslims. Allah willing, most of the French system will be according to Islamic Sharia law. Most of the residents of France will be Muslims, Allah willing.”

The Islamization of France

In March 2013, the French daily newspaper Le Figaro reported that “at least 50” and “as many as 80″ French citizens were fighting with jihadist groups in Syria. (Since then, French counter-terrorism authorities have increased that estimate to at least 300).

The French anti-terrorism judge, Marc Trévidic, has said Syria was a natural destination for French jihadists. There are no visa requirements for French citizens to enter neighboring Turkey, where it is easy to find Syrian contacts and then cross a porous border. He also said that trained and experienced jihadists, once back in France, could become a dangerous problem for the authorities.

On March 11 2013 three men planned an attack to commemorate the first anniversary of Toulouse shooting rampage by Islamic Mohamed Merah.

On March 30, police in Paris evacuated the Eiffel Tower following an anonymous bomb threat. The Paris landmark—which was evacuated due to bomb threats on at least two other occasions in August and October—was on high counterterrorism alert throughout 2013 amid heightened concern about threats to France over its military campaign in Mali.

In May of that year, French police arrested Alexandre Dhaussy, a 22-year-old French convert to Islam, who allegedly stabbed French soldier Cédric Cordiez in the neck while he was on patrol at the La Défense transport hub in Paris on May 25. Cordiez survived the attack, which police say was inspired by the brutal killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in London on May 22.  Prosecutor François Molins said that Dhaussy—who was filmed praying just moments before the stabbing—”wanted to attack a representative of the state” and “acted in the name of his religious ideology.” Since his detention, Dhaussy has repeatedly invoked the name of Allah.

Also in May, a report by the Reuters news agency threw a spotlight on the growing problem of Islamic radicalization within the French prison system. The report says France is unique among Western countries because of the sheer number of Muslim inmates.  More than half of the inmates in French prisons are believed to be Muslim, rising to 70% in some urban areas.

In June, counter-terrorism police in Paris arrested six jihadists accused of belonging to an Islamist cell and preparing attacks in the country. The suspects, aged 22 to 38, included four French nationals, one man from Benin and another from the Comoros islands.

Also in June, Muslims went on a riot after police stopped a 25-year-old woman for wearing a niqab in Argenteuil, a suburb 12 kilometers (8 miles) northwest of Paris. It is against the law to wear the face-covering niqab or the body-covering burqa in public spaces in France; violators are subject to fines of up to €150 ($200).

In July, hundreds of Muslims in Trappes, a suburb situated 30 kilometers (20 miles) southwest of Paris, went on a three-day rioting spree after police attempted to check the identity of a Muslim woman who was wearing a niqab in public.   The unrest began on July 19 when a crowd of up to 400 Muslims gathered outside the Trappes police station in response to the arrest of a 21-year-old man who assaulted a police officer during the identity check of his 20-year-old wife.

After police in Trappes rejected Muslim demands to release the husband, the mob went on a rampage, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at police, pelting police with firecrackers from rooftops, burning cars and trucks and destroying public property, including several bus stops, before being repelled by riot police. Despite a heavily reinforced police presence, the rioting continued on July 20 and 21.

In August, two French converts to Islam fighting in Syria caused consternation in France by issuing a call for jihad on a YouTube video.  Nice one Google (owns YouTube).

Desert barbarians have breached the walls of the civilized West because of the naive Leftist ideology of France’s François Hollande and Germany’s Angela Merkel.

History would expect them both to know better.

France Islamic No Go ZonesUrban France now has many Islamic No Go Zones

Our nationalist solidarity is with La France aux Français.

Our nationalist solidarity joins with UPF in their respectful solidarity to a France wounded under attack.

United Patriots Front solidarity with France in 2015