Eureka Free Speech denied in Bendigo for street theatre protest to stop Islamic mosque invasion

It seems that three Australian patriots street protesting against a mosque proposed for Bendigo in 2015 are suddenly months later being politically targeted by the Islamo-Left for vexatious accusations of “religious vilification”.

Islam has form for deserving vilification.

Chris Shortis, a member of the Australia First Party and one of three men charged over a piece of street theatre in Bendigo on October 4, 2015, will fight to defeat criminal and political charges.

The three men from Melbourne – a 31-year-old man from South Morang, a 34-year-old man from Frankston, and a 45-year-old man from Wallan have each been charged.  The vexatious charges are: defacing property (red paint on a footpath), wilful damage (red paint on a footpath), behave in an offensive manner in public (dismembering a wilful mannequin with no public present early on a Sunday morning) and serious religious vilification (publicising on Facebook that they don’t want a mosque imposed on Australians).


“Offensive manner in public”?  WTF?   How about the hundreds of violent anarchists in Bendigo and elsewhere across the country?  How about the daily evil acts of Islam?

Yet the Aussie patriots are being politically charged under the State of Victoria’s less than tolerant, Racial And Religious Tolerance Act.  It is alleged that the lads somehow incited hatred against foreign muslims by staging a mock beheading of a mannequin with fake blood outside the City of Greater Bendigo council offices.  But it was early on a Sunday.  The council offices were closed and there was no one around. Give us a break!

bendigo-mock-beheadingFree Speech:  Aussie patriots display artful street theatrics in Bendigo, protesting against council’s bloody mosque!


Surely, the real issue is whether they used water-based red paint or the more difficult to clean up oil-based red paint outside pro-Islamic Bendigo Council offices.

Bendigo council has become so anti-Australian and so globalist-leftist, anyone would think the leftie Labor-Greens councillors would salivate over a foot path adorned in red paint.  Vive da Revulooshun?

It’s clearly a political witch hunt, likely concocted by Labor’s globalist leftie Lisa Chesters MP, Federal Member for Bendigo.

“Forgive me if I do get a bit emotional, because it has been a hard day for the people of Bendigo in central Victoria. For about 18 months now we, the people who live in our town, have been bombarded by nasty propaganda by outsiders trying to con and convince the people of Bendigo that we are not an inclusive society. A lot of misinformation has been pumped into houses. There has been a lot of fear mongering that has gone on.  Two of the incidents that we must condemn here in this place include a mock beheading that occurred out the front of the City of Greater Bendigo that was then filmed and uploaded onto Facebook.”

– Parliament House, October 12, 2015.

lisa-chesters-bendigoHateful of Australian values, union hack, Lisa Chesters, an extreme globalist, always dressed in commo red.


Hey Lisa!  Are you blind to islamic rituals, to sharia law, to what islamics do in the name of islam?  Democracy will not be great under ‘Allahu Akbar’.  Islam is not “inclusive” you naive career politician!

How about getting emotional about what Islam does and threatens Australians?  How about getting emotional about the Islamic Leb teen convicted for the Anzac Day terror plot last year in Sydney, you anti-Australian Islamo-femocrite.


All plots are devised by Marty Stradbrook and Luke Martin out of Bendigo Trades Hall, 34-40 View St, Bendigo – Kicking Arse for the Islamic Class“.  It is obvious Chris Shortis is being victimised for his Australian nationalist views and that the directions for this ‘operation’ come from the politically linked seniors within Victoria Police.


Bendigo has been slated for a huge mosque construction, something obviously linked to profiteering and darkly – the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. It is our allegation that the push for the mosque in Bendigo was known to inside sources as something of service to this particular aspect of the Syrian refugee admission program.

We note that the occasional allies of our own government in Syria – ISIS – employ beheading as a political weapon. The dirty war in Syria has produced this mad situation where our political and military leadership are well aware that our country has condoned ISIS in the war against President Assad. . We note that one of our formal allies – Saudi Arabia – practises beheading as a legal punishment. Our politicised Victoria Police and Director of Public Prosecutions want to charge Chris Shortis and others for warning that Islamism means gruesome inhuman conduct?


Australia First President, Dr. Jim Saleam:

“The Bendigo Three (who may yet grow to the Bendigo Four) are the victims of a political witch-hunt. A piece of street theatre (a mock beheading), designed to warn people about the danger of Islamist terrorism, has become the subject of criminal prosecution, indeed thought crime prosecution.

Mr. Chris Shortis, a member of Australia First Party and former member of the United Patriots Front (UPF), is one of the Bendigo Three.
Political prosecution and political policing are conjured up when a danger to the system occurs.

As I am informed, there is a concern in the ranks of the political police (ASIO and the political sections of Victoria Police) that ‘anti Islamic’ protest might develop into generalized anti immigration protest, that issues related to Mosque-building may come to be related publicly to other things (foreign students, property investment), and that parts of the so called ‘patriot movement’ may see beyond their present blinkered view and understand wider political questions – just one example being: what is the relationship between the Western Alliance and ISIS and other Islamist terror groups?

In my view the latter point is the most serious for the political police.. The patriots are being taken for a ride and they could just come to see it.. Protest against Islamism and ‘refugees’ is all fine – but whence does Islamist terror generate? who has paid for it? are the refugee masses the result of our own governments’ actions? Who is right in Syria: Assad and Russia or Turnbull and the USA? If the patriots see the truth, they could set off down the nationalist road. That cannot be allowed!

There are huge questions lurking in the prosecution of the Bendigo Three. The attempt to crush dissent must be defeated. Yet that is not enough. This political prosecution has within it the coil of the snake as lawyers say. If it fails,it is the game that has failed. And those who have faith in hate laws (sic), shutting people up in sham trails and concealing truths may be bitten by their own conjuring!”


Ballarat for Australians

I call upon all, to join me in my legal battle against the state.
When details are finalised, I will seek donations to continue my legal battle.
The issue of freedom of expression affects us all, and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is designed to silence legitimate criticism against protected species such us Islam.

The stunt that we, the accused, did last year in front of Bendigo Council, was a political message to warn on the dangers of Islam. It is the typical double standards by those claiming to preach tolerance and diversity.
The charges will be fought vigorously.

– Chris Shortis, Australia First

Further updates will be released soon.

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