Foreign Muslims have no right to ring fence our Lakemba into an Islamic enclave

Any Australian (judge, police superintendent, boofhead or otherwise) has a right to walk the streets of any Australian city or town across our entire continent.  That includes Sydney’s traditional working-class suburb of Lakemba.  That includes having a Reschs at the 1920s Lakemba Hotel, or is VB only on tap these days?

Lakemba Hotel, Australia

So since when did a menagerie of imported Muslims get permission to take over and convert Lakemba into an Islamic caliphate?   T’is a bit like imported Jews trying to ring-fence Sydney’s north shore suburb of St Ives with some ‘eruv’ holy wire.

And since when did New South Wales Police become unpaid sharia security for exclusive and extreme religious sects?  Where were our police force in Martin Place on Monday December 15 when an Iranian Muslim decided to make a political point in Australia against Australians?

The following Monday evening, December 22, members of the Australian Defence League decided to remind the Islamic invaders that they are in a Christian country, Australia.  A few loyal members went down to Lakemba to offer a bit of Christmas cheer.

Australian Defence League

They would have passed Lakemba’s RSL Club for Aussie returned service men and women.  They would have passed by the Senior Citizens Centre where many Aussie old timers recall their working life in Aussie Lakemba before men in the street hid behind beards and women hid behind veils.

So as the Aussie lads walked down Lakemba’s main street, Haldon Street, they approached the Lakemba Hotel.   They noticed an absence of Aussie fish and chip shops.  In their stead were doner kebab and pide takeaways and Lebanese restaurants!  Haldon Street has been taken over by full-blown ethnic food and retail.

Lakemba Caliphate

The lads possibly passed by the Uniting Church on the corner of Haldon Street and the rail.  It’s now Korean.  A few streets away the Belmore Church of Christ caters just for Koreans.  The local Presbyterian Church has been taken over by Samoans and the St Albans Anglican Church now caters for disaffected Sudanese youth from Africa.  Samoa has the highest imprisonment rates per head of population with 555 prisoners for every 100,000 people.  Melbourne police statistics show the rate of offending among the Sudanese community is 7100 per 100,000.

Back over the railway line, Lakemba Mosque went up in the 1970s under Whitlam’s and Frasers’ joint open immigration and multicultural policies.  BYO culture, language, prejudices and attitudes, no worries.  It’ll be a state problem, not a Canberra one.

Muslim Lakemba

Fraser undemocratically offered Australia up as a permanent home to any foreigners fleeing temporary civil wars.  The Lebanese were having one in the 1970s, so tens of thousands of them set up shop in Sydney and Melbourne.  Half were Muslim with no English and hardened by civil war and crime.  In Sydney they centred on Lakemba and built their own mosque.  Australians steadily sold up and moved away, even the Greeks moved away once the local mall was renamed Lakemba Palms.

The Lebanese Civil War is long over now, but over a third of a million Lebs still hang out downunder – mainly enclaved in Sydney’s south west (Bankstown, Lakemba, Auburn, Granville and Punchbowl) and in Melbourne’s northern suburbs (Broadmeadows and Coburg, Brunswick, Fawkner and Altona). 

These same suburbs are the hotspots of Middle Eastern crime.  But police in both Sydney and Melbourne and the respective Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) do not collect figures on ethnicity, and nor does the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Says BOCSAR head Don Weatherburn, “I know there are Lebanese gangs, I know there are Indochinese gangs, I know there are Anglo-Saxon gangs.  But if you ask me whether they are overrepresented based on proportion of population, we simply don’t know.”

The Aussie lads continued walking along Haldon Street. The shops signs are in Arabic termite-eaten scrawl, the Lebanese flags fly, kebabs are prolific, women wear the veil and you can buy Islamic rags and the Quran.   Lakemba has become an Islamic enclave.  The lads could be in Beirut.

Labor’s big mouth Tony Burke is the local member. Figures!  This Muslim Luva was Labor’s Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.  The Lebs luv him. So do Nigerian drug dealers like Drichuckhuv Nweke.

Tony Burke - pro Islam for votes

So the Aussie lads, feeling homesick in their own town, got out their Australian flag and waved it down Haldon Street – them being in Sydney, Team Australia and all.

The beards stared at them.  Things got a bit vocal, and the beards got a bit touchy.  Islamic peace-loving quickly turned violent.  Taunts turned to shouting matches. Punches were thrown. Seven Muslim beards descended on the lads. Suddenly the police turned up.  A police sergeant copped fractures to his left shoulder.  The lads were arrested.   The beards and the veils watched on and gave statements to the Islamic Sharia Patrol (police).

One Muslim complained to police: “Don’t come in here and provoke us and insult us and insult our prophet.”  “And that liquor shop has to go. It’s unIslamic.”

One of the Muslims

Ralph Cerminara (36), leader of the Australian Defence League (ADL) and Zane Commins (19) were charged with affray and behaving in an offensive manner towards Muslims.  Their were denied bail (unlike Man Haron Monis and his murderous girlfriend).  Politically correct rules for some, eh John Robertson MP?

A third member (43) was also charged but allowed bail.

Justice Les Brennan called the three Aussie lads, “boofheads” for daring to walk through Lakemba.  Police superintendent Michael McLean called them “keyboard warriors”.   Seems Aussie flag-bearing warriors get arrested in Lakemba by sharia patrols.

Recall, the Islamic chocolate terrorist responsible for the Martin Place siege displayed an Islamic Flag translated as: “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

Shopfront in Haldon Street, Lakemba:

Lakemba Shopfront

Yet our police bow down to foreign Islam.

Lakemba MosqueMulticultural police recruits getting sharia’d in the Lakemba Mosque

Meanwhile, Jews have got away with creating an ‘eruv’ enclave around Bondi.

Jewish Eruv walled city of Sydney's EastGo figure!

Our Aussie lads never made it to the Lakemba Hotel for a few celebratory schooners.  The Sharia Patrols had ’em paddy-wagoned out of poor Islamic Lakemba.  The lads would be shocked to learn the new pub owners are preparing for Ramadan in 2015.

Merry Christmas!